March 14, 2002

Sweater for Baby Huey, perhaps?

After knitting the first few rows of ribbing and body of the sweater, I decided to unravel it and start over with a size 4.0mm needle for the ribbing and a size 4.5mm needle for the body because it was coming out much larger than the pattern's gauge. This cotton blend is nice to work with, but it's thick, and that was causing me to knit more loosely than usual as I'm used to working with 2.5mm and 3.0mm needles (I like 'em small). Good thing is, the smaller needles have fixed the problem and my gauge is now on spot. Being a novice knitter, I tend to check my gauge obsessively, to make sure that nothing funky goes on. I'm glad I do that, because I noticed immediately that the gauge was too big, which would have resulted in too large a sweater. When one is unsure, it pays to measure one's knitting constantly!

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I tried cable stitching last week and finally gave up. I would cast 12, then do like the book says: purl 3, knit 6, purl 3.. the next row being knit 3, purl 6, knit 3.. I guess I kept picking up stitches somehow because I ended up with 20 stitches by the time I got to the end of the second row. Heehee
Hum...were you pulling the stitch off of the left needle onto the right one after you knit into it? It could be that you were doing that, or knitting into the bar between the stitches, which is an increase method.
I was doing the first thing you mentioned. Is that bad? (heehee)
Actually, what you were doing is good when a pattern calls for "adding on stitches". But when making cables, probably not. I'm going to link up the page I used to learn how to make cables. In the meantime, buy a cable needle so you can practice. They come in packages of about two or three and are really inexpensive. Viva cables!
You're wonderful. :)

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