June 20, 2005

This is what I worked on while I was in Paris:

Why, it's a finished shorty cardi!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
(Please pretend I don't have a farmer's tan*.)
[Wanna see another view and some CLOSEUPS? Oh, go on!]
[What's that? Whack dance shots? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

Project details: "Shorty Cardigan", otherwise known as "Gilet" pattern 3 from Phildar's "Tout Lin" pattern leaflet 2005, which I bought from my local Phildar boutique. I knit the 34/36 size, and used less than 6 skeins of Phil Lin in Amande. I knit the back piece while I was in Paris, and the rest of the pieces back home in Lyon while reading Helen Fielding's Edge of Reason and Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic. [Yes, I still like to read while I knit. If you can glue your eyes to the tv while knitting you can read while you knit, believe me.] I also got to watch (again) The Matrix while knitting one of the sleeves, and you know what? I can never get enough Keanu, oh no I can't.

Knitting and finishing notes: I made no changes to the pattern. The cardigan is knit using 2x2 rib and stockinette stitch. I used the tubular cast on for 2x2 rib on all pieces. Shoulders were shaped via short rows and joined using three-needle bind-off. I blocked all pieces using my ever-faithful steam-blocking method. [Slideshow of how I block here.] All pieces were joined using mattress stitch. I knit the neckbands separately (because they are knit on a needle that is a size smaller than the body of the garment) and sewed them on using mattress stitch. The buttonholes are vertical buttonholes and, to be quite frank, I don't like vertical buttonholes because they stretch but on this particular garment the vertical buttonholes looked better than horizontal buttonholes. The buttons I used were obtained at La Mercerie in La Croix Rousse, and they're lightweight wooden buttons that happened to be tinted the same shade as the yarn, which rocks my socks. I was going to use the wooden buttons originally called for in the pattern, but they were too big and heavy for the weight of the yarn and reminded me of buttons one would see on a "Dress Me" doll. (Wanna know how big they are? I tried using them at first and they wouldn't even fit through the buttonholes. Back to the Phildar boutique they went.) What else? Oh yes, I gave the cardigan a final blocking session by throwing the whole thing in the cold gentle cycle of the wash, and I placed it on a flat surface to dry. When my husband saw it on the blocking board drying, he said (jokingly, but still), "Oh! What a cute baby sweater." Funny guy.

All that said, I LOVE this little cardigan! Not only is it lightweight and knit in well-behaving yarn, it's so unlike anything I've ever worn before and I look forward to wearing it with strappy camisoles or sundresses. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to debut it because i) the weather is currently very hot, and ii) I'm waiting for my farmer's tan to go away. So! In lieu of shorty cardigan debut photos, I present you with a couple of slideshows of Paris:

*Or maybe I should call it the "kermesse tan". I got it while sitting in the sun for two hours at my son's school pageant because I was wearing a v-neck with three-quarter sleeves. A v-neck top with three-quarter sleeves at an outdoor school pageant on a sunny (albeit crisp) day! Einstein move, I know.

