June 23, 2004


Why, it's a completed tutti frutti striped top!

Look, Ma!  A finished object!
This is the stand-still-like-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the really big sweater picture.]
[Bonus: Action shot of the sweater walking the dog.]

Project details: The pattern is from Rebecca 22, but I adapted it for Estelle Young Touch Cotton yarn and further customized it to fit my frame. I used Addi Turbo 3.5mm's for the body and Clover 3mm's for the neckband. Fun, fun, fun was had while knitting this top, as I had cut both the back and the front pieces before seaming in order to add four rows above the ribbing at the hem. The pieces were then joined by grafting. [Here is a closeup of the piece where the rows were added and the grafting took place.] Danke, Katharina Buss!

Of course, there are whack dance rabbit shots for you. Notice how some magazines of late are reflecting the "vintage look" trend by showing off their knits in black and white photography? Well, me too:

I was dancing flamenco. (Yes, for real.) Olé!
[Click here for "swan lake" in color.]

This sort of top is perfect to wear on its own or under a denim jacket when the days are sunny but chilly, and winter clothes look out of place. As it turns out, we are having this sort of weather lately, so hellooooooo, bright stripes! I got to wear the top on Sunday (when the pictures were taken) for a walk with the dog, and I think I'll wear it again today. I was happy to discover that the turquoise stripes match perfectly with my turquoise Dr. Scholl's. Man, I love those shoes. The sound of the soles on the ground make me feel like I'm wearing Japanese geta.

