March 01, 2004

Just one skein and I'll be a-fringing.

On Saturday I went into the yarn shop to pick up my one measly skein of Phil Ruban so I could finish fringing my sister's poncho, but the yarn hadn't come in yet. Sob! That means that my sister's poncho will remain in an unfinished state until Thursday when the next shipment of yarn comes into the store, and boy oh boy it had better darn well be there or I'll search out the delivery guy and box his ears.

Now, some good news: My trip to the yarn store on Saturday wasn't at all in vain. I got to go with a new knitter friend! Jillian is a British student living in Lyon, and she reads my site. Last week she wrote me a very nice message, and I suggested that we meet up. So we did, and visited La Droguerie, Phildar and Bergere de France in the premier arrondissement on Saturday morning. We had such fun browsing and chatting! I showed Jillian my sister's (partly-fringed) poncho, and Jillian showed me an Anny Blatt scarf she decided to make after she saw the one I knit. Here is Jillian, holding up her gorgeous scarf loud and proud at the fountain in the very public Place des Terreaux:

Just how cute is Jillian???

The scarf is knit using Anny Blatt Victoria, Muguet and Super Angora on large needles, garter stitch with rows of elongated knit stitches. With one skein of each you get a long and lacy scarf. My own scarf was in ocean blues, and Jillian chose lavenders with a hint of bubble-gum colors in the ribbon:

Oh la laaaaaa! Glam scarf!

Jillian and I will definitely be meeting again, and one of the things we want to do is head back to the shops for some yarns that piqued our interest. We both fell in love with a Bergere de France lace cardi, and there was some fluffy angora yarn at La Droguerie that would make for a nice scarf. [P.S. A special hello to Jillian's mother, who also reads my site. Here's another photo, just for you!]

Speaking of meet-ups, I am in the process of setting up a group weblog and have invited a few French knitters and French resident knitters to participate. It will be about [surprise!] knitting in France. It will be bilingual, and cover several regions of France. Friends Stéphanie of Bretagne, Marie in Paris, Jillian in Lyon, Kim in Le Havre, Lou in Montpellier, Kate in Paris and myself in Lyon will be writing there. It will be a fun way for us to meet up until we get to do it in person, and I hope that others interested about knitting in France will glean some info from it. If you live in France and would like to take part in this weblog, let me know. Vous pouvez écrire au choix en français ou en anglais (ou dans les deux langues).

*Thank you to everyone who sent my son well wishes after his minor surgery last week. We had a bit of a scare on Saturday, when one of his ears got infected. He was taken to a nearby clinic for an emergency consultation and given treatment for it. Thankfully, he was already on the mend by the next day, and this morning he was able to go to school. He's such a trooper. As a special treat, I made him mini pancakes [from scratch! Quite possibly one of the few things I can cook without the need to pull out a fire extinguisher], and let him "make" pancakes with me using his toy dishes. And just for you, here is a gratuitous shot of his pajama-ed morning self proudly holding up his pan with the mini pancakes in it. Awwwwwwwwwww!