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Shorty looks great. I especially like the way it stays put during the Honey dance! Isn't that the dance that everyone does when they try clothes on in the stores? Come on! You KNOW you do it!
Very cute and I love the color. Those buttons are cute!
That little Gilet looks better on you than on the model! It's so adorable - I especially love the open V with just 2 buttons on the bottom. These little short sleeves cardis are so HOT right now! I need to make myself one while I'm on vaca too. I love the dancing...keep dancing!
The "shorty" looks wonderful - nice smooth stitches! And many thanks for sharing pics of Paris - waiting for part 3!
Fabulous! I love this one, oh yes I do (do I still have yarn money - oh yes, yarn budgets, to h**l with them!) The colour is very nice with your colours.
Another knitted beauty. And love the Paris photos. Thanks for the inspiration! :)
the buttons are very cute and so is shorty. one day i will be a seaming master like you. one day!!! :)
I love the way the Phil Lin looks! That is a great little number you have!! Oo lalalala!! I love the photos of Paris Becky!! Hopefully one day I would be able to meet up with all the knitsters in Paris!!!
Shorty looks wicked!.. Love the dance shots and the Paris slideshows... ahhh I am so jealous!
I think yours looks even more delightful than the pattern pic.
cute, cute, cute! as always :)
Ah, but the movie keeps itselt riolling along, and you don't lose your place! :) I occasionally read a magazine, knit, and listen to NPR at the same time.
Thank you so much for those closeups of the decreases--as a combination knitter, sometimes it's hard to picture how the decreases should look from the written directions--so pics like that let me figure it out for myself! And your beautiful pictures are the ones I should have taken while in Paris!
Wow, no alterations? That's a first! It still looks as fantastic as all of your altered finished objects do though. 'Twill look tres sassy with a little sundress!
Phildar just can't stop with the awesome patterns.
Definitely rip out Tiny Tank. I figured I would not be buying yarn to knit another tank, so I should give existing yarn one last chance at life. The shorty is cute on you. I'd love to hear how useful you actually find it.
I love your shorty-cardi - the shaping and details along with the colour and buttons are exquisite. I can see it be a lasting favorite - which is what we all aspire to when we knit, isn't it? Good choice and lovely knitting! I think yours turned out much nicer than the modelled pic.
Ditto what Tiffany said! And: I am going to use your slideshows to lure my honey to Paris one day. He already is a bicyclist and a Tour fan, so it shouldn't be all that hard.
Shorty is so nice, you did a great job as always, it looks so nice on you. LOVE the slideshows, my grandmother had a sculpture of "Cupid and Psyche" that she had forever, and I never knew what it was called or who did it. Thanks for that! I was so happy to see it in the slideshow, along with the other pictures.
Gorgeous sweater! It's so cute I didn't even notice the tan line. :) And thx for the great Paris pics... my most favorite thing when I was there 15 years ago was the view from Sacre-Coeur -- I practically had to be dragged away. Sigh...
Oh I love it! YOur finished knits always look so perfect!! As I said before, you are so great at picking things that work well for your body type. I am just now endeavoring to learn some short row shaping so I can make my knits fit better in the bust area. While not knitting something that would fit an elephant! BTW, your package should arrive this week...
Fab knit! As many of the others noted, it does look better on you than the model. Cool pics! Can't wait to see the rest. Have you used your sewing machine yet? Oh yeah, one last thing, I used your recipe for salsa and it was delicious! Now to try your Aunt's pie/cake. :)
So cute!!! I'm always impressed by the Phildar patterns I see knit up, and of course always impressed with your knitting skills!
The cardi is cute ... but I need to have a small waist as yours to look cute myself! LOL ... off to the gym I go!
Oh my gosh - too cute!!! You just snuck that one right in there.... sneaky :) And, as always, LOVE THE SLIDESHOWS!!!
Such perfection!!! The slide shows are great! Isn't it lovely how marble can look so soft. Looks like you were dancing :o) he he he
That is an adorable cardigan...on you. Not a style I could wear...well, not without riotous laughter from passersby. But man, your knits always look so professional. They are just gorgeous!
Shorty is TOO CUTE!!! Wow!
So cute! How come your knitting always looks PERFECT?!? It's marvelous!
