March 12, 2006

Seaming party alert! Send wine.

I'm spending most of my weekend in Photoshop (big fashion project due this week...sigh) but I want to show you that there is a finished object on the horizon:

Block us! Seam us!

Those knitted pieces have been sitting in that pathetic little pile since last week. I'm going to try to take the time this evening to have a seaming party so I can wear a Fluffy Halter soon. Anybody want to come over and help me weave in all those flippin' ends? I'll serve kirs! Dancing on table with lampshade on head optional.

march_stash_thumb.jpg In other news, I did a little bit of stash enhancement last Tuesday. I bought some yarn to make my Captain Destructo a linen jacket with intarsia stripes (that he picked out himself from the latest Pitchoun) and a knitted toy. And that is all the yarn buying I'll be doing until Lent is over. Eek! Someone should put an electrical fence around the yarn stores so I won't go near them.

On a non-related knitting note, I have a teeny quiz for you. Frequent visitors to my site know that I sometimes mention movies I like to watch while I knit, as well as actors I think are very RAWR. (You know, as in lion's roar. Hee hee!) Next week in fashion illustration we'll be drawing fashion silhouettes for MEN [wriggles eyebrows], and we're supposed to take photos of our "ideal man" so we can individualize our drawing style. Can you guess whose pictures I'll be taking? (And no, they're not my husband's even though he really is my number one ideal guy...awwww!)

