June 28, 2004

Early morning seaming party.

What a busy weekend! Saturday was spent shopping and running errands, and Sunday* was slotted for the movies [Shrek 2!] and skating in the park. I didn't knit very much, but I did block the pieces to my Audrey and today I started seaming. Oh yeah! Click below for a little graphic tour of my early morning seaming party:

It's a seaming party! [Breaks open a pińata.]
[Click here for the graphic tour.]

I'll probably finish up the neckband this evening, if I get a chance. I'm looking forward to completing Audrey, but the weather is getting hot, so I doubt I'll get to wear it until fall. Or, I can just forget about the neckband and wear it now, singing "She's a Maniac" when I do. After all, I wore sweatshirts with similar necklines in highschool.

Pass the legwarmers, Jennifer!

Neckbands? We don't need no stinkin' neckbands.

Just kidding. Incidentally, I blocked the pieces by placing them on a table, spread them out a bit without pinning, covered with a damp lightweight cloth and lightly steamed. I used mattress stitch to join the sleeves to the front and back pieces.

*Sunday was a blast! We saw Shrek 2, which I really liked. And right after the movie we went to the Parc de la Tęte d'Or so I could try out my new skates[!]. Last week we went to Go Sport to pick up a bike helmet for Captain Destructo, but ended up walking out with two things: the bike helmet (for the kid) and some roller blades (for me). We bought the skates on a whim, and in the car on the way back home I wondered how many bones I was going to break while using them, and if strapping a pillow to my butt would be a useful safety measure. The last time I had been on skates [both roller and ice] was when I was TEN, and that was, oh, in the late seventies. (Oops! My age is showing.) Still, I tried them out on Sunday and had such a good time. I pulled on the skates, thanked myself for all those glasses of milk I've had over the years, and just took off. I didn't fall once! I was zooming up and down the asphalt and skating in circles by the time we left. I deserve a gold star on my forehead.

