March 03, 2006

Fluffy Halter gets front:

This is the REAL stand still like a mannequin shot.
Now I got someone to hold up my knits in progress.
Hee hee!

I finished the front piece of my Fluffy Halter! All I have to do now is the neckband, which is about 25cm x 48cm in straight ribbing. YIKES. I thought the bands on my Fluffy Bolero were bad, but the Fluffy Halter's 48cm of neckband in 2x2 ribbing is enough to get me snoring. Pass the coffee, please.

And HEY! Did you notice that I got someone to hold up my knits in progress for me? Yesterday at school we were given our own dress forms and I brought mine home to stay. [Woo hoo!] I'm still marking all the measurements we use for garment construction (the red tape was pinned on by me...I still need to do the bust line, side seam line, shoulder and armhole) and boy oh boy do my fingers HURT. I feel like a human pincushion. Anyway, here she is:

I am ze dress form of ze Skinny Rabbit.
I am cute, non?

I want to give her a name, and I'm going to let you do it for me. Please, feel free to suggest a name for my dress form and I'll pick one next week. A thank you in the form of cute snail mail card will be given in return.

march_buste_thumb.jpg P.S. My dress form also has an arm that I constructed at school, using muslin. We made the right arm because we use the right side only as reference for draping and garment construction; the left side of the mannequin is rarely used for this purpose. I didn't think I would actually be using the arm for anything other than hanging on a nail in the closet (er...where it's been for the past two months), but we're currently working on shirt construction by draping, and last night I used the arm for trying out the sleeve. Thank you, dress form with accompanying arm!

