March 07, 2006

Of knitting, mannequins and lazy cooking for Sunday dinner.

Hey! Guess who's finally getting some neck shaping?

Is this the beginning of a scoop neck I see before me?
(Just don't say the word "sleeves", okay? 'Cause I still gotta do those.)

My Holey Sweater! Now remember, this is a scoop neck. A really low scoop neck [shex-aaaay!], so armhole shaping is done at the same time as neck shaping. Of course, I decided to do both the left side and right side at the same know, remaining in pattern and all. We're talking the knitting equivalent of rubbing your belly, patting your head and moving your feet at the same time. But that's not all: I had an afternoon cocktail consisting of two white wine kirs while shaping the neck AND armholes AND working the pattern, which only added to the fun. We like the fun knitting chez Skinny Rabbit.

In other news, I'd like to share that I've decided on a name for my mannequin! It was a hard choice, let me tell you. I narrowed my favorites down to five, and asked my design student friends at school to vote on them. The one that won it by a landslide vote was [drummer boy plays in background]:


...suggested by Jennifer. The name instantly reminded me of "Gigi", the novel by Colette, which I am going to re-read for the heck of it. Thanks to Jennifer for the name, and to everyone who participated in my Name that Mannequin Game. All the names were fabulous!

march_ovenomelette.jpg In thanks, I give you a recipe that I made up for Sunday dinner which, by luck and laziness, came out tasting so darn good my boy asked for seconds even though he hates eggs. I call it "Rabbit's Oven Omelette...Yummy!", alternatively titled "it's Sunday night and I don't feel like cooking because I'd rather be knitting, so let's throw something together quick-like while trying to cover all basic food groups, shall we?" Keep reading for the recipe!

Rabbit's Oven Omelette for Sunday Dinner...Yummy!

Enough for 2 adults and one child.
Ingredients (or, what I had in the fridge):

One bag of fresh baby spinach.
Diced ham.
About five little rounds of fresh goat's milk cheese.
5 or 6 eggs.
About two tablespoons of flour.
One 20cl brique (small carton) of "fluid cream" (I use this for making quiche lorraine; ditto with the diced ham).
Herbs, salt, pepper.

(These are things readily found in French supermarkets. I wouldn't know if the same things as they are sold over here can be found elsewhere so hey! Get creative if need be.)

Set oven to 200 degrees celsius. Cook spinach, if you want. (I steamed it for five minutes.) Stir all ingredients together with the exception of goat's cheese. Add herbs, like Marjolaine (don't know name in English, sorry), and salt and pepper. Grease shallow pan using olive oil. Pour ingredients in pan. Crumble goat's cheese on top. Put in oven. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve with bread, and maybe salad. Why not have chocolate ice cream for dessert, like we did?

Enjoy! :-)

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37 comments to this entry:

