June 28, 2002

I hate ugly stitches.

I'm 3/4 through the second piece of my tube top, and might have finished it this morning if hadn't ripped out 35 rows last night. For some reason, my tension was totally shot over that group of rows. I like all my stitches to be straight and even, so I ripped out the fiendish 35 rows because I know that looking at them in a finished garment would have bothered me endlessly. And that's another reason why it's good to check one's knitting now and then. We don't always knit with the same tension, especially when we're having a glass of wine and blabbing the hubby's ears off.

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Yeah, but it's so much more fun to knit if you're drinking a glass of wine at the same time.
Beautiful colour, Becky! I highly recommend knitting plus vin, by the way. Several years ago, I tried to make a striped sweater (sans vin) in which the stripes, with the same number of rows, kept getting wider and wider the more I did. Sigh. It's always an amazing mystery to me how I end up with a garment in which the tension does remain the same, but it's a mystery I don't question.
Actually, a lot of my knitting gets done in the evening while I'm unwinding, half the time with a glass of wine. I'm surprised my tension doesn't get shot a lot more often. Hee hee. And thanks, Patricia! Actually, the color is a lot nicer in person. The pictures really don't show it up as nicely as it really is.

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