June 20, 2007

"Tea for two, and two for tea..."

Dudes! If you haven't gone to Claudia's Blog today then you haven't seen what I've been up to. So let me bring you up to speed:

In 2004, Claudia shows us Horror from the 80s Teacup Sweater that she made and promises to send it to Goodwill lest some whack blogger take it off her hands. I, of course, snatch at Horror from the 80s Teacup Sweater. Impeccably knit intarsia teacups and teapot provide seriously cool recycling possibilities, bay-bee!

Claudia's MS Ride for this year rolls around. Despite tight schedule and because Claudia has star status chez skinny rabbit, I take out the Horror from the 80s Teacup Sweater and cut that puppy UP à la Edward Scissorhands meets Mad Couturière into THIS:

Like the Phoenix from the Ashes,
Horror from the 80s Teapot Sweater rises
to become A KNITTER'S TOTE.

You gotta admit that's some seriously cool intarsia.

The Horror from the 80s Teapot Sweater is transformed into, if I say so myself, a seriously cool Knitter's Tote Bag, created by both me and Claudia! And best of all, I'm donating this bag to Claudia's prize pool for her MS Ride, and will send it from France to the winner. Design specs for the bag and everything else are at Claudia's Blog, so go over and take a look. Donate to a very good cause if you'd like to participate in the raffle for a chance to WIN that one-of-a-kind bag or other fabulous prizes. And wish her well for her ride this coming weekend!

Mad Sweater Recyling into Knitter's Tote Bag Rabbit

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71 comments to this entry:

