June 22, 2006

Is this...could it be...a...SLEEVE?

Take out a red pen and mark this day with a great big circle on your calendar, friends. I have managed to knit a sleeve of my Cat in the Hat sweater right after I finished the front and back pieces...and I didn't dawdle. It's true. Check it out:

She likes me! She really, really likes me!

Usually when it comes time for me to knit the sleeves of a sweater I become just a teeny bit bored with the project and I get all yarn happy by piling on the new projects like I've got all the time in the world and five sets of knitting hands. Not this time. I knit right on through with this one and didn't even blink an eye at my stash. (Okay, maybe I did blink an eye. But I didn't succumb!) I think I'll go reward myself for my loyalty to Cat in the Hat sweater by making a pan of brownies and eating half of them by myself while they're still pipin' hot. Or maybe an ice cream float. Made with Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream and an ice cold bubbly soda. Don't tell my dentist.

And are you tired of looking at red and white stripes yet? You may be, but I ain't. Check out a few of my favorite red and white designs of the current season:

spring2006_kenzo_thumb.jpg spring2006_ralphlauren_thumb.jpg spring2006_hilfiger_thumb.jpg

[Click each thumbnail to see a full view.]

From left to right: Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger. All are from their spring/summer 2006 pret-a-porter collections and each represents a different style and look despite the use of red and white stripes. Honorable mentions go to this chunky striped number with three-quarter sleeves by Armani and these knee-high socks by Lacoste. And while black and white stripes are going to be a big player in next season's clothes, let's give a big "merci" to Lacoste for including this fabulous slouchy RED and white blouse in their fall/winter 2006 collection. It's so magically Cat in the Hat*, bay-bee!

* I think that should be the new catch phrase around here for something that is cool. You know, something along the lines of: "Hey! Let's go yarn shopping. Wouldn't it be totally Cat in the Hat if we found some cashmere yarn on sale? Like, TOTALLY."

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I can't wait to see you in this, Becky. It seems so incredibly unlike the usual rabbit. It sort of twists my mind a little.
Great knitting! I'm so happy the good old fluffa is back, and we're looking forward to lots of knitty updates all summer. Don't you even try to go on summer vacatoin! Are your studies very fashion oriented? Where I used to work we always bought fashion forecasts, and I kind of miss them. If anyone has some good websites to share I'd be very happy!
You have your finger on the pulse of fashion! I'm loving the Cat in the Hat chic.
I totally love the Kenzo shirt with the black buttons ... and the Armani design. And you knit so very fast! Wish to see your Cat in the Hat model shots soon ... :D
Very cool. And so fashionable. So Cat In The Hat, if you know what I mean. ;-)
Good girl! Staying on task and all that. Will your sweater be long-sleeved or short?
My favs are the 3/4 sleeve top by armani and the Lacoste socks - the first I could pull of and the second, well, not so much! I considered that Rebecca sweater as well, so I'll be interested to get the usage report on it after it's all seamed and steamed!
You are such a fashionable rabbit! I love stripes but it makes me look chunky. I had a thing for blue and white stripes for a loooong time. Did you see any of those for next season? At the rate you're going, cat in the hat is going to be fini in a jiffy!
I like it..it's SOOOO cat in the hat. hehe. or what about WWCHD? (What would cat in the Hat do?) and Duuuude...It's totally VOOM. I mean who's VOOMIN Who... that is a good one too..remember VOOM?
The Kenzo top is my favorite, too. Very Pierrot! I'm making my sweater long sleeved, so I can wear it layered. Blue and white stripes are really big right now! And they're classic so they're never really out of style. But Nelly Rodi is predicting for next year (among other trends and colors) bold black and white stripes and black and white geometric designs... P.S. to Helene: I'm not going for a long vacation this summer, but only because I'll be working at a design studio. I'll squeeze in some knitting, though!
Go sleevie, go go go! So cute and stripey. Totally cat in the hat-ish.
Mais je te comprends très bien : ces rayures rouges et blanches sont hypnotisantes...! Merci pour les extraits de défilés, les modèles sont supers, surtout le dernier. Un petit peu d'insolence là où on attend... du noir ! Il me tarde de voir le tien maintenant...!
Just never enough red!! I like the tops alot. Have you seen the Knit.1 knitting mag? The one just prior to the current issue with the pirate theme? Lots of black and white stripes including a cute short striped dress. C'mere teenage daughter and let me measure youuuuuuuuu........ :)
I'm glad you are squeezing some knitting in. I have always admired your FO's...every single one of them. I can't wait to see how your Fashion training is going to influence everything about your knitting. It's got to be all good. I love the Armani striped sweater. Very sexy! Makes me want to do some stash diving myself and dumped my current project. I hate when that happens.
That sweater is going to look fantastic on you! You deserve a chocolatey, gooey brownie
Design studio? Pleeease, details! Personally I favour the Armani. But I tend to choose on the classic side, I know. And, Cat in the at is going to be a hot sweater. Good luck with the second sleeve.
I'm enjoying reading which runway design everyone prefers...it gives me an insight into what your individual style may be :-)
Love the stripes, but it's making me think of a candy cane. Maybe we should call you Peppermint Patty ;)
What a good rabbit...not letting the stash woo you!
mmmmm i love me sum red and white stripy goodness! mango martini anyone?
Congratulations on the sleeve! (Maybe it's something in the air. Tonight, I started seaming as soon as my sweater pieces were blocked!)
I'm rolling my eyes, Becky - you, dawdle with the knits? You turn them out faster than anyone! And this is going to be just as fabulous as usual, and so now. The Armani is the most Cat-in-the-Hat in my book, by the way.
Gorgeous...I love your Easy Peasey too - the browns are everywhere and so gorgeous.
Just saw in a magazine that stripes are so in & fashionable right now! You are going to look Fab in this sweater!
I *heart* stripes! I'm so glad they are in again!

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