June 17, 2004

How about...some short rows?

Oh, but there's more.
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I'm all recovered from my nasty head cold and was feeling chipper enough to get my hair cut today. I've got teeny-tiny pixie bangs that require the use of "hair wax" in order to make them look "wispy". Oh, how fancy!

Now, on to knitting news: Audrey is a-rolling. Back piece has been completed, and here it is looking all skinny and long in its unblocked state. (Look how narrow it is! I could work a few more rows on that and use it as a scarf. Okay, I'm kidding.) As for the front, I cast on for it last night and managed to get a few rows in before falling asleep with my glasses on. Gads, how I hate doing that. I end up waking up an hour or two later, glasses askew, wondering why there's an addi turbo poking me in the side.

Anyway. Back to Audrey. You just knew that I was going to mess with the pattern now, didn't you? Those who have seen Audrey know that it utilizes darts for a fitted look. I like the fitted look that darts give (I worked vertical darts on my Elfin), but I decided that I want my Audrey to be straight simple ribbing with no visible darts in the middle of it. I still want a fitted look, however, so I am working waist shaping at the sides, near the selvedges. In order to keep the sweater from being too tight across the bust, I will work horizontal darts on the upper part of the front piece via short rows. The thread in the fabric of my back piece is there to indicate where I plan on working the darts on my front piece, and the resource I used to determine where and how to create this type of dart via short rows is the design section of Vogue Knitting.

P.S. I always have fun working short rows. I once knit a sweater for my son because of the way the raglan sleeves were constructed; they were knit from side to side and shaped using short rows, and I was almost sorry to bind off the last row on the second sleeve. It gives me a kick to see how the knitting takes shape simply by turning the work. Yep, I am easily amused.

