June 24, 2006

Welcome to Sleeve Island!

Where margaritas (frozen, no salt thankyouverymuch) are served in order to make knitting sleeves a "let's knit while dancing with lampshade on head" experience because knitting the second sleeve can seem to go so sloooooooowly.

Sleeve One and Sleeve Two in a cuddly pose.

Skinny Rabbit Knitting Clause #9: Knitting a piece that is identical to the piece knit immediately prior may be deemed "boring". DVD consumption - particularly any DVD featuring Keanu (with the exception of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues*), Viggo, Depp and Orlando - shall rise considerably in order to ensure that progress continues. Alcoholic beverages may also be served provided it is cocktail hour and one has eaten a good lunch.

*Funnily enough, Uma Thurman is wearing a Cat in the Hat red-and-white striped top on the movie poster for Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. But not even that, or the strange cameo appearance of Keanu, could keep me from falling asleep after the first fifteen minutes into this movie.

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Mmm-mmmh... les deux manches terminées... tu arrives à la fin...! Une photo sur mannequin pour ce week end ?... à moins que tu ne veuilles encore consommer plus de Keanu, Viggo, Depp ou Orlando... Bon, ok ! je comprends et je ne te blâme pas...! ;) Et **Merci !** pour le lien ! C'est trop sympa !
Just watched Constantine with Keanu tonight. Interesting to say the least. And oh how I love Viggo...
Considering I'm reading this a 7 in the morning, the margarita references seem odd, but of course Viggo, etc. are nice at ANY time! I can't wait to see the magic that is going to happen once you start knitting on the body AND the sleeves--what an interesting pattern tha will look great on you!
Yay! Sleeves! Dr. Suess might have said (in my dreams): One Sleeve, Two Sleeves! Red and white sleeves! Soon to join the front and back By way of tiny little weaves!
Personally, I find the mindlessness of the repeat pattern a joy on occasion. Especially after the daquiri etc.....And I must say that the Dr. Seuss lyric Leah wrote is too cute!
You should pop in Pirates of the Caribbean! Johnny Depp AND Orlando. Not bad!
Sigh... it's been so long since I knit a sweater, I might find the second sleeve EXCITING! Then I'll know I've gone over the edge. I had high hopes for Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, because I loved the book SO MUCH and I was pleased with casting. They were dashed upong the theater floor, however, in about the first twenty minutes or so. I just don't think Tom Robbins' writing can easily lend itself to celluoid. He's got too much going on at once.
I agree with Jennifer- Pirates of the Caribbean is EXCELLENT knitting fodder. Meanwhile, have you ever tried a shaken margarita? Delish.
I never saw that movie, but the thumb scared me.
I guess you have already left sleeve island, I have! Not much left on Cat in the Hat, huh? You are doing beautiful progress.
Mmmmm, Keanu . . . . mmmmmm, margaritas! Sounds like a great weekend in the making. As for Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, I haven't seen the movie, but I heard it was baaaad. The book, however, is pretty great!
Are you psychic? I am in margaritaville myself (shaken, not frozen w/extra lime) with Keanu in Constantine. Btw, go see the Lake House when it's released there- he's sooo cute in it. Look for the dance scene. Le sigh.
Woo Hoo Sleeves!
Margaritas give me headache ... so I'll toast with a royale kir instead ... toast to sleeve island! May your stay there enjoyable but short. :)
you could just wear the sleeve as a hat ala' dr.seuss? that margarita sounds good! right now i'm drinking pale ale ice cold!
lol. I think I enjoyed that movie, but I only watched it once...if you are in to fuzzy warm movies, you have to see 'Prime' with Uma it is just the best!!!
Hi Becky.... I love the red and white...so crisp! By the way, could you whip me up a margarita on the rocks with salt, please ; )
I'm loving all the knitting 'round here. I'm thinking school is out!
OOOh, you'll be done with the Cat in the Hat sweater in no time! Has The Lake House come out in France yet? You will *swoon*.
Stripes are always great. They are so stylish. I love the jumper you are making. I know I am always saying how much I love what you are making - it is sincere. I think you are very talented. Take care Mia

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