March 09, 2005

Looks like someone had herself a little seaming party.

Oh, go on. Click, make big.

Why, it's a seamed Kid Mohair cardi! But before you go scrolling down the page in search of customary whack rabbit dance shots, you might want to cool your jets there. What's missing from this picture?

a) Ribbed bands for the neck edge.
b) Big ole button the size of a dinner plate.
c) Weave in ends.
d) All of the above.

If you checked (d) all of the above you get a gold star on your forehead*. The Kid Mohair cardi, despite it's seemingly put-together appearance at first glance, is definitely not finished. But it's already seamed, and that makes me happy because even though I like to take time and care when I seam my knits, it doesn't mean I fully enjoy doing it. (That's why seaming parties are a tradition chez Skinny Rabbit - a cocktail and chatter with Monsieur Le Hubby make seaming more fun, believe me.)

Seaming blab: I used the main yarn to join all seams. [Oh! How I was tempted to use embroidery floss for the mohair cardi! But not this time, thanks.] Shoulders were shaped via short rows, bound off, and joined using backstitch. (I had initially tried the three-needle bind-off but was not at all happy with how it looked in this yarn.) Everything else was joined using mattress stitch. I thought sewing would be difficult with the slightly lumpy mohair, but it was surprisingly easy and I'm pleased with how the seams look.

Now I just need to get cracking on the front bands. Sigh. The front bands are in dreaded 1x1 ribbing. But! They've got some short row shaping, which is always entertaining. I promise not to procrastinate so I can have some fun working those short rows. Plus, I'd love to get this cardi done so I can wear it to dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in Vieux Lyon. I hear that it's owned and operated by a family from Mexico City so I'm looking forward to taking a look at that menu. Arriba!

[Footnote: One of the best references I own for hiding short row wraps has got to be Vogue Knitting's Ultimate Knitting Book.]

*Kids in Mexico get gold star stickers on their foreheads as reward for good work in school. It's cute to see them walking around with a gold star that shows everyone that they did well in school that day. If I don't procrastinate on the front bands of the cardi I'll put a gold star on my forehead when I wear the cardi. (Okay, maybe not to the restaurant.)

