June 04, 2002

I always start the back first.

I'm more than halfway through the back of the blue, white and turquoise sweater for my kid. Thanks to the swatch I knitted before I started, I was able to modify the pattern to suit my kid's long torso. So I added on four extra rows (a little over a centimeter) to the body to ensure that the sweater is a custom fit. Now before I start a new project I always knit a swatch, and to keep from feeling like it's a waste of time and yarn I'll use it to see what types of increases and buttonholes look best.

This project is another fun one, and it's zooming by despite my dawdling over it thanks to i) the swiftness of the stockinette stitch, ii) no shaping other than binding off once to shape the armholes, and ii) this particular Phildar cotton. It's so fabulous for knitting! It's a cotton, lycra and elasthene blend, so it practically knits itself; once I knit a stitch - sproing! It pops itself into place and fits itself onto the needle. And this cotton looks so summery and light. I must knit something else using it.

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I'm super envious of how quick and knowledgeable you are with this whole knitting thing. my scarf is going at a turtle-like pace, and it's looking that the whole thing will end up taking about 10 hours time. sigh. that, and I don't know how to add on the second thing of yarn when the first one runs out... I'd best figure it out soon, since the first one is almost done!
I went to the yarn store the other day and got some patterns and yarn for one sleeveless sweater .. now .. I am envious that you seem to be able to wiz through your knitting .. maybe one day *chuckles* I will be able to do the same! Maybe if it didn't take me all night just to get this particularly beautiful if not frustrating yarn into a ball ... I love the look of that sweater so I can't wait to see the outcome of it.
I'm jealous, too. =) I've spend weeks on a teensy baby blanket, and I still have sixteen rows to do! Sigh. I'm always amazed when I pop onto this site and see you have the whole back of something done. =)
I think having spent one whole month of my pregnancy in complete bedrest has something to do with it. All I did was practice my knitting, all day long :-)
Damn woman. Look at you go!

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