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Woo Hoo! Both the weekend and the seaming party sound like great fun. I jealous that you are so close to finishing Audrey. I've had to put her on hold for a few weeks, so she's armless and without a pretty neckband. Yours looks fabby - I love the amour. So what's the next project? Another bucket? Those swatches are the only things I remember seeing on the needles that aren't done. (Well, I guess there's also the endless Phildar cabe sweater!) Can't wait to see pics of the finale.
Becky! Love the red! The sweater is looking fab-U-lous and at the same time, very Jennifer! In fact, without the neckband, you could wear it with matching legwarmers and your roller-skates, er, blades... I really want to try roller blading, but am not sure how I could knit while blading without some horrible "yarn stuck in wheel"-type accident. I promised the link to the Muppet-esque sweater I made for my God-dog. Here it is: http://www.angelabright.com/stephsweater.html She, Angela, is working on starting her own web-business for doggie clothes. Apparently, I've been hired to do the Canine Couture. Look out Vivian Westwood!
Incidentally, while shopping this Sat at the mall, I saw a lady in a sweatshirt a la Flashdance. Take me back to the 80s! Unfortunately, sweater season isn't quite over here in the bay area. Audrey's neckband is so pretty. I can't wait to see her finished! I have to say that you're so diligent about the finishing. I can't sew so I'm always dreading the finishing. You look like you know what you're doing on those rollerblades.
Your Audrey looks amazing! I can't tell you how much I love the graphic tours. Your pieces come together beautifully. And that color is gorgeous. I may have to order that color for some other project. And blades are a cool buy!!! Haven't bladed since I moved from NYC. I may have to give it a go again. It looked sooo much fun in the pic. I miss it. And your flashdance photo is just great! I love that movie and just watched it again recently on cable. Takes me back. Makes me wanna dance! Even your pics of unfinished sweaters are great. Just love your post and look forward to next one!
Audrey is going to look so incredible on you. Can't wait to see it finished. And where are the skating photos, missy?
I hadn't thought about Flashdance in about a zillion years. Ha ha! Your Audrey looks excellent! It's a great color! Can you show a close up of the short row darts if you did them?? I couldn't quite tell from your pictures.
Your seaming is perfect!!! ahh.... it's lovely! :)
Audrey is looking wonderful - it's a great colour for you. The roller blades look like fun - I've been eyeing my nine-year old's blades and wondering if I could squeeze my feet into them!
Thanks (not) for the earworm... she's a maniac, MANIAC, on the floor...... Hear me, no Leg-Warmer-Along.
Yay, Roller-girl ! Bet the little 'un was impressed - my girls think I'm doing well managing to totter round the park after them as anyone over the age of 22 is clearly verging on geriatric as far as they're concerned(and I was only 10ish in the late 70's too !) Audrey looks fab, neckline, schmeckline - go get those legwarmers gal, they'll go great with the rollerblades ....
my boyfriend's eyes were saying "ooh la la!" when I tried my Audrey after seaming & before the neck edging. maybe there's something to this?
I'm glad you enjoyed Shrek 2 - I thought it was great!
Woohoo! Go, Fluffa, go! You're a brave woman. Rollerblades terrify me.
Those rollerblades are fun, n'est-ce pas? I got some a couple of years back & the full complement of pads - knees, elbows, wrists, cranium. My Dad asked if my insurance was paid up. Now I could just go with elbows & wrists -- don't wanna mess up the knittin' equipment!
glad to see you are wearing the wrist guards, they are key. now get yourself a helmet. i fractured my eye orbit on blades, remember. and it's not whether you are going to fall or not, it's whether some out of control other person on blades, bike, or other is going to knock you over.
I covet your rollerblades. My 50 year old mom just purchased some, tried them on sans pads inside the house, fell and broke her wrist. She wouldn't even pass them along to me when she clearly didn't need them anymore! She said I might fall and hurt myself! sheesh. I guess I'll have to buy my own. Audrey looks super, by the way!
Audrey looks fab and I wait anxiously for the pix of you on the Vespa! Vroom... Your blades look rad dude...hello 80s jargon...are pegged pants far behind? Let's hope so.
First off, the Audrey looks awesome! That color is so great, I bet it's even better in person than on the computer. Second, I'm glad to see you have wrist guards. Chloe(the daughter) broke her wrist about 2 years ago just catching herself from falling. (what an irresponsible mom I am) so now, pads for everyone!
Love it without neckband, cool :) That red is fab too!
I've always wanted to rollerblade! But I am useless, and often fall over for no reason at all. Audrey is looking lovely, hope to see her finished soon. What's next?!
Audrey: to the sound of “She’s a Maniac”…”she’s amazing, amazing on your bod ! and she’s looking like she’s never looked before” =). Becky you rock! I love your work, I’m so tempted to make one for my self…but I’ll have to stash that thought away for now. I would also love to get roller blades…I’ve resisted so far, figuring I’ll hardly ever get to use them. I guess you are slightly older than I…I was 6 and 7 in the late 70’s. So is Shrek 2 as good as they promise, my husband wants us to go see it…since the birth of my son I only go see the ones that really demand a big screen, as I don’t like leaving him…he hardly sees me during the week as it is since I was 9 hours 5 days a week.
You look so cool on your blades,we have been having the buying rollerblades discussion in our house, but I'm scared, my boys all blade and are good, so I'd have to go without them or never live it down!! I too was 10 in the 70's!!
Hey -- if you can't find the Vespa when you need it, now at least you know you'll be able to get pictures of Audrey on wheels. I was roller skate and ice skate deficient in the 70's and 80's (I think we have the same level of agedness) -- which was wise from my mother's perspective, because I would have injured myself severely. But my husband talked me into some blades a few years ago, and while I'm not all whizzy with them, I do okay if there are no serious downhill or uphill climbs. I hope you'll link your little seaming adventure to the Audrey blog. I think folks there might enjoy the neat photos as well!
I must say that even without the neckband, your pieces still look amazing. Love the colour of the yarn and can't wait to see Audrey all knitted up. Your roller blading pic is cute... but it does call for a knitted outfit to go along with it :o)
Do those rollerblades come with a key? Thank you for explaining the blocking. Watch your wrists! Stay near the grassy edge of the sidewalk...then if you are about to crash...you can aim for a soft landing.
I love Audrey as a flappy poncho! Very cool. Glad to hear that you approve of the occasional steam blocking. I just had to steam the Pegase baby sweater - you've never seen so much curling in your life!!

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