Shorty Cardi looks great, Becky! And love the whack dancing as always :-)
Well, of course it looks great! Glad you are back!
The cardigan looks great on you, skinny. And your Paris photos make me want to go to France - STAT!
cutecutecute! The short cardi is absolutely perfect on you, and I love how you can dress it up or dress it down. I love that shade of green too! Thanks for the slideshows! I especially love the Louvre pics.
Wow. How, um, boobalicious.
oh you make me sick with how cute you are in that sweater :)
Love the shorty cardi. It looks so perfect on you! (What a bad blog buddy I've been. I haven't had time to read any blogs in months. I'm actually sick today and too wiped out to do anything else, so I'm checking in on all my best knitbuds. So glad to see that you've been knitting along just as beautifully as ever. All my best!)
You should send Phildar your pictures and demand cash for your fabulous knitting/modeling abilities. And be happy that its knitting/modeling...and not the other way around (know zoolander?). But it is a beautiful sweater and just like everyone else, I love the slideshows!
Skinny Minnie...I love your sweater! So cute!
i'm not sure if those short bolero, poncho thingy are for me, but that looks great on you, becky! i love seeing FOs doesn't matter what they are! especially when it also comes with awesome pictures!
I absolutely love that shorty cardy. What a great little sweater! And great color, too. And as always, your pictures make me want to be in France. I'm such a hopeless Francophile.
Whoa, mamacita! That looks beautiful on you, as always. HOT HOT HOT!
Stunning! Your knits are always so well finished and professional looking :)
I'm loving the short cardi as well! It's so cute! (side note: I actually bought a cardi in a thrift store that I'm sure was full size before someone accidentally felted/shrunk it. Now it fits almost exactly like that one does, except with 3/4 sleeves, and looks super cute, too!) Also, I've been reading some Helen Fielding (Cause Celeb) and Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholic and Sister, and Can You Keep a Secret, which I preferred and highly recommend). Great summer reading choices!
tres charmant! you always knit the best things. happy summer. janet
Honey Dance a-Go-GO! That SHortie is SUPER DUper! I feel especially honored because I saw you knit part of it and I must say, it is even more beautiful in person. The Tubular Cast-on in that sleeve CU made me CRY! I bow to your Excellence...
So cute! And I always enjoy the dance shots. Have a great week!
Very cute! Love the color.
it is adorable! perfect knit, perfect fit. great colour and those buttons match perfectly. i am cracking up at the honey dance!!!! my husband and i tried to watch that on cable a few days ago, because i knew there'd be a big high-steppin' finale, but we just couldn't make it past ten minutes. remember the old school dance flicks? the good, the bad, and the ugly -- like the one with sarah jessica parker? and there was that really one that i think sidney poitier directed...yikes!
Oh. So. Cute!!
Your new cardi looks fabulous on you! I also have to admit that I wouldn't have knitted it just by looking at the one on the model. And you say no changes to the pattern except for the buttons? Hmm... BTW, love the colours of those buttons.
Wow, you always knit the hippest, coolest patterns! Farmer tan or no, it is beautimous!
I love the cardi. I may have to add it to my list.
Crikey, that is quite a farmeresque tan! I adore the little cardie and have been eyeing that little kit.
I scrolled up and down superfast and you know what? It IS like you are dancing. ;-) Love that color on you. Your tubular cast-ons are to die for.
Your shorty cardi looks terrific on you and is prettier than the original model!
Once again, your knitting leaves me very envious....as does your vie en France! Ah well.... seriously, the shorty cardi looks beautiful. I'd look ridiculous in something like that, but it's so great to see someone knit a piece so beautifully, then look amazing wearing it too!
Becky, it's adorable! Thanks for all the blocking tips. Would you block lace (Rowan Kidsilk haze) like that? You are looking very toned girl!!! :-)
gorgeous little number. love the ribby detail and those cool decreases. and that button is right on! (ok, did i just step back to "what's happening" or what .do you remember that show?) and those slide shows are wonderful! perfect color and fit. love it coupled (or is that tripled) with the white tee and jeans. just a cool new take on a cardi that i haven't seen before.
wow...now that i have to make! it looks great on you. great knitting as always.
Love your Lin cardi--especially the full fashioned decreases on front slopes and sleeve caps! They make a subtle but pretty pattern.
