June 18, 2002

All stitched up!

All sewn up! All I have to do is knit the neckline and shoulder button bands, and sew them on using the remaining ends. What I do is leave the yarn ends about twelve to twenty-four inches long (depending on the size of the garment), and use them to stitch up the pieces. If I'm doing something with various colors, I'll use the various yarn ends to sew up the same colored stitches. For example, with this particular garment, I used the white yarn ends to sew up the white stitches, and the turquoise yarn ends to sew up the turquoise stitches. It saves me time and I feel that it creates less bulk.

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Looks good - I do the same thing with the wool ends, leave them long when you change colour and then use them to finish the article. I think it makes it more secure as well instead of having to fasten a new piece of wool on to sew up with. Good idea about knitting both arms together as well! I've never thought of doing that but I'm gonig to try it with the cardigan that I'm making now.

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