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I'm sure you will get plenty of creative suggestions for the dress form from your readers. I have no idea why, but the first name that popped into my head was "Matilda." Maybe you could dance with her sometimes, and then she could be a "Waltzing Matilda." Y'know, the song from Australia, where there are a lot of rabbits. It's Friday-- that's all I got. :P
I love the Waltzing Matilda reference. Hee hee!
I think she should be called "Jessica", after Jessica Rabbit in the film "Roger Rabbit".
A dress form! I've seen someone making a dress form of the exact same body shape as herself ... and I think that's really cool! She told me there were instructions on the internet how to do it. I would make one for myself if my husband isn't freaked out by the idea ... he thinks it feels like having another person in the apartment! Name for her? The name Marilyn came to my mind when I looked at her ... no particular reason I can tell you now. ;)
First off, I'm so jealous they gave you a dress form to keep! I went to TWO fashion schools and NEVER got to keep one. Fabulous! Now you can drape at home. As for a name for her, Miss Paris Hilton, but of course.
your fashion school classes are too much fun! now that i am starting to sew, your classes are like a dream! i don't have names for your dress form? but maybe "coco" like in coco chanel, the ultimate symbol of beauty and fashion. at least for me it is.
Love the fluffy halter! How about Bunny?
Isn't she sweet? I like Bella!
The first name that popped into my head was Millie, or Millicent. I don't know why, but she just looks like a Millie to me!
I'm thinking your dress form will not only be a model, but a muse as well. Therefore, the name Joan comes to mind. As in Joan Jett, the inspiration for so many whack dances!
Monique. Don't know why, but that's what popped into my little mind. She's quite fabulous and will assist in the production of many fashionable garmets. Fluffy Halter is awesome.
How about either blanca, grace kelly, or venus? Too literal, non? I'm also in accord with Amanda on Millicent - that just sounds seamstress-y to me.
Pimpinela? That is a spanish last name, but for some reason she looks like a Pimpinela to me. Beautiful sweater!
I vote for Bunny! She's kind of a mini-rabbit, since she's missing 3/4 of her appendages. Was the form made in your measurments? I would love to have one of the ones that are made from a plaster cast of your body, but it's little impractical right now.
When I was a kid there was a childrens show on TV where one of the caracters was a dress form. She was always lovely dressed up with cute summer dresses. Her name was PETRA. So that's my suggestion.
Lucky girl! I lust after a dress form, but have absolutely nowhere to put it. Give her an old glamorous movie star name.
Well I blurted out "Fifi" as soon as I saw her, but I think Liz's suggestion of "Bunny" is the cat's meow.
The halter looks sexy! Your new model looks great.
So, the second I read your request for suggestions I came up with Matilda. Then I looked at your other comments and Yoko had already suggested it (as the very first suggestion, no less). Ask the Magic 8 Ball, I think she will agree.
My vote: Maude...........
I enjoy hearing about your school adventures. What a funny thing, a muslin arm!
Love your work.... As for her name-Mimi Marie came to mind.
Hmmm...How about Antoinette?
The fluffy halter is oh so sexy! My suggestion for name is Elle, as in Elle McPherson, aka The Body. I've never seen a dress form with an arm you think you'll make her left arm? It looks somewhat disturbing to me that she has only 1 arm.
There it is! Oh my gosh I want that halter! That totally makes the halter with the fuzzy deep purple yarn you used! You know you are really getting into the thros of Fashion school when you bring one of those home.
I *love* Mathilda, but not for "Waltzing," rather for "she take me money and run Venezuela!"
I'm no good at naming stuff. Pick something cute and French. It wouldn't be the actual knitting of the ribbing that would freak me would be the sewing on. I do hate seaming.
I like reading the reasons/background you give for choosing your favorite name for the dress form. They're all great. Keep 'em coming! P.S. I'm also having fun reading the names with the headless/armless reference. You guys are so funny :-)
Heidi. After Heidi Klum, supermodel and host of Project Runway. You can even stick pins in her if that makes you feel any better.
I also like Mathilda because of the old kid's joke.
That dress form is WAY cool! I don't know what I would do without mine (Jippy). Nice halter too.
My first thought was Madeline (don't ask me why, I don't know), but I think Bunny is better--great, even! Interesting, the number of suggestions that start with "M."
That halter is going to look oh, so ab fab on you Becky! As for Ms. Mannequin, my first thought was Lily BUT if you want to go classy, movie actress I like Audrey.
Clotilde is my vote
What about Dorian? Dorian Leigh was a famous model in the 1940's I also think of the old movie Dorian Grey, where the guy's portrait ages but he doesn't. Love the halter!
I keep thinking...Babette.
How about "Rabbat" - Rabbit said in pseuo-french? I'm also thinking "tenille" since you have a "captain" model in the house!
I've thought of Guiomar... i used to study in a Catholic school, and our patron Ssaint was St. Teresa de Jesús. Guiomar de Ulloa was one of her sponsors. ( i've seen the mannequin and thought instantly of her, i wonder why. :)
I say name that girl "Lola" (my eldest daughter's name). Its got sass and and sophistication and says "I'm no dummy!" Short of Lola, Maude and Milicent are decent alternatives. ;)
Nike of Samothrace (or Winged Victory, her other name) after the beautiful headless, armless statue in the Louvre. Or maybe Helen, because both are Greek. You don't want anyone thinking you have an unhealthy obsession with athletic shoes :)
I remember when my mother made her dress form out of muslin. She doesn't have it anymore, but she is in many of my childhood memories. A name, huh? How about Gigi?
'Pastis'! Cause you love the drink, and shes kinda pasty in color. Plus, you'll think happy thoughts when you say her name.... Or, 'Frozen Charlotte'...because of the doll and story of how charlotte refused to wear a blanket outside (even though her mother warned her!) because she didn't want to crinkle her pretty dress. Or, "look ma, no hands!" (*just kidding*)
I love the halter! Such a pretty color. I like Moira for the dressform, sophisticated and catchy.
Amélie? Oh yes. She's a saucy little tart. or the ever stylish, femme, and the muse of Haute Couture...the muse of Givenchy --- Mme Audrey.
Well, I have to get in there... My dd is named Chloe it's short, it's sweet.... I'm sure you'll pick and awesome one!
This fluffy halter looks gorgeous Becky and you are so lucky to have this dress form at home... As for a name, I was going to propose Coco, but Blossom beat me to it. Did you know that Coco Chanel always insisted on being called "Mademoiselle" by her entourage?
Everyone is suggesting M names. I thought "maude" would be a cute name. It looks awesome Becky!!
I'm a little jealous of your mannequin... I need to get a dressmaker's form one of these days. I'm curious about your fluffy halter... are you planning to wear something underneath and what? I always find that sleeveless wooly/warm things are wasted on me because my arms are still cold! :)
