March 03, 2005

The Naughty Sleeve Saga, Part Deux.

Look, just look at what she's done to me!
I have become a center-pull ball.

Take out a red marker and circle this day on your calendar, friends, because I decided to not procrastinate with my failed second sleeve of Salina and, instead of keeping said failed sleeve stuffed in a bag until next winter [yes, I was very tempted to stick that bad boy in the closet], I went ahead and just ripped out. Rip, rip, rip. Like the Phoenix from the ashes the sleeve will arise from the center-pull ball.

To further motivate myself I've gone ahead and started steam-blocking the other completed pieces of Salina, so my apartment smells like a barn right now. (Oh, the tweedy freshness of Rowan Felted Tweed!) Strangely enough, blocking made me feel like completion of Salina isn't so far away. The mind works in mysterious ways.

I'm doing other knitting, too. I decided to ROCK ON with the right front piece of the Kid Mohair cardigan and knit right through it over a couple of evenings. (I can't help using the phrase "rock on" because the sparkle in the fabric makes me want to do it. Sparkle in the knits = rock star.) And here's the right front piece looking all rumpled and in need of a session with the blocking board:


Now that I've rocked the right front piece I will rock on with the left front piece and maybe even ROCK OUT with the seaming. [Insert loud guitar screech, big hair band from the 80s style.]

I've also got chocolate to motivate me. Hang onto your taste buds for this shot:

[Heart beats faster.]

My pal Evelyn, a.k.a. Golden Goddess of Skinny Rabbit Universe, sent those over to me along with some peanut butter/chocolate chips [!] and a copy of IK. The batch of See's Candies has my favorites: Peanut clusters. Oh, See's peanut clusters! For you I will rip out five Salina sleeves. Six, maybe.

Rock on.

