June 30, 2006

Avast, me beauties*!

It's me hearty Cat in the Hat sweater being seamed. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Yo ho hoooo!

The Cat in the Hat sweater, she almost be finished. We should be mentionin' that she won't look exactly like the Rebecca 29 sweater, so don't be surprised when you see her lookin' a tad different in her hearty completion. We rewrote the pattern so that our Cat in the Hat sweater would resemble our rough sketch here, and we wanted different stripe placement and shapin' to suit our size. But even though we be pirates we let it be known that we used the Rebecca 29 design for elements in our pattern rewrite, so we don't take credit for all the booty. We stick to the code, mateys.

*We be talkin' like pirates today, me hearties. Kessa says me Cat in the Hat stripes remind her of pirates, and we be agreein' with that. Aye, aye! Now where be me pantaloons?

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Here they be:

(This be our activity on Thursday morning.)

Pantaloons** created without a pattern, but with the help of our pattern drafting teacher who be a kind lassie. We made a basic pantaloon in muslin and the teacher - a professional "modéliste", she be - pinned and tucked the muslin here and there on us so that we could use it as a prototype for some custom pantaloons in black. Plus, it be good practice for second year when we be makin' pantsuits, jeans and sportswear. Shiver me timbers!

**Okay, they aren't really pantaloons. They're actually black mid-knee pants I've been wanting to make for myself, but for the sake of being a pirate they're pantaloons. Arrrrrrrrrrr!

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Aye, your Cat in the Hat sweater be lookin' coooool and fun. We cain't wait to be seein' it on ye. I wish I could pull off pants that length, but anything mid knee or higher looks silly. (Though that doesn't stop me from trying them on every time I go shopping!)
Arrr, you definitely deserve some fine grog today matey!
Hilarious. And gorgeous. What more can I say?
Hey! Pirate speak! Just in time for the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean which opens next week. Must be a booty contageon. Great CITH sweater!
Will you be watchin' the new Pirates of the Carribean with our fave Johnny Depp? (arrrrr!)
I love the sweater. I forgot what the sweater sketch looked like and now that I've seen it again, wowza! That will be just lovely. Good luck with those pants, those will be cute too, miss pirate! ;-)
Them's that knit . . . they're the lucky ones! Arrrrrrrrr!
Yer sweater be looking so fine me matey! Methinks the fiber and needles needn't walk the plank.
You'll be the stylin' pirate, matey! Lookin' good.
Ok, now I want the sweater AND the pants. And I'm not a very good sewer. Straight(ish) lines on a sewing machine, that's me! Just colour me jealous...sigh
Yay for pirates! You know, someone ought to design a sweater like skully, just with that pirate crossbones sign, I forget what it's called. What an unworthy pirate I am! Both pictures look extremely intriguing- I can't wait to see the finished product :) I also had a side question about the Cathay shrug you knit a while ago, and was wondering how it has held up since. I'm worried a little bit about mine since I've had a lot of problems with the yarn fraying.
Yay! More sewing!
I be laughing out loud here. You all slay me with ye pirate speak. Arrrrrrrrrr! As for me Cathay shrug, she be the knitted garment I wear the most. No fraying, and the yarn has held up well. A treasure, she be. Yo ho ho!
:) :) :) :)!
Cute! Can't wait to see the finished stripies!
A jaunty hat, a parrot and a tankard of ale and you're all set with your Tour de France kickoff outfit!
LOL! your too funny for words :). Can't wait to see the finished pantaloons and the cat in the hat sweater!
Can't wait to see the fit of the finished sweater -- I bet with all that tailoring it will be gorgeous! All Hail Dr. Seuss! For anyone interested, knit.one's Spring 2006 travel issue has some pirate wear, esp. a skull & crossbones sweater, on p. 51. :) Have a good weekend!
Arrrr, I can see you have Johnny Depp on your mind! LOL
great design.
You are just too funny. You made me want to make a butterfly camisole. Must get yarn.
Ahoy there~ I see pirates everywhere nowadays. Been anticipating (seeing Johnny Depp in)Pirates of the Carribean too much, I think! Arrrrrrrrrr.
The suspense is killing me, matey!
It isn't talk like a pirate day. Silly rabbit.
Loving your cat in the hat sweater. Long live bold colours and stripes. Mia
I had totally forgotten the sketch!You must show the whole outfit when you have finished the pirate trousers too.
Arrrrrr ! Tu vas les avoir !! A l'abordage...!
Ahoy...me hearty Séverine be speakin' like pirates in French. Yo ho ho! And don't ye be sayin' we need a talk like a pirate day t' be a pirate, or we be takin' the cat o' nine tails to ye!
Just be aware that we want to see whack rabbit shots of you wearing the CITH sweater and pantaloons when you go see the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie with our lucious Mr. Depp!! Or ye'll be walking the blank, matey!! ARRRRRRR!!
Custom-fit jeans?? Really!! That would be worth the entire price of tuition.
what do pirates knit weaters out of? YAAAAARRRRRNNN!
I love me some pirate talk. And I love the Cat-in-the-Hat sweater! Double rations of grog, and eat a lime - ye done good! Arrr.
Does that give you an excuse to be drinking rum whilst knitting? I love the stripes.
Huzza! Hurra! Huzza! Three cheers! Finished knits are golden :-) Going to look very French, too, aren't you? Tres chic!
Shiver me timbers! Me thinks your going to be a dang cute pirate in that get up! :)
We're very interested in pirates here, due to children's ages. I still think it is more Cat in Hat than pirate. It's looking fantastic, either way. I love me a stripe!
Great pant(-aloons)! The sweater is great too. I just recently started reading your blog after seeing your name in Stich n' Bitch. Just wondering, did you get a lot of "flack" from people after leaving law? It's very obvious how fulfilled you are now. You are really creative! That takes a lot of courage to do what you really like!

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