March 12, 2004

Why, yes! It's another project, thank you.

Yep. This piece went to the frog pond.
(I blame it on Seabiscuit).

Twisty cabled "kimono" style sweater. Phildar [surprised? I hope not] Tendances Hiver 2002. Pure Laine. Cream color. Knit in one piece. Very simple cable pattern worked over 12 rows and 15 stitches. (I had it memorized after the first 12 row repeat. That's how simple it is. Really, it is.) Perfect travel project. I started this baby while sitting in a plane heading to the States in December. Seabiscuit started playing as the flight movie, and I pulled out my ziploc of Pure Laine, 4mm bamboo circs and cast on. Just like that. Giddy-ap! Let's get knittin'.

The problem is that Seabiscuit had about 50 scenes that made me want to cry. In order to keep myself from blubbering out loud like a baby in front of my fellow passengers, I knit everything you see in the picture above like I was in a race. You'd think someone had whacked me with a riding quirt, I was flying so fast and so blindly on those needles. It wasn't until the final scene where Tobey Maguire is riding Seabiscuit in the race and losing, and his friend George lags behind so that Seabiscuit can see the other horse in order to give him the push he needed to win....Excuse me. I need a moment. [Grabs tissue.]

Anyway. It wasn't until the movie ended that I finally composed myself, looked at my work, and said, "Why, this looks like crap." I took a better look at the pattern instructions and discovered that I had started the chart pattern at the wrong place. That's why the piece looks off-center, wonky, and, well, like crap. I stuck the project in my ziploc, shoved it back into my carry-on in disgust and pulled out a mag. And there the project stayed for over two months.

Last week I decided to start over, and (thankfully) second time was the charm. This is what I worked on while I was sitting in front of the computer developing the print magazine for my son's school:

This is the way it's supposed to look...
[Click here for a closeup of the stitch.]

Once you pass those 5cm of 2/2 ribbing and start the chart pattern (the right way, that is), it really does fly. The rows are short and except for occasional crossovers, it's just straight stockinette. Perfect for multitasking. Therefore, this will be my "work a few rows every once in a while so expect me to take a year to finish it" project. It is the project I will work on in short spurts whenever I'm working on a non-knitting project at the same time. So, if you want to wait to see this in its finished state, please wait for it sitting down. Watch Seabiscuit while you're at it. [Pass the tissues, please.]

