June 03, 2007

Silk Top? What's that?

Just kidding.

But just in case you forgot about my Silk Top, I'll show you the meager rounds I managed to eek onto it here and then since my last entry:

She never calls, she never writes...

Now I'm going to write about a whole bunch of different stuff in no particular order. Get your eyeballs ready:

First, I want to thank my loyal visitors who still come by to see what I'm up to and who take the time to comment, because it shows me that they care about what I share here. Really, it's those people - who take the time to read my entries and comment on what I write about - that keep me at this site despite my busy schedule. Thanks, dudes! [Group hug.]

I've also discovered that about half of the items I've sold in my etsy shop have been to loyal visitors of skinnyrabbit.com. That really makes me happy, because it shows that my blog pals are interested in what I am making as an indie designer and not just on what I'm knitting. So I've decided that every month I am going to give special deals and promotions* on the items in my shop to my loyal visitors. 'Cause you guys rock! (If you didn't know about my etsy shop or the special deals I give to some of my visitors, you need to SUBSCRIBE to my blog's feed via a reader because I'm a sneaky rabbit and like to occasionally post "hidden" entries that only show up in people's subscriptions...if you'd like to subscribe to my blog to see these hidden entries please go to the main page of my site if you aren't there already and subscribe via the links I provide on my sidebar.)

*Yep, there are always terms and conditions with my special deals and promotions. (Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.) Loyal Visitor must: 1) Subscribe to my blog via an email subscription or a public subscription. (No public subscription? Alright, but if you have a blog with links to other blogs on your site I'm hoping a link to mine is up there.) 2) Comment every once in a while because comments show me that you are, in effect, coming in here and are a Loyal Visitor. However, I don't publish comments that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the entry in question. People who want to make those kinds of comments can use my email address (foot of main page of my site) although I can't promise you that I'll read your message right away or reply because I manage five different mailboxes. But yes! I really do read every single comment published on my site and I recognize the email addresses and/or names of frequent or longtime commenters. For reals.

Last but not least, Sarah of Blue Garter (who is cranking out some seriously cool stuff and is looking so cute in her chic haircut!) asked about my Captain Destructo a couple of weeks ago. Just because she asked and because today's Mother's Day in France, I'm showing a photo I took of the Captain today. Boy is growing like a weed:

He's still into cars and is holding a "car" he built using legos.

Yes, I know his hair is longer than you're used to and no, I don't currently plan on cutting it short.

Thanks for reading! That's it for today. I'll try to squeeze in some more knitting soon but school lets out at the end of this month so right now I'm working on my end of the year collection (which I'll present before a jury) and on assembling an original outfit I designed with a trench coat as inspiration. Right now most of my evenings are spent drawing illustrations, working on samples and/or sewing. Everyone's working like crazy so we're looking forward to the end of the June when it'll be vacation time! [Vacation all I ever wanted...]

