March 04, 2003

Knitting lady blabs incessantly.

Random notes from all over the place:

1) A great, big, public thank you to Patricia for sending me this adorable berry hat pattern for no reason other than she is thoughtful and saw that it was on my wishlist of knitting toys. (Thank you, Patricia!) Now all I need is a little girl for whom to knit that cute little hat.

2) You'll be happy to know that I managed to knit the remaining pieces of my Muppet Pimp Coat without getting bored. As I've mentioned before, television knitting coupled with a wee glass of wine in the evening are the way to go when a certain knitting project becomes monotonous. Blocking and seaming are next, but expect much procrastination on my part as we all know that seaming is my number one top favorite thing to do in the world. (I'll take bribes, though.)

3) No new knitting photos of my current projects, but to make up for it I present you with some knits I recently spied in an open handicrafts market:

Why buy me? Better knit me.

Aren't they something? They're little machine-knitted teddy bears, running for 25-30 euros, each. Yikes. So I stood by the teddy bears and screamed "Ch-ching!" every time someone bought one. Just kidding. I merely gaped at the price and then chuckled inwardly like a smug little knitting person. [Hey, customer friend! Why not knit a bear instead of buying a knit bear? Not only will your pocketbook thank you, but you will acquire an enviable creative talent that may serve as an interesting conversation piece, to boot. Go on - get a pair of needles, some yarn and knit yourself a teddy bear. Because I say so.]

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11 comments to this entry:

yes but would i actually take the time to knit you, oh dear teddy bear? i am a lazy lazy girl with nowhere near enough knitting time!!! :)
Cute bears! But I could make one cheaper!! Needles were sent and hopefully they will wing their way over the ocean to your abode! And this time arrive in the same condition they left. Knock on wood.
my lovely bf got me the debbie bliss toy knits book last year. whenever i see something like this i chuckle to myself. i'd rather knit something in my spare (HA!) time than buy it. : )
Wow - 25 Euros is a huge amount to pay for a knitted bear! Even if they are wearing cute stripey jumpers... Good luck on the finishing with the MPC - its my least favourite part of a project as well..
I hear you on the craft thing. David's mom makes all sorts of stuffed animals and dolls by hand... turtles, giraffes, and the elaborate dolls with yarn hair and such... the prices they go for are unreal. I mean, sure they take time and all, but she enjoys making them, so she's not really in it for profit (she makes money, but on the money/time scale, it wouldn't be worth it if not for the enjoyment factor).
my best friend is having a baby girl in july! i'm trying to convince her not to buy a bunch of pink things, but...
The bears are extremely cute. But for that money, I'd buy something I could *wear* or *knit with*. Priorities, priorities....
I know what you mean about the bears - I do that with practically every knitted item. I can't stomach the thought of paying for something that I could, not only make myself, but make exactly to my specifications. Is it the curse of the knitter? (It seems to be mine)
Gwen (5'12") and and Gwen (Gliss) have expressed exactly what I meant in this entry. I may not have as much free time as I'd like to knit a bear, but I know how to knit, so why buy a knitted bear? Whenever I see a knitted item (high-priced or not) in a store, I can't help thinking, "I bet I can knit that!" The fact that I could knit it, even if I actually don't, is what keeps me from buying it :-)
Becky, do you remember what pattern you used for the baby stockinette stitch cardigan with buttons down the back? Love that picot edging, too. Do you have a pic of it? Or was this knit in the pre-blog days? :)
I'm a newbie at both knitting and blogging, but am also apparently afflicted somewhat by OCD, because I can't put the needles down, can't stop buying yarn, and can't stop talking about it! But your site is the best, and the Muppet Pimp Coat is, as they say in the US, the bomb. You mentioned that you would consider a swap for translation of patterns; any chance you would consider this for this particular garment? Cheers, Velma

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