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Well, I know that Keanu and Viggo will probably be part of your consideration.
I've been reading your blog for a long time, and finally decided to DElurk... to tell you that Captain Destructo and me, we have exactly the same taste! Already in the past I've knitted the same Phildar patterns for my son (who, by the way seems to be almost exactly the same age as your son). And that Phildar pattern - I was thinking of adapting it for myself!
Your captain is having an exquisite taste! The jacket is looking quite short in the picture, are you going to follow the instructions or making it short? Or am I wrong and the pattern is indicating a longer jacket than what it looks like?
I saw a b-grade movie a couple of years ago, can't remember the name. It was (I believe) that model, "Tirise" - spelled something like that, first movie role. Okay some action happens, "Tirise" gets hopping mad - rips off his shirt to his bare chest. Out of the little crowd in the theater (that has been fairly silent) - one hears a mostly all female ROAR! That guy you may consider (hah, quite a long answer). Project is looking great!
Love your site by the way! I'm so jealous of your schooling. Man, that project sounds fun. Of course, I'd suggest my gorgeous husband, super ideal, BUT if I HAD TO choose something else, for some inexplicable reason, I have the hots for Mark Ruffalo (he was in XX/XY but more known for that cheesy 13 going on 30). He's pretty yum!
Keanu and Viggo are always at the top of both of our lists. And you get to dress them? Sigh! (That's cool even if it is just imaginary, just cause is's an assignment)! Can't wait to see the fluffy halter. I would so be there to help you weave, if I was closer baybee! (I'm obsessive about it, so you would never find those little ends)!
I've seen you drool over Keanu plenty of times on your blog so my guess is for him! But I have to admit, I'm a Mark Ruffalo fan, too. Love him!
The fluffy halter looks really cool- I think a trip to "gay Paree" to show it off is in order! Oh, and I can send you a picture of MY husband if you want (who is French, btw, so you might get extra credit!). Kristin
I fourth the vote for Keanu. I'm betting you're going to have him swathed in Matrix-like attire, or perhaps a busdriver's uniform. Did you see him in Parenthood? One of my favorite performances of his. A dash of Bill and Ted plus a hint of Sweet November.
Oh I think I know! Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and perhaps George Clooney? As for me, I am a goober and would definitely choose Ewan McGregor. Can't wait to see the finished project (man and sweater!).
I, like others before me, vote for Keanu :)
Hmmm... In choosing between Keanu and Johnny, one must wonder who would be more fun to design for. If I were in your shoes, I think I'd bring pictures of Mr. Depp. If for no other reason than because if the lecture gets boring, you can make googoo eyes at your homework.
if it's a fight between keanu and viggo......i would definetely pick viggo.......anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i'm excited to see the fluffy halter as a finished project!
i love captain destructo's new jacket design! wow...the stripes down the sleeves are awesome...can't wait to see it all done! good luck with your big fashion project this week!
No idea about the perfect man (except my husband, but you don't know him). BUT I love weaving in ends - works like meditation for me. And I like kir. Could possibly dance on the table too, preferably without lamp shade on my head (I would be afraid it would fall off). It's a pity I don't live in Lyon anymore - we could have great seaming parties together!
I'm going with the K man, although you could be pulling a surprise here.
Don't you hate it when school get in the way of knitting? Actually no, but wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to sleep? But then sleeps fun in its own way. Sigh, there simply must be more time. After reading all the comments, Keanu, Johnny and Viggo seem to ring a few bells. But I'm not sure since I only have eyes for George! :)
happy seaming! and keanu!!
Just chiming in that I thought you would be thinking of Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp too.
I know that it has to be Keanu Reeves. Viggo is more of a rugged, dirty sort of guy. Keanu is better for this project I think. Wanett, de-lurking;)
I would say Viggo Mortenson as one perhaps ideal man. Capt. Destructo always has such great taste! Good luck on your project for school.
Keanu! Didn't he look fab at the Oscars?
"A little bit of Keanu, by your side... A little bit Orlando, mymymy... A little bit of Viggo, yummy yum" ???
well, i'm not one to weave other peoples loose ends...sorry. my gues it would be either Keanu Reeves or Orlando Bloom.
i don' know about you, but i like keanu, ewan mcgregor, george clooney, pierce brosnan and... ok, viggo mortensen too. hard to choose just one of them. :) i have to seam too, and i don't want to. i think i'll follow some advice and serve some wine.
Keanu. Hands down. ROWR!
I guess Emilio Estevez or Judd Nelson. I remember references to The Breakfast Club. Oh, yeah, and Keanu- that one's too easy.
Gotta be Keanu....but could also be Johnny Depp (he gets my vote for sure)!
Hee hee. That was an easy one. Obviously, on the very top of my list we have: KEANU [Wriggles eyebrows.] Followed closely by: Orlando Johnny Depp Viggo There is one more guy I mentioned once, and I've still got a crush on him. Does anyone recall who it is? Anyone? (It isn't George Clooney. I find him attractive but I've never had a crush on him. And it's most definitely NOT Emilio Estevez or Judd Nelson...they've never been my type, not even in the 80s!)
I think Johnny Depp, he's sexy bad boy who lives in France. He's a hottie. That's the prettiest pile of unseamed knitted pieces I have ever seen!
I'm also 'delurking'. Love your sight- I showed my mom this weekend and she's become a fan as well. There are lots of great knitters out there, but I actually want to make & wear what you make (any chance you'll be posting a pattern for the sheer mohair sweater?)! Here's my guess at your man- Benjamin Bratt.
I'm gonna say Johnny Depp, cause RAWR. And speaking of RAWR, I hadn't actually noticed George Clooney in a while, and then I saw him at the Oscars, and rawr indeed!
Your sons is so fashionable! I'm going to throw in Jonathan Rhys Meyers into the group - yum, those eyes, that accent!
Taking pics of the Captain? :o) He is awfully cute. That fluffy halter will be gorgeous - love the color. It'll look great on you, too.
I turn around for like one minute, and there's a bolero, a dressform named Gigi with one arm, and a quiz!!!!! That's what I get for being tired. This work stuff is gettin' in the way of my blogging. Jude Law, p.s. Va va va VOOM.
one guess: Keanu.
what toy are you going to knit? I love knitted toys!!
Keanu (I have no idea why I like him so, but I do. Maybe it's because he came to my nearby city (Winnipeg) to do Hamlet. Or was it Macbeth? Anyway, the entertainment press was all in a tizzy. I wish I could have seen it.) You have to draw styles for your choice? Wait until you know what your mood is next week! With Keanu, Viggo, Orlando, to choose from...or how about a short guy: John Rhys-Davies! Or a tall guy: Robbie Coltrane! (Kathen rolls into a corner and laughs uncontrollably for 10 minutes. Shoot her. Someone. Anyone.)
Can't wait to see the finished product! And I've decided to drink some wine for you ; )
KEANAU REAVES! And Johnny Depp! You must post about the fashion project once it is over!
Hmmm ... I think Keanu could be a feature in there!
Viggo of course.
I just properly learned intarsia for the spot blanket I started knitting yesterday Becky. Took me two days to learn via videos on the net, but I am happy to report that I do believe I'm pretty darn good at it now. Will post a photo on my blog tomorrow with my progress so far. So is that Fluffy Halter all seamed Thank you for the link to all your fabulous photos of France. I really enjoyed the tour and would love to vacation there someday. Were you born there?
I am so inspired by your amazing designs that I have just taken up knitting for the first time. I just read that you can actually knit and read at the same time. Is this really true? Best Wishes from Perth Western Australia Maria
I can't quite tell from the photo of the fluffy halter - is the girl in the photo wearing a shrug with it? Because it is sleeveless, no? I bought some ggh stuff that is very similar, all fluffy and yummy. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I just had to have it. Must. Stay. Away. From. Yarn. Stores.
Everytime I have wine with knitting mistakes happen......! Looking forward to seeing the finished halter though, it's such a COOL pattern :)
Fluffy halter looks soooo looks like it would be a breeze to seam it up and since a whole week has passed, I'd be willing to bet you've already worn that sexy halter! I think you could be taking pictures of Johnny Depp...and I see I'm not alone! I like the idea of abstaining from stash enhancing for lent. I visited a new (to me) LYS last week and fondled, but didn't buy! I was quite proud of myself! Now I just have to stay off Ebay! lol
Since you are seaming, I thought I'd try to get your help on my ugly seams. How do you attach sleeves to the body of a sweater. I've got one right now that looks alot like Capt. Destructo's new sweater, and my seams are UGLY! This is usually when I realize I'm not as good a knitter as I'd like to be.... Also, I noticed in one of your old postings that you used embroidery floss to seam. Any particular reason etc? Any advice? Looking forward to the finished pics of the halter.

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