June 26, 2006

Look, Ma! I'm a-yokin'*!

Joining back piece, front piece and sleeves on a
circular needle for purposes of knitting the yoke.
Then you swing your partner ‘round and ‘round,
And turn your corner upside down.

thumb.jpgI admit that this is my least favorite part; joining all four of these pieces and completing in the round. I find it cumbersome and it goes less quickly than my flat knitting. In order to up the entertainment value I am watching my newly acquired Narnia DVD collector's edition while I work on this. (Why, oh WHY did I leave my Narnia hardcover book series behind in storage when I moved over here?) And another bonus: I get to use my fancy Zephyr Style stitch markers that my friend Brenda gave me when she visited Lyon. They have cocktails [!] on them and one is a custom "Fluffa!" stitch marker. That makes the round knitting worthwhile. And yes, the sweater will probably be more comfy as there won't be any seams on the upper part of it. So round and round we go and I like sugar in my coffee-o, and meet your partner and prom-enade-o...

Oops. Broke into a bit of square dancing there. Going round and round on this circular needle does that to me.

On another note, four more days of school and then I work a three-week internship in July. But as of right now there will be no more homework until September! It'll be knitting and sewing galore! [Runs madly around the room in circles.]

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Oh that's is so funny, You broke out into a square dance!LOL Iam going around around too with this sweater I just started myself.
Goodness, you're flying through this project. No sleeve cap seaming is definitely worth the circular knitting.
No more homework!!! Yeah!!! Hang in there.
Love the stitch marker! So festive! Can't wait to see the cute little rabbit in this one.
I cannot wait to see it finished. You knit so fast, I am sure you will be done in no time.
Great stitchmarker! You are going to finish in no time!
I too don't really like knitting in the round too much! Now that I have finally passed the armhole and am knitting the Leftovers Tank flat, I feel I am enjoying it more. So from now on, I think I'll only knit in the round if I am doing fair isle.
No matter how much you enjoy a class, no homework is such a bonus.
YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST! I almost started crying reading the square dance references. Oh, the times I was forced to do that in fourth grade. Oh, the pain!
Hee heeeee! Did we go to the same school? I remember having to square dance when I was in the third or fourth grade. I kept hoping I'd get to dance with the kid I had a crush on because there were steps where we had to hold hands. (Holding hands with any other boy would have given me cooties, of course.)
it's so nautical...I"m loving it! I can't wait to see her all done!!
Great little stitch marker, even if I say so myself. I LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia. Has the Captain heard the stories? I love the color of this striped sweater!
cute little stitch markers!
how delicious is this sweater looking? love the stitch marker. i love doing that joining part, but mine always looks kind of wonky. um, the square dancing - you are hilarious, my friend. now i have a caller in my head and will probably get up and dance around the room in a minute. Narnia!
Yay for the no more homework until September! You will be a crafting fiend!
I can just imagine you running around the room, knitting in hand, balls of yarns trailing behind you!
and swing your pardner round and round, one hand up and the other hand down...oops! You got me goin' too! Where are you doing your internship? Will it consist of being a "go-fer"? Or "real" (so to speak) work?
Hurray for no homework! I find square dancing very difficult - maybe because I've only done it twice and the second time we actually had more of a pentagon than a square because there was an extra couple. Circular knitting is way easier than square/pentagon dancing!
Heh. You sound pretty happy for the homework break. Gee, I wonder why! You are zipping right through the cat in the hat sweater!
Cute little stitch markers! What a nice gift. I can see how they can make anyone happy. BTW, running circles around with you, cuz that means we'll be treated to some awesome knitted FO's...Rabbit style.
Merde! You are flying through that sweater! What knit is coming up next with all this free time?
I LOVE the Narnia books. I haven't seen the latest movie yet, though. I'm very slow at keeping up with pop culture. Can't wait to see what kind of stuff you'll be getting done while not in school!
Woot for school break. I can't wait to see the sweater when it's done. How many yrs do you have left at fashion school?
Oooh- I'm so sorry that I missed out of the Frida Kahlo doll! Damn! It' WONDERFUL!
Jealous, I tell you, just plain jealous of your talent, your new fashionably academic endeavors, and well, of you Skinny Wabbit.
Yeah! Lots of knitting & sewing till September! Yoking in the round after knitting the separate pieces. I've got to try that contruction sometime. Sounds like a lot of fun.
A partir de maintenant c'est "Attention les yeux !" alors si j'ai bien compris ! Et je parie que tu as une moooontagne des projets ! ; ) Il me tarde de voir ça...
Love the stripes! The stitch marker too! Somehow red and white stripes reminds me of pirates.. Must had been thinking too much about pirates.. ;)
I have to say again, that I love the red and white together! And the stitch marker is sooo cute!
Ooooh, can't wait to hear reports on the internship!

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