June 12, 2002

Check your cast-on row before knitting!

The back of the sweater is finished, and I've knitted halfway through the front. When I started the front, I had to cast on stitches three different times before I got a foundation row that matched the foundation row on the back of the sweater. My first cast-on stitches on the front of the sweater were a bit looser than those of the back of the sweater, which I noticed were a bit tighter. When knitting several pieces of a garment, I always compare their foundation rows before I actually start knitting to see if they have been cast-on with the same tension. Not doing so might make me end up with two pieces that don't match up, with one being a bit wider than the other due to a looser foundation row. And when the garment is being worn, someone with an eagle-eye (like yours truly) is bound to notice.

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lookin' spiffy! :)
*yikes* all these things to remember when knitting .. that is something that I would never have thought of. I am currently moving this week so have not worked on my stuff much .. or is it that I'm just scared of shaping the arm holes?! Anyways ... Thanks for that tip!!

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