June 08, 2006

[Twitch, twitch.]

I haven't been able to knit a stitch in FOUR DAYS. I feel like a yarn junkie going into withdrawal. "Hi, my name is Becky and I've been off the yarn for four straight days now." The only reason my knitting basket hasn't gathered any dust is because I've discovered that my whack dog Lucy sleeps in it when there's no one home.

But! I do have knitting to show. Yes, it's knitting I haven't touched for four days [twitches from withdrawal] but I hope to work a few rows on it tonight*:

She never calls. She never writes. Where's the love?

It's a front piece of my son's Linen Jacket. When I left off I was about to work the neck and shoulder shaping, so we're looking at an almost completed right front piece. And! The back piece is already completed...I pulled it off the needles right before I went to Paris last week. Despite my current lack of free time to knit [after June things will calm down, thankfully] The project is still (slowly) progressing. Margaritas for everyone!

*After I turn seven rough croquis into colored fashion figures with accompanying flats and specs. Send caffeine and Keanu on DVD, because I think I'm gonna be up LATE.

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the blouses are sure purdy. good luck with the "no time to knit issues" i love your site. eighties dancing girl needs a rasberry beret(just kidding)
J'adore ton chien ! La photo est mignonne comme tout :)
You and I appear to be in the same no-time-to-knit lifeboat. Are there kirs in here?
Poor linen knitting. Looks good btw. Coffee helps with knitting withdrawal. Avoid sites that sell yarn, they make the twitching worse.
Well, get sewing girl! That's some very nice sewing you've been showing us - cool details. Hang in there and you'll get to your knitting soon :) And, Lucy? What an innocent expression :) I know she's aware she's not to sleep in the knititng basket.
Fun with croquis and flats...ah the good old school days!
So sad about the knitting, but your creative juices are still alive and well! And bichons are bichons in France or the US. My bichons have decided the expensive leather couch is their sole domain!
4 days! yikes! I can totally relate, though. I think I've gone without knitting a stitch for a few days lately myself...
what a cute dog! maybe you can teach her how to knit while you're out!
Ohhhh... I know that kind of twitching... be careful. Mine is usually followed by something akin to an insane yarn-gluttony wherein I refuse to do anything other than knit for an entire day.
*Sending caffeine, Keanu and a side of Viggo, just in case you're up all night. Egads, I hope not.*
Ooohhh...Viggo! 23:00 and I'm still up. (I'm scanning my flat drawings as I type this. At least it gives me time to be at the computer. Hee!)
good luck on the croquis- I am sure they will be fabulous like everything you do!! And even though you haven't had *lots* of knitting time, you are accomplishing so much, you little skinny rabbit fashion designer!!
Congrats on getting finished. Satisfy the twitch and knit one row before you go to bed.
Girl, you have to be the fastest knitter in France. You can't let a few days of no knitting get you down!
Good luck with the croquis. Still doing a million things at once. I think you must be the multitasking queen. Hope you get some sleep soon. Mia
FOUR days?! That's way too long. When the twitching starts, it's getting serious. I hope you'll be able to resume knitting soon. Or grab a nice, soft ball to fondle for a super quick fix.
I was thinking about Lucy just a couple of days ago, but concluded that since you haven't written anything about her for a long, must everything be okay. She is pretty old, isn't she? She is a very cute dog! Captain's jacket is going to be nice.
that jacket is going to be fabulous! i've really got to learn so i can start knitting for my mini destructo. did you get to knit a few rows for your fix?
FOUR DAYS? Ooh, I'd be doing more than twitching. My menfolk actually shudder at the thought of what condition I'd be in without at least a little knitting time every day!
Awe, you have a cute doggie. Four days without knitting? Somebody get her a Pastis pronto! You'll get your mojo back. Take a few days off and you'll crave it again.
I'm in the thick of finals and can't knit a stitch either!!! After next week, life will be better...
As I was cruising the internet the other day, I saw a celebrity stalking story about how poor sad Keanu wants to find a new love of his life. Poor, sad Keanu :(
Lucy looks so cute, and very innocent I'm sure. My little pup knows better than to sleep in my knitting, but I think bichons are a bit entitled!
Child, you have been busy! I love the school stuff. Keep it coming.
4 days and you are on withdrawal?! I had to blank out myself for 3 weeks coz of the hubby-still-not-finished-sweater!
Haha, Lucy knows where her mom likes to spend her time. Good luck with your turning drawings into clothing. Sounds kinda like Rumpelstiltskin, only without trying to steal children.
Becky, can you email me your mailing address. Your photos and blog have inspired me so much this year that I want to send you a knitting bag when it is finished. A knitting bag from Oz. Well my email is mariabinns@hotmail.com Cheers Mia

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