June 07, 2004

Wool/Cotton blends, how I love thee!

The other day I browsed the yarns at Bergère de France and decided to bring home some Bergereine, a 50/50 wool and cotton blend that called out to me, "Hey! Look at my gauge! 21 sts and 28 rows! Just about right for a Bottom's Up bucket hat. And don't I feel so soft and lovely? Oh, yes I do. Wool makes me stretchy, and the cotton gives me body. Now, take me home and knit me into a Bottom's Up bucket hat. Because I say so."

So I did. Yesterday evening I cast on for the brim and before I knew it, I was past the band:

I'm about to switch to double points.
Care for a game of pickup sticks?
[Click to zoom out.]

This yarn is nice to knit. The way it feels and the fabric it creates reminds me a bit of Cotton Fleece.

Speaking of bucket hats, there are lots of finished bucket hats in the Bottom's Up Knitalong to share! Barb knit two buckets; one for her boyfriend, and one for his mom. (His bucket sports a Canadian Maple leaf emblem in chenille!). Natalie's adorable daughter models a beautiful bucket hat (entitled "Rosebucket") with some embroidered rosebuds around the band. Michele models her Bucket-o-Chic knit using Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in a GORGEOUS color. Heather knit a cotton Bottom's Up bucket for her little girl with lace hearts [wow!] around the band (and this photo really cracks me up). Sarah S knit a Bottom's Up bucket for her son using Rowan DK, and here he is modeling it for us (awwww!). Sarah B knit a Bucket-o-Chic using Bernat Cotton Tots and models it in some wonderful dancing [!] shots. Thuy knit a Bottom's Up bucket hat for her mom using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in pink, and her mom looks SO CUTE wearing it! Jenny knit her bucket hat using hemp yarn and added some beautiful embroidered flowers using Euroflax linen. Lisa P has completed two Bottom's Up bucket hats; one for her daughter (look at that smile...awww!) knit using Sugar 'n' Cream and one for herself (isn't that a great knitting photo?!?) using Cotton Ease. Evelyn models her Bottom's Up bucket hat, knit using Paton's Grace in two different colors (and how cute is Evelyn in her bucket?!?). Don't miss Jackie Blue's fabulous striped beachy hat in sophisticated colors. Wow! All of these bucket hats, and the photos, are GREAT. I am having so much fun looking at them all. Very inspirational!

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WOW, it knits up so fast. I ordered the needles and yarn I will need. I would like to make a Union Jack pattern ...but we'll see, I don't want to get ahead of my self.
My, what a lovely colour, that!
Becky, I recently discovered your blog and have been amazed at a)how fast you knit b)the beautiful projects you've done. I've been knitting for less than a year (minus the month or so I knit when I was a kid)and am working up my nerve to knit a human-sized sweater... I made a dog-sized one for my friend's chihuahua, Minou, but she's such a sweet pooch that she wouldn't say anything about the imperfections. Your blog is inspiring me on to bigger and better things. We're supposed to have a rainy summer here in Nova Scotia (you're right, it is that Canadian province that got hit by hurricane Juan) so I think it will be quite conducive to knitting. Thanks for the inspiration... oh, and BTW, great colour on the bucket hat. Fab-U-Lous...
love all the Becky homage pictures! Girlfriend, you could easily start your own cult. I hope, though, that you will use your powers for good, not evil. Hey, maybe this *is* a cult, a cult in which the members make bucket hats for their own enjoyment. Wow, the best kind of cult, I'm sure. No kool-aid for us!
Becky - I've enjoyed following the progress of all the bucket hats! Thanks for organizing this knit-along.
I just bought the pattern and I am getting ready for the summer knit-a-long. Now I get to go pick out some nice yarn :) Why do you switch to double needles? Is that something I will need to do as well? Looks like I will have to buy 3 sets of needles for this project. When o'when will I stop needing to buy needles! :) My problem is I like projects that arn't knit in the round for sweaters and tops so I wind up having to buy all the same stuff in circular and straight.
Becky, I love the color of your bucket! Everyone's buckets are so amazing and creative! I love it! My sister saw mine and wants me to make one for her too.
Brandy: You can use circulars as straight needles, no need to buy two sets. Becky: I love that color, it looks like it's got enough body to it too. BTW, where is the holy grail?
Fun, Fun, Fun! Your buckets are always so great, even with the stiff competition. I just cast on for mine - I'm trying out the felted version with Cascade 220. I'll keep you updated!
I'm loving everyone's buckets! Finished mine too (http://www.etches-johnson.com/index.shtml?/2004_06_01_etcarchive#108613632065085277) and loved every minute of knitting it (even the dpns weren't as bad as I thought they'd be!). Thanks for the knitalong, Becky.
I have been gifted with some Cascade Sierra in the right gauge and a similar colour to the one you're making. I also still have some lime green for another bucket and am planning a hot pink one for a gift. Ah.. buckets :)
Great pics! Thanks for taking the time to present all the knitalongers bucket hats. It really is fun to see them all. What a great knitalong! :)
Lovely color. I think that the wool/cotton combo is perfect..not too soft but not too stiff. I'm making my second BUP with Cascade Sierra. The first was a lovely Shrek green DBliss Cotton DK but it was tough/stiff to work with.
gorgeous, gorgeous buckets... how fun & inspirational! *thank you* becky for putting this all together! hurrah! :)
On my screen, that's the most gorgeous periwinkle ever.... It's like a baby's fat cheeks, I just want to give it a little nibble.... :)
Wow! I love this site. It's inspired me to learn to knit PROPERLY and I don't even mind using small needles anymore! Your knitting always looks great and you never seem to be out of a project. I love you!!! (not in THAT way, though!)
THANK YOU for the kind comments :-) Rachel: Your comment made me chuckle. I agree: No kool-aid, only yarn! Stephanie: If you feel like knitting the human-sized sweater, go for it. Maybe you can start with something small, like a baby sweater. Brandy: I switch to double points when I decrease sts and things start to get too tight on the circular needle. I knit most things flat, but I do prefer to knit hats in the round now. Not only does it avoid a seam, but I've noticed that the hats have better shape to them. And, I get to use my shorter length circs for knitting collars in the round (which I also like).
Oooh nice bucket :) In fact loads of buckets - how many million people are making this hat?! I have finished mine and finished my exams, woohoo - I will put up my own buckety pictures very soon.
lovely color and more great pics!
Great pics! Thanks so much for showing the fabulous buckets. I am nearly finished with my last. I feel like Joan Crawford...no more kitchen cotton.
Okay i want to do the sumer knit-a-long but the only stuff that the lady at the LYS had that she said met the requirments was Cotton-Twist which for whatever reason I can't stand. It looks to silky vs cottony. Also i have a heard time with yarn with bits of color (the twist in it is normally a slightly darker color) and it gets me confused. I like the way the yarn looks in your purple hat. Is there a cotton version that I can use to meet the req. of the summer knit-a-long? I want something solid color single strand, or well if its more then one strand so i can't tell. Ugh I hate being a newbie I dont know how to explain it!
Wow, you're quick on those sticks! I finally took a pic today of me + my bucket hat.... http://snoozingpug.typepad.com/twopurls/2004/06/bottoms_up_broo.html Thanks for hosting, it was a blast! jaz