June 29, 2004

Live from Lyon.

NEWSFLASH! This just in:

Our sources inform us that Skinny Rabbit, upon sending her son off to school early this morning, remained in her jammies and cloistered herself in her apartment from approximately 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. During such time she ingested two enormous mugs of coffee laced with sugar and milk, and avoided any all social contact (including the door buzzer which rang twice) so that she could finish knitting the neckband of the sweater known as "Audrey". Upon completing the neckband, she immediately commenced sewing the neckband to the body of "Audrey" and continued such activity until she got sick and tired of sewing and of being in her jammies, and decided to take a shower, already. We have pictorial evidence of her frenzied morning sewing:

[Click for an expanded view.]

Partially pictured in the enlarged view: A tupperware container used to store Skinny Rabbit's knitting tools, Rowan 35 (opened to show the charming photo of a completed "Audrey" that does not help IN THE LEAST because the model is striking a whack pose and is wearing a scarf that obstructs part of the neckband), the guilty enormous mug containing dregs of the second serving of coffee, the tv remote (The Nutty Professor was in the DVD player), and "Audrey" in a revealing seaming pose.

Skinny Rabbit is currently feeling punchy from sewing overload, and has decided to recover by planning an excursion to the bi-yearly yarn sales which start in her city tomorrow.

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1 year of my life to have the same opportunity ! I wish I could have time for me just to knit... Do you think that Phildar rue Grenette will have some yarns on sale ?
Yep! They always have discontinued yarns on sale.
Mmm, morning coffe and sewing. It actually almost makes me WANT to seam! Almost. Your Audrey is going to be spectacular. I can feel it. I'm drooling already!
ooh, that morning sounded deliriously decadent...I would love to knit in my jammies during the week...lots of sugary yummy cafe au lait! Take lots of yarn pictures, when you go to the sales...I need my french yarn fix! Audrey is looking really good, by the way...love that rich shade of red.
Silly wabbit! Sounds like you had fun. You've been quite the busy bunny, hopping through all those blogs and seaming to boot. Hope you enjoy the stash enhancement. I will live through you vicariously...
How beautiful! That red is luscious. I have one of those plastic cases for tools, as well, I think mine is a Rubbermaid. "opened to show the charming photo of a completed "Audrey" that does not help IN THE LEAST because the model is striking a whack pose and is wearing a scarf that obstructs part of the neckband" I KNOW!! What's up with that? I understand that some photogs think fashion photography is an art, and thus not subject to the rules of catalogue clothing photos, but sheesh, that beautiful sweater deserves a better layout in that magazine. I am as compulsive about buying knitting and quilting books as you seem to be about finishing your creations - I just got the new Nicky Epstein book Knitting on the Edge, and wowowow, I highly recommend it to anyone, especially you, being the exacting creature that you are - it's beautiful and drool-worthy - the section on ruffles alone is worth the (very) steep price of the book.
Gosh - you've been busy! Bet that coffee makes the seaming go faster... Audrey is looking really lovely even with her seams showing. Good luck with the yarn sales - hope you find something gorgeous.
OMG!!!! It's gorgeous!
A knitting friend told me once,"Beware of Patterns with the models striking funny poses." The theory here is that the pattern isn't all that good and they have to contort to hide the imperfections. I'm sure this isn't the case for audrey though.(-: I wish I had half the energy you seem to have. Great seaming.
Fluffa, you are a veritable hoot and a half! What a great story-teller, and I'm now on pins and needles to see the finalized Audrey! Sounds like a great morning!
I am jealous of anyone that can seam at all, nevermind under the influence of caffine and Disney movies. When you finish Audrey I have 4 sweaters in need of finishing..wanna come play at my house...I have an espresso machine :-D
you will have to sart tracking down the owner of that vespa and planning your photo op ; )
Kudos to you, Skinny Rabbit! I never cease to be amazed by your speed, skill, and attention to detail. An inspiration to us all... Hip Hip Hoorah for Skinny Rabbit!
Thanks for that news flash...I felt just good living vicariously through your experience. BTW, I take my coffe light, no sugar. Buy some yarn for me.
Audrey looks lovely and your seaming party looks like a real party, whack pose aside. Can't wait to see it finished. Go, fluffa, go! Fondle yarn for all of us. We delight in French-y goodness.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... I can't wait to see the finish product on you! The seaming looks beautiful and I would be grateful to even have half your skill :o) I love that you showed us your 'chaos' on your table... so much more neater than mine.
I think you have the best Audrey so far!
bi-yearly yarn sale? ahlalalalalalalala (Homer Simpson drooling noise) Moi, jealous? Mais oui!
YARN SALE!!! Sorry, I got carried away. Have more coffee and finish Audrey already. I'm jonesing for some dancing shots.
Hey Becky, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. You are a really talented knitter! I have enjoyed looking through your finished projects, and the in-progress shots, too. I'm a new knitter and really love seeing other people's work. BTW, your son is trés adorable, too!