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You do beautiful, beautiful work. And your photos are great too! Thanks for sharing.
Great sweater, Becky. This is one of the nicest you've done. It really suits you.
Thank you! You know, I don't think I will ever tire of knitting stripes. I really didn't start wearing them until I started knitting them. They're fun to knit and fun to wear. P.S. I'm glad you enjoy the photos. We always have fun with our "photo shoots" :-)
How cute! I really like this one - and I love the flamenco pic! You go, girl!
Love this top! Nice, bright, cheerful and summery :)
man, that turqoise just POPS! I love it, and it looks fantastic on you :) I always get a few uneven stitches when knitting cotton, but that looks perfect! :)
I LOVE that tutti frutti!!! Those colors look amazing on you, and I am so jealous of your Dr. Scholls! I am supposed to be packing the car for our trip but had to pop around to my fave blogs to get a quick fix! Enjoy your lovely top, Becky!
Oh, I just love those stripes! I adore the colors and boy I have to revisit stripes in my knitting. I usual steer away from them because of the finishing involved, but that top makes is SOOO worth it. It’s just beautiful Becky! You have inspired such a change in my knitting and this is just one more lovely addition to my outlook of knitting projects! The fit and workwomanship are just amazing! Talk about knitting smarter, you wrote the book (blog) on it! Beautiful top! Wonderful pattern! Great pics(as usual, no surprise there)! And most certainly an AMAZING knitter!
very cute! you're work is phenomenal. I could barely knit it, let alone alter it to make it even better. Use your gift to the fullest!
Great color combo!!! Good thing you don't have a teenage daughter to steal all your knits, LOL...
WOW, first you have an excellent figure! and the tutti frutti looks FAB! you can't even tell where the grafting was done and now that I see the full picture I understand why you felt you had to do this. You are an excellent knitter.
I love it. It looks SO great on you, but really, how could anything not?? Ty sends love to Lucy.
Jeez, you're fast! Seems like we get a new fantastic FO from you just about every week? Or maybe it just feels like that because my FOs are so few and far between these days... It looks great!
That top is cute beyond words! The stripeyness, the ribbed turtleneck, the short sleeves-- good work! I'm going to date myself (again), but Dr. Scholl's remind me of elementary school-- all the cool girls would clop around loudly in the halls and on the sidewalk.
Love those stripes! Fabulous color combo. :) Your Dr. Scholl's are pretty kickin too! *always in awe*
It looks fabulous, as does everything you make! And your Lucy is pretty fabulous, too.
I see the jogless stripes worked out just beautifully! Brava!
Perfect fit! I want those shoes. I want to go back to Europe. sigh.
Such a cute top. I just got a chance to page through the Buss book while I was at home because my mom had bought a copy to help her out. It looks like a book I will have to add to my library soon... although in general I avoid grafting like the black plague :-)
Hey Becky! Your sweater is great! Now that my move is overwith maybe I'll have some F.O.s of my own to show off:)
The top is so cool, it looks great.
I'm totally loving those colours!! You have such a great eye! I don't even feel guilty for wanting to copy almost everything you knit - I take it as a sign I might have good taste hibernating in me somewhere, too. One can hope..... Also, big props to your graftiness! :)
Loverly. Be cute with some turquoise or orange Chuck Taylors too. Darling!
You are a knitting goddess! I am always impressed by your talent, and it is really apparent in this sweater. Just the thought of grafting gives me hives, but you did it perfectly. I aspire to such knitting ability. Congrats!
Adorable! I do believe your puppy doggy is looking at that sweater longinly. She seems to have noticed that those bright stripes would look spectacular on her coloring...
Your style has always reminded me of my best friend (who has excellent taste, by the way). This cinches it - the last time she visited she bought Dr. Scholl's. You must be twins! Love the tutti-frutti. I've been waiting to see it for days....xox
LOVE the top! It looks really great on you. And the clogs take me back... ...my sister and brother were in a fight, circa 1979, and she went to kick him, but one of her Dr. Scholl's clogs flew off and hit him across the eyes... he had two black eyes that were forever recorded in his school photo that was taken the next day!
Tutti Frutti Deliciosa! Another knitting success!
I was looking at your lovely Dr. Scholl's before you even mentioned it! Your Lucy is so cute! And your Tutti Fruitti is so adorable! You have skills lady! Makes me wish I had a big slurpee and the sun is out so I can sit outside to enjoy it!
I'm impressed at how the stripes on the sleeve match those on the body, particularly since you had to fiddle with the pattern size a bit. Typical attention to detail, typical wonderful result.
Fruity goodness ! It looks wonderful - and you look great in it. And I'm not remotely jealous of the speed and skill with which you turn out finished projects. Nope. Not me. Not one bit. HA !
Absolutely lovely! The bright colors paired with black is just wonderful. And I love the way the stripes across the chest continue through the sleeves -- it's design elements like that that take a pattern from nice to WOW!
Your top is awesome and absolutely perfect for the weather. I bet that a bunch of people will ask you were you bought it ;)
Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Your work is such an inspiration to me (baby beginning knitter that I am) -- I love your choice of colors, too!
The rounds of black under the collar ribbing + the rows of black at the shoulders are blowing my mind!! What a great touch, among all its other great touches. I'm glad you have some suitable weather for it -- it looks fantastic out and about.
That color combination is just stunning!
I love your top!! Gorgeous colors, and two of my faves - turtleneck & short sleeve combo. Great combo, too, with the exercise sandals. You look like a model in a fancy magazine! (Do you really walk your dog in Dr.Sholls sandals, though?)
