March 11, 2005

No, it's not "startitis". I call it "eager knitter-itis".

3x1 rib.
(Bet you thought it was stockinette.)

Yeah, yeah. I barely finish seaming the Kid Mohair cardi and I've already gone off and started a new project. I couldn't help it! The call of the cotton was too strong. So I decided to just go ahead and delve into some cotton while finishing up my current projects. Me so weak.

What I started: My son's ribbed cotton jacket with the asymmetrical zipper. Ah! The feel of cool cotton racing on Addi circs! I swatched one evening, cast on for the back the following evening and thought, "I'll knit a few centimeters just to get it out of my system." Well, I kinda knit more than a few centimeters. Like I said, me so weak.

[Footnote: I'm using the two-tail cast-on for the jacket. I like to call this cast-on "Old Faithful". It works for almost everything.]

But! Kid Mohair cardi is not forgotten. Look what I photographed before I headed out this morning: The front bands! That's right. I did not procrastinate and knit those suckers up in an evening. Gimme my gold star. (Note how the front bands look like hockey sticks. Short rows can do some funky things, people.)

In other miscellaneous news, I can't help sharing a recent discovery:

Guess who had a bagel and cream cheese for lunch today?

A place called "Best Bagels" that just opened a month ago. It's located on Rue Lanterne near Place des Terreaux. I saw it by luck the other day and nearly tripped over myself as I ran eagerly through the door like some starved individual. It's got nice deli things like bagels, pastrami, cheesecake and cream cheese. There's also junk food goodness like A&W root beer, Oreos, nachos and...get ready for this...Pop Tarts. My sweet tooth is now praising the sugar gods for putting this place on the bus route I ride the most. Friends, I beg you: If you are in Lyon please go eat in this place so that they will stay in business. I need a Pop Tart fix every once in a while or I get twitchy.

