June 26, 2002

Quick knit.

Finished one piece of my tube top, and started the second. The straight knitting got a bit monotonous for me, though, so I'm knitting another toy ostrich at the same time. However, this tube top is definitely a project I recommend for someone who wants to learn how to knit and wishes to stray away from knitting scarves and dishcloths, or would like to start learning how to seam. And it's a quick knit. I feel like I'm knitting one great, big, giant swatch.

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glad it's going so well for someone! ;) Although I'm sure if I can just sit and focus through the ribbed portion, I will be fine. hopefully this evening will get my ball rolling, already ;)
Does it have ribbing at the top? I was going to make a tube top out of some thrift store acrylic and I was thinking to do ribbing at the top -- 1X1 or 2X2 -- not sure which yet. But at the same time I'm going to add fluffy eyelash yarn to dress it up... and then I'm going to make long fingerless mittens to match (stripey like your pink shirt). The mitten pattern is kinda neat: http://www.3gcs.com/adcock/free%20patterns/fingerless_mittens.htm This will mostly be for the nightclub scene though... if I ever go out LOL
Cool idea, Shetha. Actually, it doesn't have ribbing at the top, but I like that idea. If I were to make another, I'd probably do it in a simple jacquard design of some type to snazz it up a bit, and add ribbing at the top (1x1, bit stretchier) to match the bottom. Instant bustier. To keep it from sliding down, though, I'd probably thread very thin elastic into the top ribbing. Although having it slide down unexpectedly might be a real attention getter, don't you think? Hee hee.
LOL Perhaps not so much so in France! Or at least not from my experiences at the French Riviera...

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