June 26, 2007

This is my Proud To Be A Knitter Flag.

It's gotta be. Because I keep on waving it outside of windows.

I waved it around while yelling,

My neighbors have seen me dancing in the forest. Posing dramatically while wearing a fringe-rrific poncho and faux cowboy boots. Waving around my knitting outside the window. Taking photos of a hand-knit chicken sitting on a bench. They probably think I'm whack. That's okay. We like being whack.

Anyway. Back to the Silk Top, a.k.a. known as my knitter's flag. Just a couple more lace motifs and I'll be binding off for the armholes. I can't wait until that happens, because every time I get to that part for a sweater or top I always feel like I've jumped a hurdle of some kind, and my knitting starts to speed up. And in the case of this Silk Top, we need all the speed we can get.

In other news, less than a week and I'm on VACATION. [Throws confetti in the air.] I'll probably celebrate by doing a week where I update every single day with an entry, no matter how pokey my knitting is.

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And your neighbors think that's weird? Huh. How provincial of them! Anyone who wants to wave something that lovely in my neighborhood is more than welcome.... ======================================= Note by Becky: Actually, my neighbors have never commented to me about it and they're still as friendly as always. They may think I'm weird, they may not. In any event, I'm not gonna stop waving my knitting out the window in order to better photograph the lace :-)
Enjoy your vacation!!!
Let your freak flag fly! ====================================== Note by Becky: OMG, Marlena, this made me laugh out loud! :-D
Ahhhh -- the chicken! I love the backward peek through your archives. :-) Do you like knitting with the silk? ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks! I do love this silk; it's so light and smooth. It's not wound too tightly, so I have to be careful that it doesn't split while I knit.
It looks great! Have a fabulous vacation. :)
Yeah for vacations! Even if it's a one-stitch update, maybe posting regularly will keep you motivated?
Pretty flag! Can't wait to see the pokey knitting updates.....
*Sings.* Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away... ===================================== Note by Becky: [Bounces head and dances along to Alex's singing.]
Let it fly, baby! I can't wait to see this one modelled.
That's why you're our favorite whack rabbit - you're not afraid to be whack! Woo-hooooooo! and happy vacation to you!
Yay for vacations! I bet there will be lots of knitting. :-)
Progress! Enjoy your vacation, Rabbit.
After this very busy school year you must be in strong need of vacation. Hurray for Becky on vacation! And double hurray if there will be blog updates too! ==================================== Note by Becky: And in need of a strong drink, too. Here, let's have a margarita :-)
Yippee for feeling like you've made progress! I am the slowest knitter in the world, which is why I love knitting things that have to be seamed- each piece is like a mini-finished object. I know that it may not get done any faster, but it just feels that way. Enjoy your vacation!
Yay for vacation! Sleep in and enjoy it.
I believe the French are okay with this because you're tres chic... I mean, it's black silk! Who could be upset about that?
I can't even see my neighbors house for all their overgrown weeds. I could wave all the knitting I wanted and they wouldn't even notice! LOL
You're getting close to finishing that silk top. Lovely, lovely! Enjoy your vacation. I look forward to daily postings!!
Ah, vacation! So exciting! And posts, lots of posts about pokey knitting...whoo hooo! I totally agree with you about the armhole...it is like a major hurdle! Just binding off a few stitches makes such a difference.
This black flag is going be ready for its debut smack dab in the heat of summer! Hooray for vacations....now I've got the Go-Go's Vacation song in my head!!!
Oh so happy for you that you are (almost) on vacation. I heart daily fluffa postings!
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, KNITTERRRRRRRRRRRS! (Dancing around living room with sock monkey in hand) ======================================= Note by Becky: Hee hee! If I had a sock monkey, I'd dance with him too.
Pokey is good; we like pokey, but we LUV the possibility of reading whack rabbit posts everyday! Good luck on your last week of design school and enjoy your vacation. Can't wait to see 'Silk Top' when it completes its metamorphosis.
Woo hoo! Vacation! I'm looking forward to your "oftener" postings. =)
That was a fun trip down memory lane! Can't wait to see the completed black silk installment.
Have a great vacation. Hope your end of year show goes well. Your creativity is really inspiring.
I love your flag. Have a great vacation.
Hi Fluffa, I am a 1 year lurker loving your posts (both fashion school and knitting). Have a great vacation and post tons. Best, Susan ======================================= Note by Becky: Thank you, and welcome! :-)
You have got to be the best photographer of knitting projects on the net Becky. The silk top is looking absolutely divine and I can't wait to see where you photograph that lovely knit.
Nice progress on the silk top! Have fun on your vacation, we'll all look forward to seeing your posts! : )
Vacation! I am celebrating along with you! I might just try some of that waving around of knitting too... if that is what you recommend...
Mmm! I've finally started getting into lacework and I'm quite impressed with what you've got there. Great job!
Enjoy your vacation - I'll look forward to all the posts! ;-) I'm loving the silk top...very nice.
You know we LOVE when you give us those daily posts! That knit chicken was what brought me to your blog. I have a fondness for that chicken. Right now, I am designing a fluffa! inspired sweater for myself.
I want to make the chicken so adorable, my husband could add it to his car decor. found the right mag but the price of postage!!! love your sild lace thanks for you posts, look forward to your clothing designs as well!
The Lace top is looking good waving out the window. Have fun on your vacation! I look forward to the daily entries.
I've sometimes thought about how weird my photographing antics must look like to neighbors and the odd passer-by. Especially those outdoor sock shoots, talk about contortions!
Ahhh, just like when you get to the cap of a sleeve. My needles zoom then! Vite, vite!
Hi - I bought the Rebecca issue with hopes of doing the same lace sleeveless sweater with the ruffles - however - It says to cast on and do stoclinette stitch yet the picture looks differently - a picot edge? Am I just to know how to do this? Is it the same edge as the armholes and will it lay flat? Or is the pattern written correctly? Any help would be appreciated! Yours looks lovely - by the way!
I love your knitting and your blog very much! This link for you..if you klick on the pictures you can see the patterns...Maybe they can be interesting for you. They are written in russian -but if you need any help - i am glad to help...Good luck to you!!!

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