June 14, 2005


A moment to breathe. End of the school year activities have kept me on the go during the past two weeks: costumes had to be obtained, my son's circus school show was held in the big circus tent (yes, he goes to circus school on his day off from regular school...awwww!), followed by his regular school's kermesse and pageant, new glasses were obtained for the boy (I'm solely responsible for his slight case of myopia), a wedding was attended, social lunches and coffees (including a visit to a private sale at a hat "atelier" with a hat-making friend where I obtained the cutest and floppiest linen hat EVER) were enjoyed and it looks like things are finally winding down in time for the summer break. Oh, wait. I almost forgot to mention this little surprise Monsieur Le Hubby got for me:

It's called "Nymphea"...oh, how cheeky!

Remember when you were a kid and on Christmas morning you'd get all bent out of shape when you saw that the bike you were wanting the whole entire year was under the tree? All sparkly and shining and waiting for you to ride it around the block? Well, I got bent out of shape like that when I saw that my husband got me my first grown up brand spankin' new sewing machine. It's just a starter machine, but it sure feels like a big step up from that little Singer electric toy sewing machine that my mother got for me when I was a kid. And I can hardly wait to start using it! This, my friends, will be the summer I learn how to sew like a big girl.

And guess what: A finished knitted object is soon to come! During my free time I managed to complete the project I worked on while I was in Paris and yesterday afternoon I finally got the buttons for it. Not sure which project I'm talking about? Well, let me give you a teaser photo:

Psst...it's knit in Phil Lin.
And yes! That is a tubular cast-on for 2x2 rib*.

And speaking of Paris, I've got a couple of slideshows still waiting in the wings. In the meantime, and because I'm being such a tease, let me show you a photo of the little ladybug I got (at almost half the asking price, to boot) in a flea market in Paris. [Click to see in popup.] I love this little ladybug! I got it so I could wear it on my denim jacket la fab Bonne Marie of ChicKnits. Cute, eh?

*Yeah, yeah. Such a 'ho for the tubular cast-on. The method I used for this particular piece is the one described in Big Book of Knitting.