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Beautiful sweater! And your pics always look so pristine :)
Great Audrey, but aren't we missing something? Where's the striped T photo shoot? Did we get a FO out of it yet?
You're not the only one who likes short rows. One of the main reasons I enjoy knitting socks is to do the short row heel. I have never even tried any other style of heel. I force my way through the dullness of knitting ribbed cuffs just so I can get to the fun part of turning the heel and seeing my work finally look like an actual sock.
Soon, soon. We already have an FO [yeah!], and all I need is my "photographer" (okay, it's really my husband) to take some shots of me wearing it. This weekend, for sure.
Ditto on the short rows. I actually like doing patterns with funky shaping without reading ahead so I can be totally surprised by what takes shape. Yay for short rows.
Glad you feel better, Becky. And what progress on Audrey! Hmmm, short row darts... You are an evil temptress...
I can't wait to see how you rework the front. I am finally on my second sleeve of Audrey - which is coming along sloooowly.
Glad you are feeling better. How ironic, I just tried and posted my first short row experience. I'm still a little nervous about Audrey to work the front and back yet. I am really hoping for great shaping and I know that altering the pattern will be in order and I just don't know if I have the knowledge yet to produce a good sweater from that pattern. I only worked simple shoulder short rows. And it seemed fairly easy, but I’ll have to wait ‘til the neck is worked so I can really “see it”. Maybe I should do more test work on a ribby swatch for Audrey. I'll just have to dive in and try. Your Audrey is truly beautiful. Definitely no substitute for that color. It’s just marvelous. I will have to look that up in Vogue knitting. Any pointers to give a beginner short rower?
Froggy: It really is easy! I started shaping via short rows (I always shape shoulders this way) in my first knitted projects, but I discovered other shapings by practicing on samples. Practice on a swatch: Cast on about 40 stitches using a dk or worsted weight yarn, knit a few rows in stockinette stitch, and just go. Turn your work here and there so you can see the direction the knitting takes. P.S. I had experimented with a short-rowed dart in my swatch for Audrey. You can see it here: http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/audrey/archives/000384.html. (The curved portion at the very top is the dart.)
Audrey looks great! And of course you would have to mess with the pattern. I just finished the Shapely Tank, my first encounter with short rows, and I like them! But I couldn't figure out placement -- I'll consult Vogue ce soir. Still waiting for Calmer to arrive so I can begin my Audrey -- my LYS was short two skeins of the color I want (Pool), so I mailordered from a little yarn store in the mountains. (Love the Internet!)
What a gorgeous color for Audrey! Very sophisticated! It looks so much like a ribbed sausage before the blocking! I kinda like the ribbing....it makes me want to stretch it out. I'm glad you're feeling better. Short rows? Gee, I'm learning so much reading your blog!
I love short rows too! They make knits fit so well, really amazing and simple.
I love the colour of your Audrey! And I am looking forward to seeing your striped T this weekend :)
Bravo! Audrey looks wonderful! I wish I had a small frame to pull of wearing such a lovely piece! As always, great progress! I can't wait to see it all done with a shot of you zippy around on a Vespa! he, he PS - I finished another bucket! Hot Pink Baby!
Ooooh Audrey is delicious. I really really like the color you're making it in... it's classic. :0) Someday I'll gain the patience to make myself a sweater...
Your colour for Audrey looks wonderful. And, like everybody else, I'm very interested in how the short rows are going to look. I checked your swatch, and I must admit that a) I missed the short rows when you first posted it on Audrey a-long, and b) they look very sophisticated. Don't force me to knit a second Audrey!
Hey Rabbit! Coming to you live from the same continent (for another 20 minutes or so). Yeah Amsterdam! Be back in the blog-world soon.
Wow, it looks so nice. I can't wait to see it done! And the short rows do sound intimidating....but one day I will be master and commander of my knitting and fiddle with the patterns. One day. Lead the way, knitting commander! P.S. I want to see your wispy bangs! I *love* hair products: wax, pomade, etc!
Hahaha, I still haven't done the sleeves on that exact same blue sweater, because they involve those short rows. They scare me! Will probably finish them just in time for the sweater to fit son number 2, in stead of son number 1. Audrey is looking fantastic, what a gorgeous colour!
I'm amazed at your talent in being able to rework a pattern to be even BETTER. I look forward to the results, who knows, if I ever finish my started Audrey, I might just have to do it your way.
I really need to get back to my own Audrey, but I have all this wonderful French yarn in my stash that is calling to me ;-) I'll be curious to see how your short rows work out. I hope, if you like it, you'll share some of the details with the Audrey bloggers, as I know everyone will be fascinated!
If you love short rows have I got a pattern for you. Garter stitch mittens shaped entirely through short rows. It was my Memorial Day Weekend project, and I can't begin to tell you how clever they are! Although the Elfin you inspired me to start is still languishing in the corner (and will until fall, I'm sure), I've ordered the yarn for Audrey at last. But I think she'll have to wait too. We're moving into tank season pretty quickly...
Becky, let us see a picture of your new hair cut!
Oh my God, you are a skinny rabbit! "A" looks stunning.
Yeah! So happy to see some fellow short row fans. Claudia: You know I love ya, but I'm miffed that you didn't stop by Lyon in lieu of Amsterdam. Better make it next time, missy! Evelyn: Now THAT sounds like a cool project. Please, share the source of the pattern so I can get my hands on it.
I love short row shaping too ! Fab for those of us with bosoms. ;-] Looking forward to seeing the finished stripes and the new hair cut.
What a beautiful red! I'm trying to convince my niece to let me make this for her, because I love the lace at the top, but she thinks ribbing makes her boobs look too big (she is 24, little, and SKINNY). I think she's just shy, and she would look GORGEOUS in this red. But ... can I ask a dumb question? All that ribbing, and shaping, and beauty, on circular needles?? Why not just make it in the round, shaping on each side of a stitch marker? I know you love seaming, but that looks like a tremendous amount of work. I'm glad you are not sick anymore - it takes away the ability to concentrate on knitting, doesn't it?
your Audrey looks luscious!
Wow!you're so talented!...I don't think I will alter Audrey's pattern. I'm too lazy to change anything. Anyway I like darts. That would be fun it you decided to knit Lola as well. It seems we have some tastes in common!
Despite multiple projects, you still amaze me. Must be slight of needles or those Addis. After admiring all the work at the Audrey along (and Rowan didn't do such a shabby job either - except on those nasty increases and decreases. Though I still plan on doing the darts.), FINALLY decided to try my hand at Audrey (though not with Calmer). Simple enough pattern but again I'm hung up on the details. Those darts. Back done up to the armhole shaping. Back of work looks better than front. Thinking of using Tiffany's suggestion at those !@#$% darts (please excuse foul language). Be looking forward to your finished product (which will probably be WAY sooner than me!). See ya on the flip side!

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