June 17, 2006

You know those souvenir t-shirts?

The ones that people get as gifts for friends back home? You know, like "Grandma and Grandpa went to Katmandu and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?" Well, if I could give you a t-shirt souvenir to show what I've been doing for the past week it would read "Skinny Rabbit turned in a design project* for seven ensembles, gave an oral presentation before a jury, finished her end of the year dress and all I got were a lousy couple of inches on the front piece of her Cat in the Hat Sweater".

She still doesn't call. She still doesn't write. Where's the love?

*My design project (the one I had to present before a jury of design professionals) contained - among other things - two boards filled with design samples: Embroidery, motifs, sewing details and KNITTING. I worked up the majority of these samples at school but I did make a couple at home so I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot of one for you:

Rowan Cotton Tape and honkin' big 8mms.
Sample worked in less than ten minutes.
(I love me some big needles and big yarn, people.)

Motif with "Lace Ladders" from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns worked into it.

While we're on the subject of school: There are only two more weeks till the end of the school year. Other than some finishing touches (embroidery and beads and sparkly schtuff) on my end of the year dress and a fashion show on Wednesday, there are no other big projects for me to turn in and I'll have knitting time for me again. Woo hoo! [Throws confetti all around.]

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Ah, I look forward to see more of your own designed knitting projects! Like Titania. And good that you could use your knitting skills in school. For how many years are going to study at the fashion school, by the way? And please, show us the end of the year dress, pleeease!
Thanks, Maud! I didn't include any designs for full knitted garments in my design projects, though. The knitted samples I worked up are representative of single placement motifs, applications or small pieces stitched together with larger pieces of woven fabrics. All of my design ideas in school have been in woven fabrics only. I'll be in fashion school for sure for another year, and perhaps another year after that if I want to specialize in something, like "pret-a-porter femme", lingerie, "nouvelle couture", etc. I'll probably do that third year, so I guess we're looking at another two years. (Whew!)
Yeah, school tends to suck away the knitting time :). I love some of that big knitting, also. I'm in dire need of a quick knit right about now.
It's the big projects that do it...a week or two before I have a big project due I work through the evenings till very late, and then I get up very early to work some more before I head to school. That sucks away the knitting time (and reading time, and online time, etc.) in a big way!
Much as I love seeing your design stuff, I am so glad you will be knitting more. Half my planned projects are things you have knit, and I sorely need the motivation. I'm in a slump!!
Whew!! The project sounds like so much to do, but after seeing your knitting, I'm sure you'll do very well. And like Maud I really really hope we get to see some pics of the end of year dress. I finally clicked on the link to the picture of the orginal "cat in the hat" sweater. That is sooo cute and I like your color choices Way better, but then I LOVE red. I wish I could wear one but it seems that at 43 most of me redistributed to my middle :( But I could still knit it for my daughter!! i must knit ... i muuuust kniiittt.....
Hang on sister! The break is in sight--then it'll be a knitting sewing cooking frenzy at chez bunbun...
Busy busy rabbit!
There is time and place for everything, but not all at once... I am sure you'll catch up with what you want to do in knitting before September comes again... We'll have a chance to discover this stripey number before the summer is over!...
Glad the knitting will be back in swing! Swing high for me.
Becky, besides the end of the year dress, I would also love to see the project you submitted with all those samples. It all seems so neat....I remember in high school thinking I could be a fashion designer, and live in NYC, etc etc. I AM having fun making up a few little sewing projects, though!! And a PS- I told my hubby about Freeda, and showed him the picture, and he thinks she's real cute!
i thought i was the only one who used the word 'honkin anymore. good to see there are others out there.
Have I mentioned that I *heart* hearing about your budding fashion career? Well, I do. Congratulations on the end of the year!
How exciting; and busy! Glad you'll get more knit time. It would be fun to see the outfits you've invented. Yay for summer!
I love the cat-in-the-hat sweater! it is very chic! Red and white are one of my fav colour combos!
Congratulations Becky!!! One year down another couple to go. Let's all take a guess what your speciality will be . . . um . . . from the categories listed . . . nouvelle couture?
La création a l'air d'engendrer encore plus de créativité, n'est-ce pas ? Alors "Bravo !" d'avance pour la fin de ton année et vivement les vacances pour un peu plus de tricot...!
I can't believe it's been a year already. Well done!
I bet you really need your summer vacation this year. You have been so busy all year! Any big plans for the summer other than more time to knit?
Just looking at it worries me. Sorry. I once had a red and white sweater and the red bled all over. PLease tell me you washed the red really well before you knit it. Im crossing my fingers for you. Freeda was wonderful

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