great photos...i love the dr. scholl's. i really like the way you worked the stripes! indeed..."mad skillz"!
Love the dr.scholls, I have 2 pink pairs, one with an 1.5 inch heel and the other flats! The sweater is ab-fabulous! nice work...very inspiring :)
Fab,fab,fab ! Fantastic sweater. As always it's beautifully knitted and finished.
Oooh Becky that's a FAB sweater! I really love it, it's totally fun! It looks like the fit is perfecto as well. What a gorgeous summery thing to have knitted, I need stripes in my life now too :) And Lucy is a sweetie.
Cute, cute cute! I would be quite happy to knit half as well as you do! :)
Another awesome knit from Skinny Rabbit Productions! I am in awe...! Keep it up, you are an inspiration!
Amazing -- I was going to say that those Dr. Scholl's transported me instantly back to the summer of 1979, and then I see Mouse's comment! Ah, 1979--lots of interesting things going on that summer. And my feet and legs were constantly being 'exercised' by my fab Dr. Scholl Exercise Sandals. Cloppity clop, I was so dang cute I don't know how I stood it. Your stripey sweater is perfection itself, and don't even TRY to persuade me that you didn't get the clogs on purpose to match. xoxox Kay
Becky, I LOVE the sweater but more importantly, I always knew I liked you for more reasons than your great knitting (and blog). I had a Bichon for 16 years and they are the most amazing dogs. Yours is PRECIOUS and looks so much like my Max did. You lucky girl you - knit likea pro and have a bichon!
Tutti-frutti is all stripy & very cute. I like your new bangs and I adore Lucy.
Oh, that turned out perfect! Fabulous job as usual, Becky!
MYKU, I salute you! What a beautiful job. You raise the bar everytime. Thanks for all the great pics, what fun!
Fabulous, wonderful! Since I'm almost getting desperate with all the pesky small french knots on Agnes right now, is a smooth surface like this very tempting and inpiring!
such happy dancing pictures! and the colors - beautiful!
Fantastic, love those stripes. Very very cool :)
I bookmarked your tutorial on cutting and grafting. I made a sweater for my boyfriend when I first starting knitting that could use a little TLC. The body fits fine, but the sleeves! They hang about three inches off of his middle finger! And he wears it out anyway, which is a little embarrassing. Anyhow, I LOVE this sweater. The colors are wonderful!
WOW!! the fit is perfect, of course, and the colors are lovely! you have such a great sense of color. I would never have thought to put those together. it's like a great little turtleneck cocktail!
Fabulous! You look mahvelous, my dear. Great top, perfect on you. Tutti frutti arutti!
Your tutti-frutti looks fantastic!!!! Now, I need to get myself one of those...
OH, Tutti Frutti is a colorful delight! The stripes are so perfect...It really does suit you. And it matches adorable Lucy (who is a total schmoo, by the way). I *love* the B & W flamenco pic! P.S. Bella and Chili say arf! to Lucy.
Wow! It looks fantastic! Great top for you. Stripes are great, especially the aqua. What kind of camera do you use? Your photos always look so perfect.
Two words..... YOU ROCK!!!!!!
I love your striped sweater. It fits you to perfection. How long did it take to make it?
I can't believe you grafted around an entire sweater for four rows. I can't believe it. I think I would've been too lazy, and then always thought "this sweater is a bit short" and never worn it. Kudos - it's perfect :). Lovin the bright stripes...
Becky, it's so beautiful! The colours make me think of the jelly bellies Stephanie and little Chloe were eating the other day! Je suis toujours impressionnée par les finitions: elles ont toujours l'air si parfaites! Bravo, bravo!
you're making me jealous, girly! I will make this top one day! I swear!
It's a dream on you, dear. LOVE it.
Wow, what a master knitter you are! All the stripes line up and everything! Lily(our Beagle) wants to know why Lucy gets to go for a walk and not her. BTW HBomb loved the hat shots of Captain the Tourist.
THANK YOU so much for such kind and encouraging comments! It's so motivating. You all rock. Group hug! Caroline: I knit this sweater flat and seamed the piees, so I didn't have a problem with jogs in the stripes. The only thing I knit in the round was the neckband, but the ribbing hides any jogs. Mouse: I love that story. I bet your brother never lives it down. Hehe. Thanks for sharing! Maud: You pinpoint exactly what I loved about knitting this top. I knit it while working on Audrey, and the straight stockinette stitch + stripe pattern gave me a nice break from all that ribbing. Jessica: I'm glad you like my shots. I use a Nikon Coolpix 3100, and don't retouch anything. Eilene: I started the sweater last month, and worked on it while working on other projects. It's a smooth project that goes quickly. Plus, the sleeves are short. A knitter who dedicates his/her time to just the sweater and no other project could probably churn it out in really good time. Re the colors in the sweater: The black stripes are actually deep forest green, but I think they're coming off as black on some monitors. This entry has a closeup of the fabric (maybe the colors will show up better for you there): http://www.skinnyrabbit.com/projects/spring2004_stripes.php#004275 Have a good weekend, everyone!
That looks great.
Becky, the stripes are great. And the colors suit you to a T .... I really need to get my butt in gear, I don't remember when I posted a finished project!! You are inspiring me to get to work.
Becky, everything I can say has been said already. You are amazing and your knits are amazing. Your dog, kid and hubby are amazing too :o)
Gorgeous, as always, just Gorgeous...or should I say, LIKE BUTTA!
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E + M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E = B-E-C-K-Y!
It's so cuuuute!!! I love it! I've been so out of touch with the house sitch. Glad to see others are still being productive! Great job. I love it. :D
oh snap! that sweater is fierce, girl! great work, and it suits you fine! : )
I can't wait to try stripes now! Are you for real, you work so fast! Or do you have a sweatshop full of minions (ala Martha) to help you along? Say it ain't so!

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