June 19, 2002

Strappy tube top!

With three skeins of cotton string and 3mm needles I'm going to make myself a strappy tube top! The pattern actually calls for 3.5mm needles but my swatch came out enormous on that size, and I'm betting it's the type of cotton that's making me want to knit big stitches. So I tried again on size 3 needles and it came out perfectly. And that's another reason to never stop knitting swatches even though I don't like doing it.

The pattern calls for the tube top to be knit in two separate pieces, than sewn together. There's no shaping, though. So I think I'm going to try knitting it in the round on circular needles. I've never knit anything larger than a hat in the round (on five double points besides), so this is going to be something new. And good luck to me.

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Good luck, you're gonna love knitting in the round! No finishing RULES, you can cast off and then slip it right over your head! I make everything I can in the round. =)
I've never knitted anything with round needles before. Think I'll add that experience to my mental wishlist... Love the green colour, very summery!
some people just have to make everything complicated, geez! ;)
okay don't you have to sew one side together when you do it on round kneedles??? Or am I missing something here??
Actually, Morgan, "knitting in the round" means that you're going to keep knitting around the garment without ever stopping to turn your work. It's all in one piece, and you keep track of where you are by using a little marker on the needle. Then, when the garment is at the length you want, you simply bind off. Voila! Seamless tube top.
WOW. I love learning new stuff!! Thanks for sharing that with me!!

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