June 19, 2006

Sunday I got a chance to...

...work on the front piece of my Cat in the Hat Sweater. Here it is, all pally-pally with the back piece:

[Click here to zoom out.]

Both pieces are on stitch holders (a.k.a. really long circular needles) as I'll be joining them with the sleeves and knitting all the pieces together in the round. And why didn't I knit the whole thing in the round from the start? I'll let you in on a little secret of mine, skippy. Even though I've been known to knit some things in the round - indeed, I once knit a top with matching shoulder warmer in the round - I don't really like doing it. Yes! It's true. I prefer flat knitting. Despite my hefty collection of circs and my tendency to procrastinate with seaming, I don't like to knit in the round and I like it flat, flat, FLAT. So there.

But! I don't like weaving in ends, either. The yarn is lightweight and these stripes are just the right size for me to carrying the working yarn up the sides, so that's what I've been doing*.

Look, Ma! No ends to weave in.

*I admit, though, that I don't always do this. When I work larger stripes and/or when I have stripes in a variety of colors I prefer to cut some of the ends and weave in as I go in order to avoid bulky seams. Sounds tedious, I know. But I still prefer to do that instead of knitting in the round. I don't think that flat knitting is better than knitting in the round (or vice versa, for that matter) but it's what I personally prefer. Isn't it great how we have choices in knitting? Yeah. I think so, too.

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It's true, those choices are what keeps knitting popular and attracts new practitoners - there are so many choices and options that you can do with it. Not all media can boast that...
I really don't get that! I knit everything possible in the round!
I think most sweaters are better with seams. Most, not all.
eh, flat or in the round...I just love me some knitting. although I will say that top down raglans never cease to amaze me. It's like magic. or I'm easily amused. okay. it's the latter. x/o
Choices are awesome :). I like being able to have the choice. Sometimes I feel like knitting in the round and sometimes I don't. I can't really tell the difference either way once the sweaters are done.
Love the colors. Very Seuss-ian I'm a in the round knitter, I must admit. It does tend to take longer for me to finish though. I think with pieces I would feel a sense of accomplishment that would keep me going... maybe I should reconsider(:
A-ha! I think you've described perfectly one of the things I like about flat knitting. P.S. Funnily enough, I prefer to knit hats in the round. I love pulling them off the needles, ready to wear.
Oh, what pretty stripes! I love Cat in the Hat and it's perfect! Now, how do you make such neat yarn carries with your stripes? Mine always look horrid and sloppy. Any tips?
Very nice striped yarn carry along. That's the part about stripes that I don't like--weaving weaving weaving. I'm a fan of the round knit, so you have to admit that when working with stripes, joining the arms and knitting the is so much easier that basting and pinning so that you get the stripes to match on the body/armhole join.
Here here! I enjoy seaming too, but that's top secret. :-D
Man, I would love a peppermint right now...
hooray for sunday knitting!
Oooh, super yummy stripes. And getting to do your own thing is one of the best parts about knitting.
Another advantage of knitting flat in this case--no jog when you switch colors. The colors make me wanna pop in my White Stripes CDs. I'm knitting and knitting away at my poor little sock, but it's on size US0 needles (2mm I think?) and it feels like it's not growing at all. *Sigh.* =)
I am amazed at those who don't like seaming. I love it. It's like magic and I just can't stop the thrill when doing it. But, in the round does have it's advantage. I am currently debating whether or not to raglan on a baby sweater I am wanting to design. Since i have tons of stripes planned, I think ITR is my best choice. We'll see. Flat goes so quickly. Or does it really?
One of the best things about knitting is how knitters can personalize a sweater and a knitting experience by making different technique and styling choices. It looks great!
Although I love knitting socks on teeny tiny DPN going round and round and round, I just can't abide knitting anything else in the round. I like my cardis and jumpers to be flat flat flat!! I'm a flat earth kind of garment knitter!!! But it is all about the choice and I like that 'rounders' aren't boogelly to 'flatters' or vice versa!!
Ah, the colours are so fresh! This is going to be a wonderful summer sweater. I like to seam, and do knit everything except two-colours works (with two colours on the same row)flat. To purl with two colours in the same row is just pain. I hated to seam until I learned how to do a neat job. Now it's the same magic every time to see the two edges join in a perfect invisible seam.
Round and round can sometimes seem never ending. And seaming doesn't bother me all that much...even sranger, I know.
all i can think of when i see glimpses of this new project is saucy little french girl who lives in marseilles! for some reason this project is french nautical!! saucy, i tell you, saucy!!
I love the Cat in the Hat sweater. Very saucy and sassy. I like to knit in the round, but I also enjoy knitting pieces flat. As you say it's all a matter of preference. It also depends on the garment if I think it would work better in the round or flat. Regardless, I love those sassy stripes!
I kinda dig flat knitting too! A project is much more portable when it's knit in pieces--and I always drag my knitting around town. Also, there really is no way to get every stripe to look perfect (do not tell me about lifting up and knitting the stitch below, blah ,blah, blah) unless you knit it flat. The tunic is just adorable!
I'm with you on that. I prefer flat knitting too, and I don't even mind sewing up. Circs just don't do it for me.

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