The mannequin in "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith (one of my favorite books ever!) is called Miss Blossom, but she's a very matronly sort of mannequin who definitely wouldn't wear a fluffy halter top.
How about "Denise," for St.Denys, the decapitated patron saint of France? Or "Vanessa," for Vanessa Paradis, the skinny French model who gets to make zee bebes w/Johnny Depp? The halter is SO sexah!
I suggest Isabelle...because she Is A Beauty. I like the Tenille suggestion though.
Love your blog. I'm not much of a poster, but a very avid reader. The dress form inspired me. She looks like a Vivian. It's a name that can change with the garment. She could be vampy, vivacious or even voluptuous.
First I thought Iris, than I thought immediately afterward Vivienne, or Vivian. Viv for short!
Fluffy halter is looking hot! I don't envy the 2x2 rib, though. I vote for Venus! Like the arms and all that.
Ooo. Fuzzy and pretty. That looks like a fun knit. Though perhaps not the neckband. But when are they? And I am so jealous of your dressform. So useful! I'm thinking Audrey for the name. Or maybe Kathrine. Some thing classic movie starish seems appropriate.
My first thought was "Claire", which means clear & bright. She'll give you a clear idea how the garments will fit! ;-) I also love the suggestion for "Bunny".
How about 'Venus' as in Venus de Milo? Since she has no arms and because for some reason the song was going through my head. "Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame. The summit of beauty and love And Venus was her name. She's got it, Yeah baby she's got it, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire..........." I think it suits her!
What a lot of fluffy yumminess!! Very nice bolero, me thinks! :) The doll should be named... La Principessa - the Italian Bust Queen of Fashionista and Glam. ;)
First I thought of Madeline, but the final version si DALILA :)
I'd like to call her Coco, because I was watching a show on TV5 the other day about the Chanel seamstresses, and they had the most awesome dress forms ever.
Que d'idées! Personnelement, j'aime bien le prénom Adèle.
I'm going to vote Veronique, since she's your "true image", and because it's so sassy and chic, although I'm very fond of many of the names others have suggested.
I would name her Miuccia. :)
Oh, you wanted reasons? I suggested that you name it after Miuccia Prada. She is humble, down-to-earth, a visionary, a minimalist, striking, a strong personality, a skilled businesswoman, well educated (PhD in Poli Sci), refuses to bend to the crowd... What's not to respect and admire?
My vote is Lisette. When in France... Nice straight lines, by the way.
Wow, tons of great suggestions for names for your fabu new will be tough to choose! I for one like something quirky, something that evokes old-time glamour in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way...why, Zha Zha, of course!!
The halter looks great! I love fluffy yarn! But I see that the real excitement is about the dress form. Wow! As for name suggestions - many of the proposals are for slightly old fashioned, rather classic women's names. You know, evocations of old-time glamour and classic beauty... and I agree that is the type of name she should have. I notice that my mother's name, Vivian, and my daughter's name, Iris, are already on the list, but I like Matilda the first suggestion the best. As for an idea of my own--how about Dagmar?
Okay...I'm not all that Origianl...I like the one who suggested Jessica for Jessica Rabbit, because this mannequin is SEXY. Here are my ideas: As it's a mannequin, how about Monica or Quinny (it's female right?) of course it could always be called Boobah! (as in the hebrew word for dolly)
Your fluffy halter top is gorgeous :) I love the name annelise. That was my character's name in realms of despair when I played it and I always got a lot of respect :) and people thought I was a yeah..annelise fits :) and it's french
I suggest Minnie; she's Skinny Minnie.
she looks like an 'adelaide' to me :-)
I need some mail that's not a bill, so toward that effort, I have some names: Madame Lapin. She's prim and proper but wears fishnets and red stilettos. She's an enigma. Abuelita. or Pastis. Perfect for drinking post-project. Keeps your mind on finishing it so you can get to drink some. The best for last:honeylove316. Hey, why not? LOL :)
I love love the halter! Fab! I think you should call your dress form Franchesca. My other thought was Gwenevere... don't know why.
Oh, oh Becky, so many suggestions, you're going to have a problem, unless you have something up in your own sleeve. I find Jessica, after mrs Rabbit a very suitable name.
Beatrice. You may be a skinny rabbit, but your form can be your Busy Bea.
Grace (elegant, classy, fashionable).
First thought was Claudia. Don't know why. Then as I was reading the posts, I started thinking of my French cousin Nanci. When she was little, I was at her house. A very creative hyper child, there was always some kind of fracas in the house followed by my cousin Vilma yelling "NanciiiiiiQ'uest que tu fait? Fait attention enfant terrible!"
In a tribute to that wonderful 80s film "Mannequin", I think you should call her Emmy! Maybe she'll come to life for you too! LOL
Hello Becky! First post, but definitely not the first read. I propose "Pomponia". It is near to "se pomponner", a thing mannequins surely do. I googled a bit and found "Rosa pomponia", "Camellia pomponia", two very nice flowers, Wikipedia told me that it was the only sister of Titus Pomponius Atticus (apparently a quite respectable man) and that she was a strong woman. And... it's the Genius of a cicada (not the french one I believe), but this really goes with Pastis! Daniela
I suggest "Pepita", I don't know why but I like it! and I like the fluffy halter too, very nice color!
I like the reference to "Soma"... for the body form.
OH, fluffy halter you are going to be gorgeous! Just as gorgeous as fluffy bolero turned out to be!! Fluff on indeed... :-D
I think, (and just go with me here, even though it's a bit strange and macabre,) that you should call her Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII's second and most controversial wife was always very careful about her clothing, and is, as your mannequin is, headless.
Love the fluffy halter. You look too cute in *everything* you make ; )
I am waay jealous of your cool dress form... I think you should name it Madame Tussaud!
Hee, I like randomly scrolling through the comments looking at all the great suggestions. I was at a total loss, until I saw a few comments that somehow reminded me of a great Twilight Zone episode called "The After Hours." It would be quite clever to name her Marsha White, if you know what the twist in that episode is. (
Hi Becky! My suggestion is "Lulu"... I liked Jonelle's idea, too - "Vivienne"! :) All of the knits look just lip-smackingly fabulous, as usual! I've been reading your blog in anticipation of the 5 days my husband and I will be spending in Paris in May - I can't WAIT! I know you're in Lyon, but, any suggestions for yarn/foodie/clothing shopping while we're there? All the best...
i think the arm is my favorite part! makes it seem like a one-legged sailor, like long john silver or something. in that vein, i think you should give it a pirate name, arrh.
Have you read the Chocolate Rabbit? I'm seeing chocolate bunnies everywhere now.... it was written by Maria Claret. I think your skinnyrabbit muse should be : Claret. I may just go eat a chocolate bunny now ...
How about "Lefty"? :)

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