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Welcome back, Becky! Whew! Such a schedule! How did you manage to find time to knit anything? Ladybug glamor and Nymphea good times ahead. Photo of floppiest hat to come, I hope. Best wishes for a fabulous summer to the Captain --
Thanks, Beverlee! I'm glad I managed to complete the project I was working on, but I didn't get a chance to start any of the other things I had planned on starting. Hopefully July will bring me some quality knitting time. (I did buy my floppy linen hat for our vacation trip next month, so I'll probably get some vacation shots of it :-))
Having children means that June is the cruelest month. So much to accomplish in so little time.
congrats on your new sewing machine --- I love the floral decorations on the front!
Welcome back! I thought your vacation might have left you a little behind so I've been trying to be understanding while knowing you'd HAVE to post more on your Paris adventures! Didn't know about the end of year events as well phew... tapping finger anyways....
I'm so glad you're back - I've missed you. Love that precious little pin!!
Welcome back Becky! Sounds like you've been having a lovely, if busy, time! Looking forward to seeing those slideshows!!!
Hey Becky! :) **squandering away billable hours at work**
Congrats on the sewing machine! Yay! They are so much fun and projects go quite a bit faster...a lot of planning on the front end, though :) Enjoy!
wow, sewing! can't wait to see what you'll be cooking up with this machine!
Love the ladybug! I have a sparkly flower on my denim jacket...I think sparkles and denim are the perfect compliment.
Nice sewing machine!.... I bought one a year or so ago and just finished one of the needle holders I had started making a while ago for Vicki (Knitten Knots) ... which she will probaly have upon her blog sometime soon :) I can't wait to see your finished project!
OK, who else is thinking "nympho" upon seeing that name? Fess up. ;-)
YAY, you're back! I have missed your blog... When it comes time to hem pants, see me (I know a way so the hem won't look dorky like it did when my mom hemmed mine when I was a kid) as you can save the original hem. (You probably already know this though-you're a craft/knitting diva!) :)
Bee-u-ti-ful lady bug! I love it! And looking forward to seeing you new FO!
I missed your blogging! I LOVE the Ladybug. I want one!!!! Soooo cute. Congrats on your new sewing machine. I used to sew years ago. Now of course it is just knitting for me (except for the purse I sewed last year)
Congrats with your new toy! I'm sure you'll make great use of it, and I hope you'll share your sewing adventures with us. I'm practicing sewing myself, for now I'm sewing clothes for my kids; I don't need to spend so much on fabric, and they'll wear anything without getting ashamed :)
I'm glad you're back: I thought your computer had broken off... Now I know everything is allright!
Hey Becky--nice to see you back :) I am planning to take on a few sewing feats this summer/fall too--I have a great machine that gets no use! Looking forward to seeing what this lovely knitted garment might be... Take care!
Cute pin! And I want to hear about circus school ....and of course see some slideshows. :)
Woohoo!!! where has the Fluffa been?? So glad you back and with a sewing machine!! Nice, I have a nice little Bernina but it has taken the backseat since becoming obsessed with knitting!! Can't wait to see the new project!!!
Started worrying about your lack of communication yesterday. Good to see you back!
Hi Becky! Good to see you back, I've been checking the blog every day and can't wait to see what you're finishing up. Sounds like you've been very busy. Hope you still find time to knit while learning to master that great new sewing machine. Donna P
Congrats on the sewing machine - soon you'll wonder how you survived without one. I love the ladybug pin - it's adorable. My hubby gave me a sparkly butterfly and I wear it all the time. Circus school sounds like fun - lucky boy!
Congratulations on the new sewing machine, its very cute! Have fun fabric shopping, it can be as addictive as yarn shopping..
Priorities! I hear you. We just had our end of year celebration for kindergarten this morning. I was fine when it was my older son, but each milestone for my little guy makes me all mushy, especially when I saw his friends helping him participate in the class play. (Kind of pathetic when another parent is wordlessly passing you kleenex, isn't it?) Not much use at work today! Wish I could manage a good cathartic afternoon of knitting, instead. Get in a couple of rows for me, will 'ya?
Wow.. you have been a busy woman! I LOVE your new sewing machine... I have been wanting one so bad and am super jealous :) Aww.. You are such a tease. What a beautiful cast on though!
Glad you're back and it sounds like you've been a busy little rabbit. Very nice sewing machine and your latest project looks beautiful (what we can see of it!). Can't wait for more info.
*Jealous stare* You got a sewing machine! Cool ... I don't even know how to sew ... but I want so much to have one ... ;) But maybe that's just another can of worms for me ... hehehe ...
Welcome back! I'm looking forward to the upcoming slide show. That sewing machine is awesome! Are you going to start a sewing blog? Or do we get to see what you are sewing on this great (!) blog?
Oh man - your sewing machine is so cute. Your new toy is perfect timing for me because I have stalled on my first sewing project and need fluffa inspiration!!
So glad to see you back! I used to sew tons and really loved it, but I've since moved on to knitting in part because it's so portable that I can make piecemeal progress here and there. I can't wait to see what you come up with--lots of fabulous things, no doubt!
Gorgeous ladybug!! Can't wait to see your FO. For those of us with children, June is nightmare month #1, followed closely by September. Ah well, it's all good. Circus school sounds fun. Have fun with your new toy! It looks absolutely lovely, just waiting to be taken for a ride.
Hi Becky! I too have totally missed you and your fun blog entries. The sewing machine is dreamy -- my husband promised me one years (!) ago and I still haven't received it : ( I hope to get one soon, but I haven't seen one nearly as lovely as yours! Wonder if it's another case of companies saving the good stuff for discerning Europeans (ex: yogurt, chocolate, etc). Can't wait to see your sewing projects. . .
Good to see you back! Loving the new sewing machine. I'd love one, but I don't know where I'd put it!
Oh oh...fabric stashes take up even more room than yarn stashes! (Believe me, I know!)
Oh yeah, another crafty passion is born! Cute as a button machine chica, lucky lady indeed.
So glad you're back. Love the sewing machine name. Excited to see slideshows, finished projects, and that cute little dude, Captain Destructo, in his new glasses.
I wondered where you've been! That stealth project is a very pretty color. What can it be??? Hmmmm...
circus school sounds very cool. the tubular cast on looks so neat. cute ladybug! woo hoo for sewing! i am currently making my first skirt (if you don't count a junior high home ec debacle). cool sewing books! cute patterns! more fun!
You are going to LOVE sewing! I recently made the move from obsessively knitting to obsessively sewing and I just adore it. I can't wait to see what you'll make!
Turnin' into a sewer now are we? Congrats on the new machine. I've had a machine for ages and have to dust it periodically. Am moving to a new residence this month and seriously had second thoughts about toting this serious machine with me (machine is rather weighty!). What irony that you just got one while I was contemplating giving mine up! Happy sewing!!
Woo hoo! I'm glad that my favorite new toy is getting some thumbs up. And how much do I love browsing fabric stores now? I spent the whole afternoon looking at fabrics!
Beautiful sewing machine. Time for another obsessive/compulsive collecting spree called FABRIC SHOPPING!!! It goes so well with the yarn, trust me!
Hi Becky! I've missed you!! Welcome back. Cograts on the sewing machine....I'll be waiting to see what's in store!
I LOVE reading your blog and totally missed you not posting. I can't wait to see the slideshows of Paris! And congrats on the new toy!
YAY! A sewing machine! That is so awesome! It sounds like you have been a busy, busy bee. Glad to have you back! Gotta try that tubular cast on someday.
Ahhh.... fabrics.... now you have a whole new addiction! I'm thinking about trying to get better at sewing, too, just to use those incredible fabrics that are around right now.
I've been lurking on your site for months without comment. Glad to see you are back. We've missed you and your projects. Can't wait to see what else you've been up to!
Oh fantastic - a sewing machine! You're going to be loving it!
June is Marathon Month, isn't it? I finish my marathon on Sun 26th - lots of fun still ahead, but I'm SO looking forward to it all being over. Sewing is great fun. I'm trying to make time to take it up again. I stopped when my first child was born, eight years ago. Back then I had a couple of favourite fabric stores in Lyon, but when I last looked (in February), they had closed. If you have any tips concerning fabric shopping in Lyon, please share!
Congrats on your adult-but-so-cute sewing machine! It looks great :-) BTW, love the Phil Lin teaser... I've wanted to knit with a linen blend for so long, but it's a bit pricey after conversion to my currency. And Rowan discontinued Linen Drape... sigh... what a bummer.
I am so inspired to go home and paint on my boring, plain white sewing machine right now. Yours is lovely!
Congrats on the sewing machine!! I'm so envious! Can't wait to see the finished sweater!!!!!!!!!!
What a beautiful machine! Your knits are soo beautiful; I can't wait to see your first sewing project. And Captain Destructo in his new glasses!
Forgot to ask you ... will we see a "sewskinnyrabbit.com" in the near future?? : )
what ever happened to that "kimono" thing you were knitting? i love that thing. just curious.
I want a sewing machine, too! My dad is a tailor and he has all these fancy machines, but I never learned to sew. Your new machine looks so pretty. Love the ladybug pin. Welcome back!
I love that sewing machine just for the cheeky name and oh so dainty fleur! Whatcha gonna make? :)

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