June 06, 2006

Ahoooooy, Red Stripes!

Hey! Remember the GGH Bali I got last month? I bought it so I could knit it up into THIS:

"I know lots of good fun that is funny."

This, my friends, is the beginnings of the back piece of what Rebecca 29 calls the "Cropped Sweater". The original Cropped Sweater is worked in turquoise, ecru, brown and gold stripes, but MY version is worked in what I call Cat in the Hat Stripes, bay-bee! Just look at that. Every time I see it I think of Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat. I could close the seam on that back piece, stick it on my head like a hat and hop up and down on a big ball of yarn (preferably, cashmere...or maybe alpaaaaaaaaaaaaca) while balancing a tray of margaritas and some of my stash...maybe the Rowan? Yeah...that's doable. "Look at me! Look at me now! With a pitcher of margaritas and thirty skeins of Rowan Calmer on the top of my hat!"

Just kidding. About making that into a hat, that is. And about bouncing around on the ball. But I wouldn't mind a pitcher of margaritas right about now.

thumb.jpg Dinner is a-calling and I've got some samples to work up for another school project, but before I go I'll let you in on the crazy outfit I assembled for my Uniforme project (described in this entry). It was a tough choice, but I ended up going with the outfit shown in my drawing to the right, because my teachers felt that the ruched sleeves (made from the upside-down chef's trousers) were a very interesting element. The denim "bustier" in that outfit was also a strong factor: It is actually the skirt turned around backwards with the waistband stitched onto the middle. (It's not shown on the mannequin to the right, but the finished bustier has an added denim jacket zipper as a front closure.) The skirt was made from the front piece of the bleu travail, assembled sideways with the collar at the back and the sleeves gathered to form a short layered train. I had to make this outfit so I could wear it (with funky stockings and some WILD theatrical Las Vegas-ish makeup for television news cameras [!]) during a student fashion show at a public event held in Lyon. (Footnote: I don't have the outfit at home so I can't show more photos of it; the school keeps it for a year so they can exhibit it and so we can wear it for another public event at the beginning of our second year.) And that is the end of my blabby Uniforme outfit post. Thanks for playing along :-)

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I KNEW IT!!!I just didn't say that was it.
Cool! I was right! It looks really wicked in real life too. I can just imagine you modeling it too! Whack rabbit on the runway :)
How haute couture. I could totally see that ensemble on a runway. As for the cropped sweater... wowza! It's hot. White hot. (Can you guess the movie?)
I had a suspicion that it was that design. I ended up going with the one I liked the best though. I like it!
Oh ... it would be great to see you really wearing it! Funky, that's the word for it.
what an awesome project! I love the way it came out! you're amazing! oh, and I love your dr.seuss inspired knitting!
Crazy project! Love it, but nuts! Speaking of nuts, knitting stripes flat!!! Weaving in tons of ends!!! I admire your fortitude. I'd have used the Meg's jogless jog and done that puppy in the round. Easy is my middle name.
Oooh! I don't like weaving in ends. Thankfully the stripes are not too wide enough for me to carry the yarn up the sides (no weaving in ends...hurrah!), and I'm knitting the yoke in the round. (Weird thing is, that I prefer to knit FLAT although I will make exceptions every once in a great while.) Thanks for the comments re my Uniforme project!
I love that cropped sweater! Once I find my 6 pack which is in hibernation, I'll have to make one...because I know yours will come out so cute!
I love the red and white stripes! And the uniform project - it's beyond awesome. You're a very talented rabbit.
I love the way the stripe looks in the ribbing. The texture is so appealing, I could gaze at it for hours... or 5 minutes, who's counting? It's super cool to see the manifestation of the sketch. Were I in fashion design, I totally would flunk for trying to take apart all the clothes too far, so they'd be unrecognizable fabrics. :)
Wow. You are so so creative!!! I would never think of that.... But I did totally get the cat in the hat- that's what I thought before I even saw you wrote it!!
Love the red and white combination! I would have loved to see you wearing your outfit on the catwalk!
I hope you get a picture of you in your outfit! You could make a paper sack look good. Do you get the sumemr off from school?
Oh WOW!!
I love the uniforme! I really like the different layers and the sleeves are excellent!
Fantastic! I love the idea of couture made from old stuff. That Chinese poetry shirt is gorgeous. I love how you arranged the print.
I am totally in awe that you came up with that outfit! I love it! it's so creative.
I was right! And it looks amazing. I would love to see you decked out in the full ensemble (makeup included)!
The uniform is priceless! Are you sure nobody took pictures of you wearing it at the show? The colours of the cropped sweater are very crisp, wonderful for the summer!
Verah niiiice. . .where are the pantyhose?
It's really okay to dream a little!!!.....this was on my AOL good morning ticker..... NEW YORK (June 7) - Keanu Reeves says he's lonely and wants to get married and have children, in an upcoming issue of Parade magazine. The 41-year-old actor says he continues to mourn the loss of his stillborn daughter in 1999 and the death of the baby's mother, Jennifer Syme, in a car crash in 2001.
You crack me up! I'll just call you Chiquita Calmer or Chiquita Margarita - since I can't think of anything Seuss-ish! Either way - the sweater will be great! Your Uniforme is fabulous! Very creative - and the ruched sleeves are pretty darn coool!
A pitcher full of margaritas? Now you're talking Becky. I love a good margarita...or two...or, well you get the picture. I really love the way the cropped sweater is coming along also. Your uniforme project is divine and I hope someone snapped a photo of you in it so we can see.
You so crafty! I saw the stole-like collar and thought, "How perfectly Fluffa!" And it turns out that I was right.
That waistband belt was a really good idea ;-) Hope to see more fashion projects in the future!
you are so cool - the only woman on earth to create such haute couture and still bust out a dr. seuss sweater. so fab, that skinny rabbit is.
Chiquita Margarita...love it. Hee hee! Thanks for the kind comments re the Uniforme project. We did A LOT of different things at school this year and I particularly enjoyed working on this one.
he,he, I got it right...the red stripes are awesome.
Becky, I love your camisole, your chinese poem shirt, the new striped sweater, and the outfit you designed is absolutely amazing! What an imagination you have. I'm sure I will still be hearing a lot from you in the future, and not only in the blog world!
Wonderfully creative uniform outfit! Hopefully, some day, we will see you wearing it!
I'm telling you, this is one sexy sweater Fluffa! Cat in the Hat sexy sweater.
Oh, you know we all eat every picture and every work and every word, right up! Do we get to see pictures of you in it with the funky make-up? How fun!
yea! that was my favorite drawing. the sleeves were definitely my favorite part. how cool to see it "live".
Love the Cat in the Hat action!!
That is wild! I love it :)

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