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Long waiting post is up :) Jillian and her scarf are both very lovely. Worth waiting :)
What a cute chef. Jillian's scarf is lovely and such a nice project to launch her into the world of the knitting and yarn obsessed ! It's always good to meet other knitters. ;-]
Well, I'm glad to hear that your son is better, I'm reletively a new mom my self. My son is 13 mos. old and I can only imagine how stressful the thought of hospital can be. Jillian looks really cute. I like the scarf she's made. I just might make one of those scarf's my self, but not right now, do you think they would make for a good xmas gift to someone who lives in the East Coast USA which is really cold? I my self, live in Israel...I still don't have a blog, b/c I can't figure out how to make a simple yet elegeant one and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to maintain it or how to do the archives. You however seem to be a pro!
I'm glad your little dino is on the mend, he certainly looks cheerful in the pancake photo! Bless him! It's so nice to meet up with other knitters, I usually go yarn shopping on my own as no one else wants to, but it's great when there is someone else, you can share ideas and the like. Jillian's scarf is fab! I know I can't be part of it, living in the UK, but your idea for a French knitters blog is great.
C.D. looks very French-chef-like. He is certainly cute enough for his own cooking show on FoodTV. Lucky Jillian, getting to shop with you at the legendary La Droguerie. You need to post a picture of that at some point for us Deprived Ones.
Captain Destructo looks cute as always! Sounds like you had a fun yarn shopping trip. You are rising above the disappointment of the missing skein in a most admirable way- here's hoping it comes in soon. Until it does-- lace cardi... lace cardi... ;)
I'll be looking forward to your joint blogging effort. I've been thinking about something like that for Audrey... hmmm... :-)
The knitting in France weblog sounds like a great idea. How fun! Fingers crossed that your poncho yarn comes in soon. And I'm glad to see the little guy's happy smiles again.
God, I could totally go for some pancakes right now. With chocolate chips. Yum. And props to Jillian's scarf (and those crazy pink needles!)
i pity that poor delivery man who doesn't know what's comin to him if he doesn't bring your yarn this week! ;) looks like you and jillian had fun this weekend - i am loving those anny blatt scarves! very posh. :)
glad to hear son is doing well...such a cute photo. i envy your french knitting experience.
Well, I learned how to knit in French AND in France, so I don't really know what it's like to be a knitter elsewhere other than what I see through the weblogs I read frequently. (And that's why I love 'em!) But, I hope to give others a "slice-of-life" view of what it is like to be a knitter in France through the group weblog. Claudia, it looks like a trip to La Droguerie will be in order, just so I can take a photo for you. [Like I really need my arm twisted to head down there. Hee!]
Happy little chef! Pancakes yummy in little kids tummy!! So glad to see a smile on his face! That is so cool that you met up with Jillian! She must have enjoyed shopping with such a savvy knitter w/ such excellent taste!! Plus hanging with you! What fun! I hope your chocolate yarn comes soon - I can't wait to see the poncho finished!! Good luck with your new knitting site adventure - I'm sure it will be fanstastic!
What a great smile Jr. has! Can you make minipancakes in the shape of Mickey? That's always fun...It's nice to see you've got another knitter to aid and abet you. Now you can say to the Mr., uh Jillian made me buy it...(insert evil laugh).
Thanks for all the kind comments about the scarf and thanks Becky for all the encouragement! The trip to la Droguerie was great fun and looking forward to lots more knitting projects! Glad to hear your son is getting better and has started pulling his weight in the kitchen already!!!
C'est mignon (I have NO idea if that is correct. Mon dieu). Sounds like you are having a lot of fun over there in Lyon (I read in my Chocolate Companion book that there are many excellent chocolatiers in Lyon. Lucky you!).
CD is such a super star! Jillian's scarf is lovely.
So glad your little guy is doing well! He looks adorable in the pancake shot! Your French blog idea sounds so fun! I look forward to hearing more about it. So envious of the grand time you and Jillian had and what a great scarf she has in the works there!
Cute chef, and a cute little puppy looking hopeful!!
Awwwwww indeed. Glad to see he's in good spirits. Sounds like you and Jillian had a good time.
Glad to see Mr. Personality is up and at 'em again! You do realise, the trick is to teach HIM to make you breakfast, right? lol Too precious!
ohmigod! I was thinking the exact same thing - that all the Europa knitters should meet up this summer for a week of knitting in Ibiza!!! what do ya think? Glad the little guy is recuperating alright!
Looks like Jillian is well on her way (great color choice but then I like cool colors anyway so that includes blues as well)! Sounds like a great idea getting all those knitters together in France. Do more! Do more! It'll be a nice slice-of-life look.
Nice to meet Jillian. Glad you gals had a blast. What a great kid and the pancakes look pretty yummy!
Those pancakes look good...and the little one looks so excited about them! (The Cappy and the dog!!) Jillian and her scarf are so adorable. *sigh*. I wish I could jet over for a yarn excursion...oh well. I will live vicariously through your French weblog! What a fabby idea!
Your visit with Jillian sounds like a blast--and I love her scarf! The group weblog sounds like a fantastic idea.
Yay! The little man is up and well. Pancakes do strike me as a most excellent medicine. Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious. I for one I'm excited about the France-wide weblog, although I'm precluded from participating, and jealous of Jillian for getting to meet the chief rabbit! :-) You'd think NYC is exciting enough a city to be living in, but NO!
I'm SO JEALOUS! I WANT AN ANNY BLATT SCARF!! The thing is, I wouldn't pay $37 for a PRE-MADE scarf, let alone one I have to MAKE MYSELF ;) oh well... Can't wait to see your finished Poncho!! It's lovely!! btw, Is that yummy looking nestle chocolately goodness available in the States?
So glad your son is feeling better. And, those pancakes look so yummy how could he not put his cute smile on his face! (I'm getting hungry.)
Rats, I'm really fed up that you didn't get your yarn. I adore that poncho and can't wait to see it completely finished.

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