June 16, 2002

We got sleeves.

The sleeves are all knit and blocking. I knit them at the same time (check the pictures for a peek) using a 32" circular needle because they're identical pieces. I love doing that because it ensures that they're of the same length and tension, and it's less monotonous than knitting one after the other.

I only had one skein of white yarn and one skein of turquoise yarn when I started knitting the sleeves, and one end of both skeins was buried so deep within that I would have risked creating a tangled mess by trying to search it out. I don't have any bobbins so what I usually do in these cases is get a small leftover skein of yarn from a previous project, and then I'll loosely wind up the yarn I'm currently using around it. Makes a nice substitute.

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What method do you use for blocking?
Hi! Love your website! Your projects are gorgeous. Just the other day I was asking my husband, who's half French, if people do much knitting in France, and the next day I found your site via the Knitter's Review Forum. Can't wait till we go back to France so I can visit one of those lovely Phildar stores and stock up on their yummy yarns. I'll have to learn how to tricoter en francais before then!
Thanks, Dileri! Janet - I use various blocking methods, depending on the garment. The cabled cotton sweater I knit for my son was blocked when it was all sewn together. I simply put it in the gentle rinse cycle, placed it on a towel, and carefully pulled it to the measurements I wanted. Others, like the striped colored cottons, were blocked in pieces. I pinned them to size, wrong side up, and then used the steam from the iron. Another favorite method of mine is Bonne Marie's damp towel method. And there's no chance of burning the pieces with hot steam. Here's the link to her tip: http://www.chicknits.com/block.shtml What methods do you use?
I usually just pin the pieces and steam it with the iron. Then, I sew it all together, and give it another quick steam. I've never really thought much about it, and in the gazillions of books I have, none of them give much space to blocking. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely pay more attention to it. (Will it be cool enough there for you son to wear that?)

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