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I like your rationale... eagerknitteritis is a pretty catchy word. The rib looks great in that yarn. Very pretty (or should I use another descriptor for a Capt. Destructo knit?) Glad you got your poppyseed bagel--they are so good. Poppies make everyone happy :) Take care, Becky!
I love the kiddie sweater. Can't wait to see the Captain in it.
Yay for pop tarts! I've got a case of eager knitter-itis myself...
Haha! They serve French's mustard in France? That's priceless.
captain has such snazzy tastes in knits and that bagel shop sounds like it lives up to its name. and nice "hockey sticks". how cool.
man there is nothing in the world as satisfying as an everything bagel with lox and creme cheese. that is happy comfort food indeed. omg don't remind me I have FROSTED Brown Sugar and Cinnimon Pop Tarts in my drawer...oooh. The toaster oven is only a flight of stairs away!! Love that blue! Cap'n is going to make the ladies swoon in his new sweater! Pixie will for sure! I saw cotton and thought it was for you know what...whew! ;)
wait - hold the phone - you knit the bands for the mohair seperately!?!?!?!?! i thought you would have done the pick up the edges and knit them right to the sweater!! - LOL oh - frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tart - had one for breakfast just this morning ! very nutritious
Love that blue cotton - what yarn is it? It has such a tantalizing sheen. And I'm always impressed by your beautiful, even stitches, especially in cotton yarns that don't have any forgiving stretch. You're a knitting rock star, Becky! They just installed a new vending machine in my office that includes Pop Tarts and cheese danishes. Thumbs up on the Pop Tarts, which are so transparently (and deliciously) synthetic that I'm sure they're incapable of spoiling, but does anything sound less appealing than cheese danishes from a vending machine?
That shop is so cool! I have an aunt living in Lyon who requires that "real" bagels and creamcheese be brought when anyone flies from Boston to see her! I must tell her about this shop, if she doesn't already know!
Ah, bagels. They make me so happy.
"Eager knitter-itis" sounds so much better than "short-attention span deficit disorder." I'll make sure I tell my husband that next time he mocks me for having too many projects.
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FOUND BAGELS IN FRANCE!!!! Yes, I had to shout that out. I was literally dying for a bagel while I lived there. Went to London and was like a madwoman grabbing bagels and Snapples. Anyhoo, love the blue cotton. That jacket is really going to fly off the needles. And your hockey sticks look good! Still not clear why they are curved....I mean, I know it's with short rows but where is the curved part going?
ya ha! Eager Knittitis - for which there is no known cure. Nor should we be looking for one - nothing like it for keeping ones options open.
Starting is such fun! Poptarts are such fun! You must be soooo happy...
Your little guy is so stylin'. Just like his mama.
love the blue for that cute jacket. i am ITCHING to start something new myself. that shop is a find! root beer, bagels, nachos and pop tarts...woohooooooooooooooo! do they have strawberry pop tarts? those were my favourites.
What a rabbit!!! No "tortoise" knitting for you!!! : )I received the Montse Stanley book today. I love it, it is very detailed, funny I have Nancy's book and it is great, I better start reading these Knitting books and not just stare at the pretty pictures!!
why are you doing this to me Becky? You know I'm broke and you taunt me with the fabu knitting kit up for grabs? WHY OH GOD WHY!
A craving for Pop-Tarts- that's so wrong its right!!
Oh, thank God. I thought I was the only one with eager-knit-itis. Good to know I'm not alone. ;-)
Hi Becky. I love reading your site. It is so fun. And I love your projects. You are so capable with this movable type. Where can I find out how to use mysql (that is what you are using, isn't it?) to do my galleries? Can you recommend a web site or book? Thanks. Jane B.(I am just starting to blog. My knitting blog is
Man, does this bring back memories of the absolute desperation with which I craved bagels while living in Madrid. A bagel shop actually opened while I was there, but they served these awful, soft faux bagels. (In all fairness, I made the mistake of eating a "bagel" when on a business trip to Indiana once. It was just as bad as the one in Madrid. )
Captain's new sweater looks great, so even, and the shine is wonderful. Is this going to be his this years egg-hunt sweater?
Yea for bagels in France and cream cheese! And all of those other yummy things. I so desperately missed my favorite American foods when we were living in the UK. I am happy you now have easy access to poptarts! :) And cute new knit too.
HOW FUN! I would be at the bagel place EVERYDAY! Nachos with jalepenos, please! I MUST finish my lacy "no-ribbon tie" cardi before anything else. It's killing me because I have a lot of things I want to start. At leasty you're practically done with the mohair sweater. I still have two sleeves to knit and then off to finishing. Must... use ... will... power!
Wow, Becky... the neatness of your stitches never ceases to impress me :-) Love the cotton shade too, since cotton is one of the few yarns that I can wear in Malaysia without feeling like an overcooked egg, it always interests me.
Now I get it with the 1x1 ribbing! I had thought it would be going in the other direction (out from the body) so I was trying to work out how the short rows etc etc.... All is revealed! So now I'm excited to see the finished object - it's going to be fabby! Love the captain's new clothes too.
I can't wait to see the rabbit dance shots with the kid mohair cardi!
Sob! I encountered more than a few stumbling blocks while finishing up my Kid Mohair cardi. I hope to have it finished soon, though. (News on the stumbling blocks in my next entry...) The cotton I'm using for my son's jacket is a brand new cotton by Phildar: Coton No. 4. It's glossy and knits like a dream. It's so shiny that when I downloaded the photo of what I had knit I thought it looked almost cartoon-y. I'd love to have this jacket finished by Easter but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high because i) my son is 4 but wears the 6 year old size, ii) the smaller gauge, iii) all the ribbing, and iv) all the finishing (buttonbands, backstitch collar, zipper...). It's a much slower knit than last year's Easter sweater. I'm sure gonna try, though!
bagels and lox are a clothesknit family tradition every sunday morning like clockwork. i had to convert dh from biscuit/sausage thinking to bagels with schmear thinking. and lucky you with all that stash just flying through the door!
Your ribbing looks beautiful! ^_^ I think I'm going to run downstairs for something to eat. All this talk of food made me hungry. ^^
Your son's jacket looks great. I love the color!
Hello- For some time now I've owed you a comment. I wanted you to know that I appreciate your attention to detail and the lovely projects that you've chosen. We were fortunate enough to live in Paris for a few months this past spring while my husband was teaching there, and that may be another reason why your site is so appealing. I am beginning to go beyond just using one or two cast-ons for projects, and have devoured a borrowed Montse Stanley book, and finally bought the Vogue Ultimate Knitter's for myself. One of the first projects I saw on your site was a gorgeous sweater for your son, and now I'm braving a sweater for one of my boys.
We have a lot of little places like that shop you posted the photo of. They are too tempting with all their bagels, creamcheese and incredible cheesecakes. My hips can attest to this, believe me! Your stash pics are always intriguing. I haven't hit the point where I've wanted to trade any of mine, but I am tempted at times. (Especially the mountain of felting yarn could stand to be decreased).
Thanks for letting us know about the bagel place! Sounds like a good reason to start planning another trip to Lyon.
Hi-I discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it. I used to live in Paris in the 80's so enjoy hearing about your life in France. Thanks for sharing--I also love your taste in yarn and patterns. Betsy
Did you know there are now such things as cinniminny roll pop tarts and oreo cookie pop tarts and even chocolate caramel pop tarts???
Oh you lucky rabbit...we don't get pop tarts here. We get SIL to send them to us when she can.
Wowww...pop tarts in France? I've been in Paris for a week now and am seriuosly craving some breakfast pastries! (although I did try a Kir Royale last night, and that was super cool!)
What? You're living in Lyon? How I miss this city!

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