Great name - absolutely perfect. And the recipe looks good. I'll have to try it.
Thanks to the little translation widget found on my new Mac OS 10.4, I discovered that Marjolaine = marjoram. :)
Thanks for the recipe, that sounds really good and is my kind of supper- covering all food groups in one dish!
Oh, Becky! Her name is perfect! And your recipe sounds devine! Yummy cheese and cream and spinach. Can't go wrong with that!
Yummy recipe! You made quiche lorraine? Do you make your own dough for the quiche too? I tried buying ready made pie dough but those are not good ... yet I always made a mess when trying to make my own dough ... worse than ready made dough! hahaha ... Would we be seeing a lot of Gigi from now on? But I like you the rabbit modelling your knit wear! :D
Very suitable name! Your omelette must have been good too, it sounds yummy!
I must try that recipe! It sounds delish... I'm happy you liked my name suggestion!
Gigi is in fact a great name for your mannequin. And I am totally loving your sweater. May have to try that yummy sounding omelet-in-the-oven thing too. Thanks for the recipe!
Mmmmm. I'm so hungry now.
If I have more than 1 glass of wine, I can't even knit in pattern, much less shape neck and armholes! Never read Gigi the book but I love the movie. I love baked eggs...Ina Garten had a simple herb baked eggs recipe and it was soooo good! Yours look so delicious and simple too.
The name is great, but now I've got "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" in my head . . . um, thanks!
Mmmmm- sounds like it might be tonight's dinner!
Gigi! I love Leslie Caron in that movie! She was just too adorable!
Perfect name. It really suits her! I shouldn't have read your recipe though until *after* I ate dinner. It just made me more hungry!
Holey moley! Look at that scoop neck! That is some intricate stitching you are doing there. I went to click on the yummy looking entre' you made so as to view it closer and doesn't enlarge. I love spinach! Love ham and eggs too. (ok, just saw that you cook the spinach first). Gonna try this one.
The sweater looks beautiful, but you already know how much of a fan of it I am. :) That recipe sounds like a fabulous use of what's around. And I love Gigi. The perfect name.
Oh! I love that book!! I should read it again too!
You MUST tell us what the four other finalists were. I'd like to know if I didn't win by a long shot or just a smidge. ;) I admit, albeit begrudgingly, that Gigi is a fabulous name. Your 'everything but the kitchen sink' omlette looks good too.
A very nice name! I'll be trying the recipe soon!
look at you go! that holey sweater is to die for, oh how i need one, oh how i need some phildar mags and phildar yarn... which reminds me... rach and i are planning a little trip to paris this fall, september actually. it will be the first time for both of us and we are really excited. perhaps you could tell us all the most fabulous places to go and maybe even meet us for a bit of tea or coffee??? I love your dress form by the way - and Gigi is perfect! What fun.
Oooh, yum! (the omelette, the sweater and the cocktails!)
Whacky, skinny rabbits at my place :)
Marjolaine=Marjoram. Love the fact that you named your mannequin and Gigi is a great choice. I know some ladies in my guild almost fell out of their chairs when I named my wheel but I think you need to name things you love.
The Holey Sweater is looking marvelous Becky! I always wanted a mannequin. Are they expensive? Gigi is a very good name indeed! I love goat's milk cheese. André and I used to go to this little French bar when we lived in beautiful Vancouver. I used to order this little dish that consisted of warm goat's milk cheese on a bed of lettuce surrounded by pistachios with french bread on the side. Very good with! Have you ever heard of that one? So I'm assuming you live in France?
gigi it is! tres chic. mmmm. I'll have to try that recipe! woo!
"Thank heavens...for little purls...." Gigi is a great name. I remember seeing that movie in downtown Baltimore when I was a tiny girl. I kept thinking "Nanny" for a name...Nanny the Mannequin just kept rattling around my head. But Gigi's better. Love the holey sweater. And the recipe looks yummy, too. Wonder if I could get away with throwing that in front of my family one evening?
Mmmm...sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe...
Love your holey sweater and halter. Gigi wears all your knits well.haha Have a good day
Mmmmm.....yum! you're very inventive with your firdge findings. I just love goat cheese. I live in Vancouver, and we can get wonderful goat's milk cheese from an island called Salt Spring that is just beautiful.... The herb is marjoram en englais, and a 20 dl brique of 'fluid cream' is about 3/4 cup of whole cream. I admire your ability to knit with Kirs on board! I can only do straight stocking stitch, no shaping, if I have a glass of vino....and even that is living dangerously! ha ha! I'm starting to think you should share all your recipes with us as well as your knitting......maybe there's a "Skinny Rabbit's Complete Book of Knitting Designs and Yummy Recipes" on the way???? ;)
Man oh man, I can't decide if I'm more envious of the cute sweater or the yummy omelet! (Though I know what I'll be using my new casserole for soon!)
Keep coming back and eyeballing that little Sunday night dinner you cooked up. Thinking, hmmmm, I want some of that NOW. Will try it. Love you, your recipes, and your knitting!
I love the sweater and the tasty treat! I have a question for you, what's the brand of mannequin that you're using? I've been having a difficult time finding one that I like ... I'm always up for looking at new models to see if one is worth the price! Thanks!!
gorgeous color for the holey sweater. i'll have to try that recipe...sneak the goat cheese in and see if family notices anything different.
gorgeous work on the holey pullover... hmmmm, maybe i can make that omelette this weekend -- thank you!
well jeepers, that looks like the same stitch as in the subscription freebie scarf kit from Rowan called 'Froth' in KidSilk Haze. Have you seen it? Quite holey, I agree, but nice. Great job, as usual.
I love the stitch pattern of your "holey" sweater. I am hoping to make it less scoop necked. Yours doesn't look so low. Did you modify it? Thanks for the recipe . . . My mouth is watering for the goat cheese I ate everyday in Lyon . . . sigh.
What have you been working on in school lately? My tank top is finally finished. Looking forward to seeing your purple one seamed and beautiful Fluffa wearing it.

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