June 14, 2002

Moving along now...

The front is now finished, and looking very funky. Yes, the left shoulder is visibly shorter than the other. It's okay, though. I did that on purpose, because a button band will be sewn onto that shoulder, just like the white cabled sweater I knitted this spring. Looks pretty awful when when it's all by itself, but once it's blocked and the garment is sewn together it'll look normal.

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Looking good - just of interest how much time do you get each day to spend on your knitting projects?
Hum...it varies. On average, about an hour. I'll do a few rows early in the afternoon while my son has his nap, but I do most of the day's knitting in the evening after dinner. If there's a movie on t.v. I get double the knitting in, because I never sit in front of the t.v. unless I have my knitting with me. Yesterday was a good knitting day, because they were showing the horrific Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone, so I knitted a good long while :-)
Looking Good! It's amazing -- we must knit at about the same speed. I started a sweater (my first, for my 4 yo niece) on June 1st, and finished the front last night. I've already picked out my next project - a striped Rowan cotton shell for myself!
It's possible, but to be honest, something this small in stockinette stitch shouldn't be taking me as long as it is despite having already knit the front and the back. I've been dawdling over it, and last week I took a few days off from it by knitting and finishing up two toy ostriches I knit for some people :-)

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