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I was so happy to see your name all highlighted in my bloglines again... this means it works again! Your cardi is beautiful, and I look forward to seeing it with a button the size of a dinner plate, and you dancing around in it with a star on your forehead! Enjoy the Mexican food! :)
Fabulous! Can't wait to see the "final" photos.
Party on, Becky!
It's lovely! Can't wait to see it on. We definitely need to see those whack dance shots WITH gold star. In the restaurant. C'mon, you'd do it for your adoring public, wouldn't you?
Yes, more dancing photos please! The cardi looks great though. Someone finally opened a REAL Mexican restaurant in Pittburgh.... can I tell you how happy it makes me to not have to get my refried bean fix from Taco Bell?
Seaming parties are fun...I am in progress of getting my cardi done.
Very pretty color. Can't wait to see it done. Also to see you wearing a big ol' gold star. ;-)
!Que Bonito! I like the mohair cardi very much. I am also quite curious about how Mexican food will taste in Lyon...let us know! Mexican food is my all-time favorite. And PS - how cool is that tradition about the gold stars... :)
It's look good Becky. I have this yarn and same colour coming in soon for one of my projects. I can't wait. It looks like a great colour. Good luck with the bands. I have 1x1 bands coming up too, but I'm going to finish before the sleeves so I don't have to procrastinate at the end.
Wow, it looks great! I can't wait to see the dancing shots either. As always, ANOTHER process question for you! When do you decide to seam with embroidery floss? I used 3 needle bind off for my son's easter vest and I LOVE it!! yay! another technique learned!!
Very beautiful! The neck edge bands are going to make it totally lovely! And the new restaurant, congratulations on having one close, we do not have one in the whole country that would serve more than canned sauces.
I am really attracted to the design of that sweater. I wonder, though. Where/in what temperature do you see yourself wearing it? Mohair is pretty warm, but there are substantial exposed bits of arm and chest. Perhaps over something else? As you can tell, I'm still struggling with the usefulness and wearability of knit items that aren't full-on sweaters.
how beautiful! what a great color. i love seeing pictures of your knitting. thanks for sharing it with us.
Lovely color, and looks so so soft! I love wrap-around cardigans. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, and a review of the new restaurant!
Cardi looks great. Can't wait to see photos of you wearing it. I'm going to check out the Vogue Kntting book. I need all the help I can get when it comes to finishing.
All right! It's lookin' good. Can't wait to see the whack rabbit dancing shots. Enjoy the Mexican food... have a margarita for me!
ooh! Seaming parties are the best. High Energy Jenny always reminds me of your seaming techniques when I'm stressing about seaming, and it really does make it more fun to make a party out of it! That sweater is going to just gorgeous when it's finished! I can't wait!
It is so pretty...I love that wrap look, and the green is so "now". Very nice.
gorgeous Becky! Can't wait to see the finished photos.
They use to put the gold stars on our hands here in the U.S. You would get a big "C" on your paper next every right answer you had and then a gold star on your hand. :) As a kid my fave was the scratch n sniff stickers. Ok, nuff about school, nice cardi, can't wait to see the finished pics.
I seriously love the color! It's fabulous! ^__^ I hope to someday knit something of that caliber. ^^
Becky, it looks fab. I'm going to have to get my hands on that pattern; I really really like it. deserve chips and salsa [and a big mango margarita!] after all that seaming. oOOOoOOOoooO...a gold star? I love gold stars as much as I love chips and salsa and mango margaritas! And, claro que si, your sweater is fabby!...¡soñaba con comer virutas y salsa!
ooh, i can see the sparkliness and everything! it looks gorgeous and glam, like one of those classic musical films i used to watch over and over... thank you for your trademark detailed technique-o-rama, and enjoy that dinner!
faboo, Becky! It's absolutely divine! Rock on, girl! :) pearl
That is the damned best almost done cardi I have ever seen. although I am pouting about no whack dancing. I need dancing on a dull as dirt wednesday. x/o h
That's it! I think I'll stick gold stars on my students heads the rest of the day..but only if they're good:) If you had a gold star stuck on you each time you knit something chic and beautiful, you would positively be covered in them! p.s. Got the yarn, thank you!
oh your sweater looks so fluffy and pretty. can't wait for those whack dance shots. i keep hearing about this three needle bind off with short row shaping and would like to try it. do you have a recommendation for a good resource so that i don't totally screw it up? enjoy the mexican food!
Hooray, it's almost done! I was thinking this was going to be a favorite with M. le Hubby with that revealing neckline, but it sounds like the finishing will at least make it decent enough for a dinner out. :) It needs a little lacy somethin' somethin' underneath, methinks!
Gold stars for you (along with some gold margaritas)!
The sweater is beautiful and I can't wait to see it finished. With a gold star, of course. There's even an episode of The Simpsons where the Flanders family puts stars on the kids for Bible Trivia. The Flanders kids are covered in stars and the Simpson kids have absolutely none. I'm a bit of a geek, can you tell?
Looks beautiful. Are you going to put a honkin' huge button? Maybe a fabric flower disguising a button instead. The button looks a little out of place on such a delicate cardi. Anyway, thanks for the info on short row sleeve shaping! I always, always learn something new from you.
Beautiful work, Becky - have 2 gold stars :)
It's lovely! Color, shape, etc., etc. soooo nice. I'm STILL knitting the sleeves on my dad's sweater :-/ This makes me want to hurry up pronto and knit something Spring-y!
That sweater looks so inviting and ready to wear! Too bad there's lots more work to be done! Can't wait for the dance shots!
Gold stars rock! My boys won't do their chores for anything less. They've even been known to do extra things like car washing to add to the star tally.
The cardigan looks great ! The colour is beautiful ! Can't wait you see you model it !
Oooh, so fuzzy and cozy! I want to pat the skinny rabbit!
your cardi looks great even without all of the above! can't wait to hear about the restaurant. just picked up all the ingreds that i need to try your salsa. oh, how i love fresh salsa. take care!
Soooo lovely! I can't wait to see the dancing shots since I think it looks teeny tiny...maybe this little fluffy green mohair is for a baby girl? ;-)
Utterly fabby (as always!). I'm interested to see the neck ribbing, partly for the short rows (short rows in ribbing - blimey!) and also because I'm curious about having 1x1 ribbing with what looks more like 2x2 ribbing on the bottom edge & sleeves. You will realise that I find it hard to break out of the straightjacket of symmetry!!
Hola, Rebeca con una sola C. Te envié un email hace tiempo, no sé si lo recibiste. Tu idea de un "knit meetup" políglota me gustó mucho, pero Lyon me pilla atrás mano (¿te traduzco los madrileñismos?) aunque a París suelo ir cada 3 ó 4 meses. Deberíamos crear un webring para tejedoras hispanohablantes y otro sólo para tejedoras que hablen 3 idiomas o más (es broma). Bonita idea la de las estrellas, más divertida que los "bons points" que nos daban en Francia. Saludos desde Madrid. Urraca
Beautiful...can't wait until the slide show.
Neckbands... arrrggh. :)
We didn't get gold stars in my part of the world, but if you fell over and cut yourself the teachers would decorate not only your cut but your entire leg/arm/head/whatever with Mercurochrome. Stylish fun that lasted for days, no matter how hard you scrubbed. Cardi looks AWESOME!
Pls post the finished skinny rabit creation quick!!! Can't wait to see it on. I ordered the Montse Stanley book for those back stitch recommendations. Tks!!
ack!! that is soo cute! you must not have a job, i swear it... you are living my dream life, another country and everything
I think I'd need a coupla tequilas before attempting to eat in a restaurant with a gold star on my forehead. Or, maybe not. (I'm not promising anything, though! :-) I'm thinking of wearing this cardi bolero-style over a couple of camisoles early in spring, but I think I could carry it into fall thanks to the color. When I picked out the color I had no idea that I'd see so much green in all the shop window displays, which is what I'm seeing right now. (I love when I'm being trendy even when I mean not to be. Hee!) The dinner plate button: I'm sticking with the button shown in the pattern book. It's large in diameter but nearly paper thin. Plus, it's pearly and looks very feminine and is just so right for this cardi. The bands: The bands are knit in 1x1 ribbing even though the ribbing at the hems and cuffs is 2x2. This would normally irritate me, but in the end I think it's better because 2x2 ribbing would make the bands too wide. (Yep, I had considered changing the pattern but I didn't this time for that reason.) Re three needle bind-off: I first shaped shoulders using short rows and bound them off using three needle bind-off for a sweater I knit in spring of 2003. I had used Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook as a general guide, but but since then Nancie Wiseman came out with very good descriptions and photos describing the whole short-row shoulder/three-needle bind-off in her Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques. Check it out! P.S. a Urraca: Intento irme a Paris una o dos veces al año. No estaría de pelos (¿te traduzco mis frases de chilanga?) si se coincidieran nuestras visitas a Paris? Escribeme para decirme cuando piensas estar en Paris; puede ser que caiga yo allá en las mismas fechas. Saludos de tu amiga, Rebeca con una sola "C".
Oh, what gorgeous fluffiness. And I think a pearly button will be nice. An abalone one, or that gray pearl, with shades of green might be nice. As always, another great job.

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