March 14, 2010

De-stashing update a.k.a. "which project in which mag?"

More skinnyrabbit eBay listings! Trying to keep you updated in order to let you know where you can find what, in case you'd like to get your hands on any of these mags.

First up: I had to relist Rowan 35 because some deadbeat buyer (not a skinnyrabbit reader, I'm sure) nabbed three listings without paying for them. [Boo, hiss, throws rotten tomatoes.] So if you want to knit Audrey (or any other gorgeous Rowan number) I've relisted the magazine at eBay. Again. Just for you!

Also up: The Phildar Pitchoun magazine I used to knit two things for my boy: The linen jacket with those cool intarsia stripes and the funny frog with stripey trousers. My eBay listing for that mag is here.

There's more! Remember the fluffy halter that I knit when I was still in fashion school? Well, I still got it. Great for layering. Anyhoo, the pattern for that is from Phildar's Special Twenty 428 and I've got it in this eBay listing right here.

Going up in my eBay tomorrow (Monday, March 14 - I'll update this entry with links to exact listings when they're up):

Will relist due to deadbead buyer who didn't pay [throws more rotten tomatoes]: Phildar Tendances 414 where you'll find my Popcorn Jacket.

If you liked my ribbon cardi with the leaf neckline (remember? I took it with me on vacation to the Loire valley!), the Phildar ├ęte 410.

For those who loved the fluffy jacket with that insane but amazing trim, the Phildar Tendances 416. Woo. Hoo. UPDATED: Link to eBay listing.

To close the show, I've decided to let go of my Rowan 37 that I used to knit the gorgeous, floaty, lacy, bead-covered BUTTERFLY. Oh la la, Madam Butterfly. I still have it and wear it. It's one of the hand-knits on which I've gotten the most compliments, ever. Someday, if I ever have the time, I would love to knit another one. Meanwhile, if you don't have the mag but would like to get your hands on one, you'll find it listed in my eBay. UPDATED: Link to my eBay listing.

Keep an eye out for those!

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