Hi Becky--I adore this new little cardi! A cute and fun knit that really fits you well. The color choice is great too. I bet you will wear it all of the time :) Have a good one!
I'm with Claudia on this one. I also have la tiny tank sitting around doing nothing useful. Shorty cardie lookin' good on you. Too bad about the weather. Here in California, now officially in the summer solstice, the heat is on!! No more Mr. Nice weather, bring on the tank tops and the skinny Ts!!
I do so love your work. Phildar sure got style...shame I don't know French. I also love Renoir...my fave is Van Goch, but in general I really do enjoy impressionism...and also pointelism.
I'm continually amazed at how you can pick a pattern that looks like nothing much and know that it will be so great. You have a great eye for style.
What a cute shorty cardi and it looks great!
Cupid and Psyche is one of my favorite pieces of art, too! All of those feathers, each one perfect! And I love the ancient Greek story, as well.
Oh so cute! and chic you MUST be french darlink! And I think I must get that magazine....
ooooooooooo! i LOVE that! what a cute pattern! and so so so nicely made-up... looks fab on you!
you're one smokin mama in that shorty cardi! I love it. I loved your slideshows!!!!!!!!!! look for maryland mail coming soon to a rabbit near you! :)
I really need to look into getting some Phildar patterns... Both the green cardigans of theirs that I've seen on your site are really cute, and it seems like everything I knit is green these days.
Oh no! Those marvellous slideshows haven't made me want to go to Paris at all. Really. Not even a teeny weeny bit. Now, what was I doing? Oh, that's right. Bags packed - checked. Passports ready - check. Shopping list for Phildar boutiques - check...!
Despite the interesting tan line, it looks so great on you! The buttons are so perfect, and the fit is just right. Another great fo :)
I love that you find The Perfect Buttons for all of our projects. Those buttons look like they were made for your yarn and design. The color. Wow. You look so cute in shorty cardis!! :)
Yeah !!! your phil lin cardi is so cute !!! I love it !!! And you look great with this cardi !!! One more to put on my list knitting projects !!
(getting ready to jump on the bandwagon!!) Becky! At a time when I am short on time and energy to both knit and blog, your knitting projects and blog keep me inspired to carry on. Love the top! Love the slideshows. You, my dear, are the mistress of style.
I hardly noticed the tan since the cardi was so stunning! I will have to brush up on my French and try a Phildar pattern.
Okay, seeing your beautiful cardi is inspiring more than knitting, it inspired me to pop in a pilates DVD this morning. Ugh! Amy Lu :o)
Nicy-nice-nice!! I absolutely need one too... Boogieoogie to you!
The sweater's adorable! You NEED to rent Honey. It's terrible but great fun. Plus, you need to check out the moves!
love, Love, LO-VE shorty! Crap, another item to add to my growing list of things to do that I have no time for already. And scuba class starts tonight! Even less time.
The "Shorty" cardigan is so cute and tres chic! I love it.
Hey French Girlie! how are you! Shorty sweater is SO cute! I love it ... I will have to fake a pttern for it. Really need a sweater just like that. Hope all is well ... I've actually started something - the Gypsy Shawl - hope to get back in the swing soon. Ciao! ~a.
I'm a first time reader to your blog, and I love the patterns you have choosen to knit, especially this "shorty cardigan." After seeing this it makes me wish I could read french so that I could order the pattern! I look forward to reading more of your entries!
Becky, This cardi is so well executed! Bonne Marie mentioned it, but I have to ask: which tubular cast-on do you use for 2/2 rib? I have 4 books of tubular cast-ons (M. Stanley, N. Wiseman, K. Buss, and Vogue Knitting) and none of them has a really good 2/2 method -- that I have found. I use the one in the Buss, but every other knit stitch is slightly twisted. Maybe someday you will explain how you do it! Thanks.
I'm a novice knitter and after realizing that I learned to knit the wrong way I've been slowly reteaching myself. I love that shorty! Its adorable. Hopefully one day I'll master the skill of knitting and be able to make something like that. ;o)
Bonjour de Tucson! Your site is beautiful and inspiring and _really_ makes me miss France (I lived there '84-'85 and don't get back often enough). J'ai des tres bons amis qui ont un restaurant juste au nord de Lyon, "Au Vieux Moulin," a Alix. It makes for a lovely weekend drive.... -Lynn

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