Cute! What a good job at recycling.
You did a good thing there-- recycled a sweater into a cute tote bag, and on top of that, donated it for a good cause. Very nice!
Wow. Well done!
That is so cute!! If only all horrible sweaters could be turned in to really cute and functional knitting totes! The world would be a better place... great job!!
I feel like your entire life has been leading to this harmonic convergence of knitting and fashion - you should be very proud - it's beautiful!
So creative! It's fabulous. Makes me think of some of my 80's knitting. Hmmm...
You da bomb baybee! That bag is a seriously excellent use of skills. And sooooo cute!
Whoa. I can't believe how fantastic it is!! I'm SO crossing my fingers that I win that bad boy. You are a GENIUS!
I was hunting around your site the other day to see if I had missed what had happened to this gem, and lo and behold it appears again on Claudia's within days! This is such fabulous recycling I thought Claudia should auction it off separately to raise even more money for MS... Wow! What a great bag! It still makes me laugh so hard I could snort coffee out my nose to think of Claudia wearing the sweater - talk about your cognitive dissonance. My mother-in-law, definitely. Claudia, never.
That is so sweet of you to help her out like that, evin in the midst of your crazy school schedule! What a wonderful wabbit- and I love imagining you a'la Edward Scissorhands!!
Kudos on the waaaaay cute, creative rebirthing of the Teacup Sweater!
Now Silvia is sad she threw out her matching teapot sweater. ;-) Excellent job! The tote is doing a fine fundraising job today, might I add. Thanks so much, wabbit.
That's a fantastic tote. Love your etsy bags too!
Very cute and a great idea!
That is pretty nifty intarsia. Love what you did with it.
Too cool! And so appropriate to donate it for a good cause. Go you!
that is an awesome way to recycle that sweater. It looks AMAZING!!! ;)
This is terrific! My mom would go completely gaga over it!
I love that prize! I hope I win it...nice work bunny girl.
That is awesome recycling! Too cool.
Recycling at it's finest
That tote bag looks fabulous. I'm vastly impressed!
I think that teapot might almost be too cute to be believed. I particularly like the addition of the lazy daisies. The winner of this prize will be exceedingly lucky :)
From a totally scary 80's flashback to a totally fab 21st century tote-genius! Way cool. What a fun prize for the winner. :)
That's brilliant! I am having flashbacks to some old lady wallpaper....in a good way....
I am totally impressed! How adorable!!!
I saw this over on Claudia's blog earlier and was super-impressed. Seriously, I wouldn't've believed that a teapot intarsia sweater (no matter how well made) could have become something so....usable and cute.
What a cool knitting bag. great job on that
What a great idea! It makes a much better handbag than it did a sweater. AND that intarsia is bad-a$$.
It might have been an ugly sweater, but it makes a damn fine tote-bag!
That's so cool! The sweater wasn't the most well conceived garment ever, but mad props on that intarsia. I knew she'd been fund raising for the MS ride, but I hadn't been paying close attention. Such a great thing, though.
Living proof that almost everything can be reused! I had serious doubts about this sweater, but it's not only usable,the tote, it's cute. And for the records, I can't for my life imagine Claudia wearing the sweater.
Love that tote! Very cool. What a great idea converting the sweater into a knitting bag!
How cool! A new life for the poor teapot sweater :) What a great project.
That tote bag is seriously cool! Someone I taught to knit in the '80s picked that very sweater as her first project. No amount of arguing and pleading on my part could talk her out of it. I bet she's still working on it.
Oh, that is so awesome! You are so talented!
In the jewelry world we would call that a "repurposed" sweater. It is so great that all of that hard work isn't going to waste...and has been transformed from something cringe-worthy to lust-worthy. As Borat would say, "VERY NIIIIIIICE!"
Wow, what a great idea for recycling scary sweaters! P.S. Have you been listening to Pink Martini's Hey Eugene? :-P
how nifty! great job, as always!
That is seriously very cute knitting tote. I would love to have that *dreaming*
Wonderfully recycled and for a great cause too!
Absolutely Adorable!
I am a long-time lurker- and subscriber through bloglines : ) It wasn't until I started my own little blogs that I really understood the fun of the comments. Now that I have introduced myself, that bag is pure MAGIC especially when you look from whence it came! It's like you spun gold from straw- fabulous!
You all are making my day with your encouraging comments! Thanks for the friendly words, and to those who have supported my pal Claudia by donating: A double thank you :-) [High fives all around.] Maybe I should make recycling sweaters a regular feature. (I guess that means no more ripping out projects that have lost their charm, eh?)
It's easy to imagine what a hideous sweater that would have been--funny that it makes such a cute bag!
What a transformation!! I'm sure we'll be hearing about your design work for years to come.
What a super idea for a great cause! Nice job!
does this come under the heading "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"? I think I'll take a quick look in the not to wear ever drawer and see what can be something else. Thanks for the idea. By the way, one day I will have to tell you how much it costs to send peeps to France.
Wish I had seen the sweater for comparison! Great job.
Okay, I looked at the sweater. You really turned that one around!
This is pure genius.
Very cute bag.
You have some mad skilz! Awesome bag.
I love the bag! What a creative way to repurpose the original piece. Very cool.
That is one seriously rockin' cute bag!
Very cute! I am definitely an Afternoon Tea type of girl. I threw my hat in for a chance to win one of her fabu prizes. She has raised an amazing amount of money - very cool.
I remember seeing the sweater on Claudia's blog. So funny to see the end result of that sweater. I like the tea for two bag much better than the actual sweater. Great job!
Best of luck to those who have donated [special hug] and may the prizes fall upon you :-)
Becky -- your work is exquisite! Such a lovely lovely turn of the stitch, sweater and weave. Such a FABULOUS reincarnation. BRAVA, Tortilla Girl!
A big freaking w00t to the Teapot Tote. Genius recycling, that. Long live the Annual Claudia MS Ride Prizefest!
As always, Rabbit, you rule! That intarsia was definitely worth saving. Great job!
OMG! I remember when you got that sweater from Claudia. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something so wonderful. I see now I should not have doubted your creativity. Excellent job.
I was very happy that you took Claudia's sweater. Although it could not be worn, the cups and teapot deserved some love and attention. Great job!
OMG. what a clever idea. yes very cool intarsia. I donated the last time you posted about this :-D
What a seriously cool tote!! I love it and all for a good cause too.
That is too too cute. Well done!!!
This is an ingenious way to recycle knitwear! I love it in a tote form. The bag also sounds very durable. Bravo!
How cool is that. recycling at its best. the pattern works well for a bag.
Excellent recycling job. That sweater was begging for this kind of treatment.
very cool. i love how you see the possibilities in things!
As usual Becky, you ROCK! As a person with MS, I've already jumped up and down on Claudia's blog with great big thanks, and now you pull this out of your totally whack (to use your term) schedule! Tank you beddy much! If you're ever on the OBX, there's a legendary gift store with a terrifying roomful of theme sweaters. Think of the possibilities!

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