March 01, 2010

More de-stashing, a.k.a. what project comes from what knitting mag:

More mags up in my eBay! Quick summary of what I knit from what mag with links to the listings:

1) "The Holey Sweater" was knit using the pattern in Phildar 436. There was a couple of other really cute things in this mag (long, oversized cardigan with pockets) and I was tempted to keep it but I exercised self-control. Must. Remain. Focused.

2) The huge, lovely & chocolate-y poncho [Alert Tita!] that I knit for my sister AND the pretty cotton bobbly jacket with cables (which I still have, by the way) are both from Phildar 382. This particular catalog is a winner; lots of gorgeous sweaters in it. If it doesn't sell I won't relist it, but will probably keep it. P.S. I'd love to knit another bobbly jacket, this time in a darker color, and I probably wouldn't put any fasteners on it but wear it open.

3) The Pagan tank I knit using Phildar Aviso (instead of All Season's Cotton) is from Rowan 27 listed here.

4) The bustier tank in Calmer I knit for my sister was knit using a pattern from A Calmer Collection. I have a bunch of skeins of Calmer for sale here and here, and the book is listed here. (P.S. I have two extra skeins of Calmer in both sh 461 AND Sh 481 - both in the same dye lot as the yarns listed - but I did not include them in the listings as they were either missing a label or had been used to swatch. I was planning on keeping them for possible hats. However, if the yarn goes for a decent price I'll probably throw them for the lucky bidders.)

P.S. Oops, almost forgot. I've re-activated my stash-o-mat and plan on putting some yarns there in the future. As always, only French yarns will go up that I obtain at my LYS during promotions, and is not stuff that I want to put up on eBay. I've created a feed for my stash-o-mat, so feel free to subscribe to see when it gets updated because I'll only be doing it sporadically. However, please note (and I'm going to be very blunt) that if you are a complete or almost stranger to me or if you like to lurk on my blog without ever piping up, you're better off just keeping an eye on my eBay (there's a feed there for that, too). You can read the rules of my stash-o-mat for more details, thanks.

Okay, off for now. Happy March!

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