March 10, 2003

How to: Not set embroidery on a white baby sweater.

To prove I'm no longer procrastinating on finishing the Muppet Pimp Coat, here's photographic evidence that part of yesterday afternoon was spent seaming it. Seaming, though dull, is not particularly tedious with this sweater as there is very little stitch definition thanks to the cotton ball characteristics of the yarn. A rookie's dream! I do believe that I could blindfold myself, seam the sweater any old way and not worry about how it'll look in the end. I hope to finish the Muppet Pimp Coat by this evening, so that I can start swatching for a few of my future knitting projects. (And don't you just love that cotton jacket?)

Lastly, and because someone asked to see it, here's a photo of a baby sweater I knitted for my newborn niece in January 2002:

Hand-knitted with love for Maya.

I made booties and a diaper cover to match, and the ensemble was a big hit with my brother and sister-in-law as they wanted an outfit in a classic style that my niece could wear for baby pictures. It was the first time I had ever done embroidery (note the flowers just above the picot edging) and because I had misplaced my brain, I decided to IRON the embroidery to set it. Ever singed fingering four ply? The smell is enough to curl your toes. Needless to say, I had to redo the embroidery and by that time my brain was working again. To set the embroidery the second time, I covered it with a lightweight cloth, steamed gently, then sprayed with cold water and starch. Second time's the charm.

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OMG, that is just too cute! No, it's beautiful.
oh that is so precious. and such the contrast with the pimp coat. :) hee heee..... when she grows up, she'll be like who made me this boring white crap. i want something pink and fuzzy. and you'll be like hmmm, well i do have this muppet coat i was working on when you were a baby...
Beautiful! And picot edging, too... More things I need to learn. Isn't sewing on the weekend nice? I sat at our big table on Saturday while my sons made beautiful wedding presents next to me with glittery glue and my husband prepared fresh pasta in the kitchen. And none of it ended up on the white cardigan I was working on. Hurray.
oh and in reference to your previous post w/ the cotton glace... which pattern would you be going to make with that? the ribbed pullover a blonde is wearing in blue? that's the one i have some silver-y cotton glace waiting for that amy is currently making in a sort of dark coral/rust color that supposedly we bought to knit "together" altho i don't have any clue when i'll get around to it...
Thanks for digging that out, Becky :) That is too sweet for words. Beautiful work, as always! Definitely an heirloom to treasure forever. I'll have to dig out the newborn pic of Liv wearing a bonnet and sweater that my hubby wore as a wee one. With a tiny bit of care, these items can last for generations (or at least one!).
oof. those brown pants with that green sweater - hideous! silly phildar stylists! but the sweater is sooooo yummy.
I love the cotton jacket, the shape of the sleeves is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it completed. What's going to be first?
Thanks for the kind comments! I agree, Marrije, that seaming on the weekends makes it more fun so I've started waiting until then to seam finished projects. Next time I'll tell my husband to make pasta, too :-) Carolyn, stop guessing correctly what my future projects are! Melanie, I agree. The brown pants are too brown for that green. Blue on blue jeans are out of the question, though. Beige would have been nicer, I think. But with that spikey-haired model (who looks eerily like Vincent Perez before his hair started thinning) who cares? Kerrie, I haven't the slightest. I want to do all three now but I think I'm going to start with the raglan sweater if the needles I'm waiting for to start it get here.
The baby set is lovely! Is it made out of wool? My newest favourite baby colour is deep eucalyptus green - together with white, what a combo for a newborn, male or female.
If I had just had a baby and I opened up that present, I would've burst out into tears--and not just because I was hormonal. That is the most beautiful little baby gift I've ever seen. I wish you were my kids' auntie.
What a gorgeous set. Are the neck and arms double hemmed?, or whatever the term is.
What a lovely baby sweater. You are amazing! And once again I am thrown into despair over not being able to knit little girl things. A very close friend of mine just told me she was having a baby - wait for it... - a boy! I'll have to bookmark this entry for when I'm tired of basic blue and want to dream my little dreamy dreams of picot edging and embroidered flowers.
I hate to say it, I really do love the pimp coat. The baby gear is adorable.
Thanks again for such nice compliments! Patricia, the yarn is an acrylic/wool blend by Phildar called Super Baby and is used exclusively for layette items. I love it because it's soft, but doesn't require handwashing in order to keep it looking good. A new mother's dream :-) Yes, Chris, the hem and wrists are folded in and sewn down using hidden stitch. Gwen, you sound like you're almost sorry to say that you like the Muppet Pimp Coat! Why be sorry? Only the cool people like it ;-)
What a lucky baby! That is the sweetest baby set that I've ever seen.
I just love this set. Please let me know where to get this pattern. Thanks, Sarah
The sweater is from Phildar's Layette book, 2001. This book is in French. The diaper cover and booties are an original design that I came up with myself.

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