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Oooh, that's a cute sweater. Is that knit arm to arm? Very clever...Perhaps a more knit friendly movie is in order, one with Keanu - no plot to distract you - just look at him...uh acting...
Wow. That's gorgeous. Those stitches are technically not cables, are they?
twisty cabled sweater. Must not comment before I have eatten lunch. Sorry Becky!
Sorry, Miss Becky, the misshapen piece made me laugh out loud ... out of empathy, of course! My, that is one fine looking sweater. I am now considering to relocate to F rather than CH in order to have direct access to Phildar's books.
I think everyone needs a cream colored cabley project that lasts a year or two (see my Surf sweater for details) - anyway, that is lovely. And knowing how fast you turn things out, I'll bet you are wearing that baby by Fall.
That is a great looking sweater and your re-worked piece looks marvelous. Seriously beautiful.
Wow, that is so awesome! I thought the first swatch just looked chubby, and kinda cute. But the second one looks magnificent. What a neat pattern! I will be patient to see it finished, I promise, no begging to see pics. (Okay, I might have my fingers crossed....)
Ooh, I love that jumper. I agree with Jackie... maybe we should start taking bets on how long (or how little time) it takes you to finish. I say $10 on end of the month...!
Well, my Dear - I'm having a hard time seeing why one is wonky and the other is not... It all looks good to me - one just look a little less ... scrunched, maybe?? It all looks good to me really. Actually, since it's been in the mid 80's [F] here lately, it just looks... HOT, lol! Oh and I *loved* Seabiscuit. Didn't expect to. But last night I bawled my eyes out by myself [dh working late] over "Normal." Maybe it was the wine, I dunno.... ;)
I swear you make me want to learn to speak/read French. Love the sweater BTW.
as usual, superb! i love this in the ivory. congrats on finishing the school mag...whew!
Becky the pattern is lovely. I cant tell, however, what the whole sweater looks like with the model behind the chair. is it a wrap kimono? or a pullover knit side to side? also, I notice you use row counters on your circs. How do you manage that?
Miao! I *like* that sweater! Yummy. Adore cables. Savor it, dear Fluffa :-)
That sweater is absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the results.
hmm... I love those all-over mini cables that aren't so much cables as they are texture. I might have to find myself a similar pattern...
WOW - Gorgeous!! Again excellent choice!! Ribbit - we all have to every once in a while! What a bummer it is. Croak. I have been confined to my home with pneumonia – bronchitis turned rotten on me. For 5 days straight I couldn’t muster up the strength to work the needles. Oh and what was in the DVD? Seabiscuit!!
Alright, the model in that photo is killing me! Sorry you had to rip. But I understand. I made some irreparable mistakes on my Birch shawl flying to Paris. The second attempt looks great. BTW, Birch remains in a ziploc bag until I am ready to rip and recast on. :(
Wow, love those twisty cables. I hope you don't take a year over it, though, cos I can't wait that long to see the finished article ;)
Becky I love the pattern choice, yummy. I can't wait to see how it turns out- its a very soft looking pattern that looks as though it would be stretchy and easy to fit on yourself. I'll be checking up for a Finished Object:)
Oooh pretty! Love the white. That's going to be one sexy sweater when it's done. Go, Becky! (Tobey Maguire... yummm.)
"...expect me to take a year to finish it." Somehow, Becky, I doubt it. I predict you will be parading around the bois in ivory cables at the first fall cold snap. It's a good thing my husband doesn't read your blog. He occasionally clears his throat about a beautiful sweater for him I started nearly three YEARS ago that is still languishing. (I have promised myself it is the next "spotlight project." And it still hasn't topped my old record of 7 years...) Maybe I need to pull out one of the cables projects from the hubby stash and plonk myself down in front of Seabiscuit? (With hankies. Also take them if you go to see "Big Fish," by the way.)
Wow, that pattern is awesome. I can't wait until my skills can handle a pattern like that. Beautiful!
Love the new sweater. Great job as always. I would have probably done the whole sweater wonky before I noticed it didn't look right.
[Sniff. Sniff.] I'm having a moment just thinking about you having a moment about Seabiscuit. [Sniff.]
I loved Seabiscuit, too...sniff sniff! Can't wait to see the finished - reincarnated -'s a fabulous pattern!
Very, very pretty; I agree that everyone needs one of those cream cabley projects that go on forever, but this looks like very fine yarn. I'd love to see a schematic! I just travelled on an airplane as well, and got stopped at security with my Turbo circulars - apparently they don't like you to have ANYTHING metal. I guess I'm going to have to start collecting good quality bamboo circs as well, sigh.
ooo that's one i have my eye on from that magazine... food for thought!
So textural it's sculptural. Love it. OK, so I know this is revealing a lot about me, but I didn't think the Seabiscuit version looked bad. Anyway, it gave you the strength to endure a major tearjerker! xoxKay
WOW, it sure does not look simple. I'm surprised that they allow knitting neeles on the plane. My inlaws had rented the Seabiscuit DVD but I'm afraid that I fell asleep...I was really tierd...not always easy running after a one year old. :-)
I'm with Kay--I didn't think the Seabiscuit version looked that awful, just in need of some blocking (blocking = the WD-40 of knitting), but then I saw the reworked version and thought, "ohhhhhhhh." Gotcha. It's loverly.
This will be pretty on you. But oh baby am I having a bad flashback to a cream-color heavily cabled pullover I once made that I loved....until I put it on.....Imagine '80's drop-shoulder, stockinette body and gy-normous cabling on the sleeves. Eeek. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.
Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you like this project. I'll try not to go too slowly on this one... Silvia: It is knit in one piece, starting at one sleeve and ending at the other. The only seams we've got are under the sleeves, and the sides. Oh, yeah! Elena: This sweater isn't knit in the round, so I'm able to slip my row counter on the needle. I use circs for everything, even projects I knit flat. Nicole: I've sent you an e-mail. Please get well soon! Patricia: That's one of the reasons I had picked this project for travel knitting. It is knit in one piece, but I got gauge using my BAMBOO circs. I had no problem whatsoever getting the circs, or the cable needle, through security. (P.S. It's great to see you in my comments again! I've missed you.) You know, Claudia, it's quite possible that this sweater may not be unlike that. I'm wagering that even though the twisty cables provide some fit (like ribbing), the shaping of the sweater is a little bit "Viva the 80s"! [But I just love those twisty crossed stitches and all that TEXTURE! :-)]
Oh, GLORIOUS! Hell, I thought the wonky one was nice. Seabiscuit is my favorite movie of the moment...dear gawd I would have made an unbelievable mess if I tried to knit while bawling my way through that movie. I would look like a giant piece of wadded up tissue in something that elegant...I am too "big-boned" for things that puff in any direction! ;-)
I have lurked long enough, I am jumping in, saying hello and doing a quick introduction (dont want to be rude now do I?? :) I learned to knit will living in Norway 4 years ago. I mostly make things for others but thanks to you I am finding patterns I would be interested in FOR ME!! :) I love most of the patterns you are choosing as they actually are things I would wear or want to make. I am in Paris for graduate school and still searching out yarn stores here besides the Bon Marche. I move to Italy in a bit unfortunately/fortunately. But I will keep checking in and hopefully knit something for myself before then. Maybe a cute cardigan for spring. So I am saying hi and wow to that crazy pattern. Texture GALORE!
a very fun and unique sweater... the girl in the picture has very puffy lips... did the pattern for this sweater come with collagen??? Hmm...
Becky - This is an amazing sweater. I love, love, love the pattern, and the white/ivory/cream is too devine for words... Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Ok so I saw this sweater in your blog forever ago and am happy to see you still working on it ;) You see I went a searchin for this pattern several times now and can't find it for the life of me. If you so feel inclined, if you could help in this matter it would be GREATLY appreciated. Love and Laughter, Amy
Hi Becky, Curious about this project. How is it going? Haven't seen an update in a while!
I would LOVE to see the final result on this sweater! And did I miss the details on where one might find the pattern?
Did you ever finish this sweater? Is the pattern in only in French? LOVE it, LOVE all your work--- I'm inspired!

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