Your Audrey is turning into quite a lady. Can't wait for the grand finale.
Oh happy hoppy rabbit -- to drink coffee (French roast?) and seam away on a such lovely creation! Jammies forever!
Nice progress! I have the kids on summer holidays, no silent mornings here until August, but on the other hand, they are old enough not to interfere too much with my knitting.
My goodness, criminal behavior for sure! Were the police called after you didn't answer the second door bell? You are too too funny!
Hippity hoppity audrey's on its way! Oh excuse me. I've had too much caffeine as well! Buzz buzz buzz!
Audrey looks lovely - and so neat, as ever. I'm looking forward to the finished vespa shots! One of my favourite things is to not answer the doorbell when I really secretly know that I should. So decadent! I'm usually lazying about though rather than creating a mastepiece!
I'm breathlessyl waiting the finished product and at the same time convincing myself that I already have enough yarn for 20 more projects and do not need to make this one. Do you know it's your fault I started Bonne Marie's Boat Neck Shell this weekend? I had to put something new in my hands to unglaze my eyes from that gorgeous pile of knitted beauty you are currently seaming. Well, okay, it's not all your fault, but that's what I told the Irishman when he said "ANOTHER project?" I blame it all on inspiration ;) (and I love every minute of it!!)
I *love* that edging! Can't wait to see Audrey finished, and danced in :)
I love the rush to the finish when the end is in sight!
Bella, bella! Can't wait to see your finished Audrey, the color is so luscious.... Is the vespa still parked out where you saw it?
I love how neat your Audrey is! I aspire to knit as neatly as you! Best of luck, and we are all so jealous of your awesome morning! Enjoy.
Woo hoo! Sewing and noontime jammies...that's my life right there baby! Audrey looks as good, keep going round that neck and hop on that Vespa...
Becky, you're working hard! And that is one big mug of coffee! Is it a cafe au lait or more of a latte? Sewing is not my forte so I can sympathize on the energy and time you must be spending on Audrey's neck. But she is going to be a beauty! I'm so jealous and envious of the yarn sale! My hubby just came back from Paris last week and he brought me yummy French yarn! Isn't that sweet? Guess he must have missed the sales by a few days. Bummer!
Is it finished yet ? Is it? Is it? Have fun at the yarn sales - looking forward to all the details.
Just beautiful. It will look great on you! ~Patty
Thanks so much for the kind words re Audrey! We're on our way to an FO. Today while out and about I found myself looking around for Vespas. How wacky am I???? Patricia: That book is on my wishlist. I was thinking that I should get myself to an English bookstore so I could leaf through it. Thanks for the recommendation! Crissy: Don't tempt me with the espresso. That stuff will keep me seaming into the next decade, but mmmm boy! Kathleen: So...are you knitting an Audrey? Or something fabulous from Germany? You got all that great GGH and Gedifra over there. I'm jealous! Evelyn: The SOLDES had started in Paris last week, so your husband (bless his heart for going yarn shopping for you) was probably here at the right time. BUT, a lot of yarn stores only put discontinued yarns and colors on sale while everything else remains at the regular price, so it's usually slim pickins' unless you get there early.
oh, rabbit...you inspire me. i'm still working on that beaded ring for you(ooohhhh, i unfortunately get side-tracked so easily, takes me forevah to finish something...apologies!). looking forward to the finished audrey.
ah the joys of working at home! coffee just brews all day.....
Very witty post! Can't wait for the grand finale!
News bulletin: avid fan misses special edition. I cannot believe I got the papers a day late. One more entry like this, miss Becky, and you'll end up in Knit Lit Three. Yarn sale ... what dangerous two words. Looking forward to the pics!
So far Audrey is looking mighty fine! And that coffee and PJ thing going on sounds awesome. I can't wait to see her finale. You do beautiful work!
Fluffa to Vespa Owner (male, of course): "Excusez-moi. May I straddle your Vespa? Really, just for a moment, oh and could you take my picture?" She batts her lovely eyelashes at him. She is wearing a close-fitting red sweater. He cannot resist.....
WOW...as it happens yesterday my son went to sleep early for him in the car on the way back and didn't wake up till the following morning, so I too did some more work on my BUP. Though I should be doing many other things (blog, bills, clean) but I have Zero motiviation for that right now. Audrey is looking FAB. I think I'll have to get my self the Rowan 35, even though I can't afford any more stash enhancments right now...but for the future...and I do have some Calmer I need to do something with =) Lucky you...in Israel there is no such thing as a Yarn sale, thier is barely any worth while Yarn.
You really are going to need a Vespa of your own to straddle. Think of the wardrobe possibilities ... a motoring cardie, driving gloves, head-wrap or two ..... Audrey is lovely and that shade of red is particularly gorgeous!
You are too funny! How very clever of you to always find new and interesting ways of enteraining your rabbit fans! Audrey is looking fabu!!
Hoo boy! I can't wait to see another Audrey (and I'm not being facetious, either). It's so pretty! I'm not sure I would look too great in one, but perhaps I should find out... Beeeeautiful!
Oooh - it's going to be so pretty!!

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