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Way to go! Show the gods of procrastination who is the boss! The blocked Salina piece looks wonderfully smooth. I'm really looking forward to see her all finished! And I'm drooling over the chocolate! It should be forbidden, dear Becky, to show pictures like that for hungry persons ;-)But the tomatillos are out of the freezer, the chiles and cilantro ready, we are going to see a green sauce over here, and that ain't too bad either!
Mary See's???? You are one lucky Rabbit :) Can't wait to see the completed fluffy cardigan - it's start to look very tempting...and fluffy...and warm (I really want to be warm right now! too much Siberian weather this week) Good luck kicking some major sleeve booty!
I have been reading this fantastic blog for a few weeks and I am in awe of your knitting. I am still only in the scarves and hats stage. The things you knit are absolutely stunning and I am so jealous of your ability... and speed!!
I can't decide which is more mouth-watering - the photos of your knitting, or the photo of your chocolate. OK, I'm going to have to go with the chocolate. ROCK ON with your bad froggin' and knittin' self. Can't wait to see those FOs.
Love visiting your site to see what great things you're working on!! You are in the middle of two very beautiful and inspiring pieces!! Eat chocolate, knit and be merry!
Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better. And so does a healthy dose of rabbit reading when the morning gets to that draggy 11 o' clock-ish part. :)
Way to go ripping the sleeve will be wearing your fabulous Salina in no time!!!!
I'm soo jealous of your chocolate and your knitting pieces. Rock on!
When I was a little girl, I had a wonderful bachelor great-uncle living in San Francisco. (He was quite the character - square dancing all over the world - also quite the ladies' man!) Anyway, every now and again he would send huge boxes of See's Candy for all the grandchildren. We would gather at my grandmother's house and it was a sight to behold. I don't think candy ever tasted so good. Enjoy your candy while you re-knit Salina's sleeve. I'm sure chocolate and felted tweed go perfect together!
I am so hungry for that chocolate right now, I could lick the screen. I won't, but I could.
At least sleeves are portable, right? I totally sympathize! And See's chocolate....I used to always get the chocolate lollipops from my aunt in Washington state for Christmas! Now I'm in Chicago so Frango is the chocolate of choice. By the way, I'd been looking for some not-so-common GGH yarns, and that German website you mentioned yesterday was fabulous! Shipping was pricey, but no more so than the UK to the US, and the cheap prices for yarn and magazines made up for it. They now stock Rebecca 29 in English! I sent them a note saying you referred me; maybe they'll give you a special present. Ya deserve it!
Aw man, why did you have to show that chocolate? I gave up sweets for lent and I'm knitting like crazy to take the edge off. Chocolate colored yarn is as close as I'll get for now.
See's candies! The antidote for procrastination. (Doesn't that sound like an ad?) Here's to a Salina sleeve the second time around!
I somehow think Mrs. See would definitely approve of the chocolate/knitting combo. I've never tried peanut clusters; I'm an almond cluster fanatic. Maybe next time I'll ask for a sample....
Why oh why is your center pull ball so nice and round? At least the chocolate will help you keep up your energy for the 2nd sleeve! Ripping must be in the air because I just had to rip my 2nd sleeve too! I was increasing in the wrong place. Bah!
OOooOoOoOOOo SEE'S!!! I work not too far from the place where they actually make the wouldn't believe how incredibly good it smells over there. I'm in the mood for a lolly right now...
Good for you tackling that sleeve again! Mmmmm....chocolate.
see's! i was wondering if you were a see's fan. once i treated myself to a "custom" box of nuts and chews... man, you'll have both of those sweaters done in a flash! woo hoo!
Hmm, it seems that us knitters -- myself included -- are more taken by the See's Candies than by your beautiful knitting, well at least for today. I believe I'll pop into See's on my way home from work and pick up a piece -- only one piece at a time for nona -- I'm partial to the Light Truffle.
your rockin' sweater is coming along nicely! and yum..chocolate.
I thought for one brief moment that we might be neck and neck on finishing our respective fluffy green creations (all I've got left are the bands and the collar)...and then I remembered I'm on the road next week, with no place in the suitcase for that project, and too much going on over the next 48 hours to finish it. (My travelling needles have a date with an overdue sweater for my son and a blue velvet kangaroo.) But for a second there, we were close!
Please don't accidently block the chocolate! Work carefully...
Yarn and chocolate, yarn and chocolate... What else could one ask for?
Judging by the comments See's are something I need to try! There certainly look pretty fabby. I think you may be in Becky heaven right now; eating candy, knitting, blocking & sitting in an apartment that smells like a barn!!!
Oh, how I love husband is from CA so I know all about SEES, they are soooooh good. We love Peanut brittle, they have an amzing peanut brittle choc. covered bar, it's divine. I also like the crunchy stuff they have. Is that a diaper you are using for the blocking?
I haven't heard of those chocolates, but they look VERY nice! The fluffy cardi will be so pretty :) Or is "pretty" not rockin' enough?!
Hey Miz B! I am loving the way that kid mohair is looking. Can't wait to see it all turned into a full cardi. You will totally ROCK.OUT. with all the glitz. (am willing myself to ignore all the chocolates.)
oh yes. See's are the best! YUM! Truly inspiring for ripping a sleeve. Rock on! (hey, kids...) awesome 80's reference! IF IT AINT RIGHT...RIP IT! Rip it good! Hehe!
YOU are rock on. ;-)
Yup, your site disappeared from my bloglines listing and I was all "hmmmmm . . . wonder what Becky's up to?" and then finally NOTICED there was no fluffa in my list. Duh. I'm slow like that. So I missed out on the sad sleeve saga as it was happening. But good for you for doing the deed and doing the ripping. You are a strong woman.
First of all...See's chocolate is my latest favorite chocolate. I've even got my son totally hooked on them. My fave...the brown sugar bordeoux's (sp?) I can't wait to see yours knits. I love the crossover cardi. Very pretty!
Hey Becky! I love the color of your Salina. I have my eye on that pullover... I think I love everything in that book. I need your mentality of rip it if it ain't right... I get a little lazy sometimes. Yummy chocolate--that is always good fuel.
Inspired color choice for Salina! Can't wait to see the modeling photo shoot when she's all done. (See, not one single reference to chocolate? Doh!)
Hi Becky! I was wondering why you hadn't been showing up in Bloglines feeds. But you've been posting! And knitting! Your kid mohair jacket is looking good. Hope you haven't had to frog anything, as mohair is a b*tch... TGIF!
You are a very evil rabbit for posting that chocolate shot. Shame, shame on you!
::stares in awe:: You knit so beautifully. Just wanted to say that. ^_^ Yumm, chocolate though, now why did you have to show that to us? ::scampers off to pantry::
Wow! Sleeves! Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.h
I love See's candies, although the english toffee is my fave! ;) Great work on the mohair cardigan, as always!!
Thanks for the words of encouragement and welcome to new visitors/commenters. I love seeing who will peek in the comment box every time I write a new entry! Yum...English toffee. And I'm not surprised to see so many See's fans. I *loved* eating those chocolates while growing up. When I left to work for my first summer job on the East coast, my father had a box of See's AND some Heminger's fudge fed-exed over. Made being away less painful :-)

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