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The Captain is just as appealing with shaggy locks -- he looks hip beyond his years! I wish you a very happy Mother's Day and I hope there's a little break from work and some pampering in it for you!
Captain Destructo is getting so old! Wow. I pop in to look at your Etsy site every once in a while--I'm loving the Valentine's Day themed bags, adorable! I'd buy more from you, but I'm trying to save my money for school in the fall.
I was just thinking the same thing as Sarah. Cap'n is not only getting older looking, but definitely more fashionable. Must run in the family.
They certainly grow up fast, don't they! He's lookin' tres cool, eh?! Happy Mother's Day, and good luck on your collection. Looking forward to seeing your silk top when it's ready.
Of course we care
Thanks for continuing to write even while pursuing your second (third?) career... You inspired me to do my first tubular cast on and to better seaming. I can't wait to see what you'll do next. (If includes inspiring me to dress cooler, that would be awesome.)
the captain is soo adorable... now that song is totally gonna be stuck in my head all day.
Go-Go, Fluffa!
Totally understand the end of year frenzy, but from the teaching perspective, not the student perspective. Last day of school for the kids was last Friday; last teacher work day is Tuesday. I'm looking forward to two months of knitting time.
aww, Becky, he looks SO grown-up!! We love to read your updates, so keep 'em coming. In all your copious spare time. :) School sounds busy but very exciting! Showing a collection in front of a jury sounds NERVEWRACKING, but I bet you are gonna rock it! Good luck with finishing up the school year!
Oh my! I loce Captain's hair cut! He is getting so adult! I first read "local", not loyal! Oy, I need to slow down when I read. But the speed reading instruction I was given as a child is too strong to break.
Hey-- I think this is actually my first comment! I'm a little blog "shy". Anyway! I've been reading for almost a year(!)now. It was one of the first blogs I ever read. The silk top looks fab-- can't wait to see it finished! ===================================== Note by Becky: Welcome! It's nice to see you in my comments :-)
I can't believe how grown up Captain Destructo is! What happened to the little boy? That''s how it was with Luc- all of a sudden he was grown! I know you will be so happy when your summer break comes. You have been working SO hard! I am glad you stop every now and then to fill us in on your designer life!!
Good luck with the school designs! It is always fun to see what comes out of your creative mind.
Great to read from you again! You know, good things come slowly, the silk top is going to be fabulous. A talking about growing like a weed, wait until he's 14 and there around...
Wow, he's getting so big!!
School really does have a way of cutting into free time, eh? I like the longer hair on Captain Destructo. I've always said a man should wear his hair at the length that looks good on him. Just like some women look better with longer hair, same goes for some men/boys etc.
My he grows fast...and the hair is great!
Blogging is such a strange medium - I know you in that I am shocked at how Captain Destructo has changed. Funny how the viewing of photos of people's kids over time breeds that kind of familiarity. I just went to the end of year concert at the kid's school and those second graders (just one grade up from Bea) sure had stretched out over the year. Shocking but true. You blink and they're medium kids, then proto teenagers, then teenagers. Yikes!
Hmmm... I don't think I am qualified to buy your stuff. I rarely comment though I always read your entry. Same as Emily, I am a little blog "shy" ===================================== Note by Becky: ANYBODY can buy my stuff. All you need is an account at etsy. But only those who aren't blog shy get in on the deals and promotions.
Wow! The Captain is looking really grown up and still as handsome as always. I like his hair. My brother had the same hair when I was a kid.
Hello! Your silk tops looks lovely!
Happy Mother's Day! Lucky you to have the Captain with whom to celebrate! Thank you for showing us all your knitting, sewing, trinkets and children.
That is going to be a long, tall boy if his current height is any indication. Congrats on the etsy store! I'm going over there to add you as a favorite seller right now. :) ====================================== Note by Becky: Thanks for adding me to your favorites! And there's no doubt the boy's going to be tall. He takes after my grandfather; I've got cousins who are so thin and tall they look like they unfold when they stand up from sitting positions. k a t
I think you have inspired me to knit more with black yarn. Ok, I mean knit for the first time with black yarn! Rebecca seems like a great pattern source. Wish we got it in my part of Canada. ===================================== Note by Becky: I had to start knitting more in black so I'd wear my knits! With the exception of the stripey Cat in the Hat, the knits I wear the most are the lacey black crinkle and the fiery black bolero.
wow, how time flies. he is so big and i'm diggin his hair. congrats on your shop, you're so polished in everything you do! :)
The top is coming along nicely! I hope to see a picture of it finished soon! The Captain looks just fine with long hair - I think long hair looks just fine on boys and I imagine that mine will be left to grow his long (if it ever becomes more than just fuzz...)
Yay for group hugs!! And dude - what are you feeding Captain? Wasn't it just five minutes ago he was a cute little thing about so high? Tsk - kids! :)
I love the shaggy locks too--I get a real Scott Baio vibe off them! Just starting off my summer semester too; I have 2 young kids and a job AND grad school AND knitting AND I am a bit driven, so I HAVE to get an A in everything.....so when your blog posts and knitting progress falls off, I understand!!! ====================================== Note by Becky: Totally loving the Scott Baio reference :-D
His hair is great! It makes him look more like you.
I just can't believe how much he has changed since the last picture you posted of him. He's gone from looking like a little boy to a big boy. I found your etsy shop a while back and was impressed with the coolness! I like seeing some of your stuff in the side bar. It's like a teaser to get me over to your shop...
Holy Cow!! Has it really been that long since we saw a pic of the Captain?? When did he go and grow up? Silk top looks fab!
It always makes my day to find you've taken the time to post to your blog. I have to admit: I check your blog several times every single day in hopes that you've had a few minutes to let us know how your incredibly busy life is going. I can't believe how big the Captain is getting; they grow up so fast! Good luck on your end of year projects, although I'm sure with your talent, luck is not something you should worry about. ====================================== Note by Becky: Thanks for hanging in there with me! I'll be posting much more during vacation :-)
Oh, more guilt related to being a lurker! :) I love reading your blog and I'm sorry I don't say so more often. Hooray for a growing Destructo! Maybe he needs a title bump (up from Captain)...maybe General? Or is that too big a leap? Yay for a silk top, and happy mother's day (en francais).
awww! big group hug back :). The Captain is growing BIG! It's mind blowing how fast they grow, isn't it?
Holy crap! Your Captain is almost as tall as you! Wow, what are you feeding him? ====================================== Note by Becky: Dude! I don't want to even go on about the size of his shoes. He almost fits into mine, and he's SIX.
He's getting so big, but he's still cute!
Mmm, usually I tend to be a bit more of a blog lurker because I look at the comments and I don't have anything to say that wasn't said already, but if you don't mind, I've gotta chime in with all the comments about Captain Destructo! That's the most interesting part about having read someone's blog for so long. Like dooce...I remember reading about her pregnancy and now her daughter is 3 years old! Have you kept all the fabulous knits that you made for him when he was smaller? ====================================== Note by Becky: Yes! I don't keep any of the knits I don't wear, but HIS knits are the one thing that I will never be able to part with.
hey there- i am a former lurker too, i love your posts on knitting and french culture. your site is mentioned on whispering pines blog which i also read regularly. i cant wait to see your finished silk top!
Delurking to say hi and how much I enjoy reading everything you write (not just the fabulous knitting content). Love the slide shows, love the wacky dance photos. I hope you'll share some of your year-end collection photos with us.
Aw, Skinn Rabbit, hugs back to you. I do so enjoy reading your posts. Even though I'm bad about remembering to comment. I love getting a glimpse of France through you.
Aw, Skinny Rabbit, hugs back to you. I do so enjoy reading your posts. Even though I'm bad about remembering to comment. I love getting a glimpse of France through you.
Captain is so grown up and no longer a little boy! Cute kid. I don't know how you do it but your time management is inspiring to me.
OMG, I would not have recognized the Captain! He IS growing like a weed. V. handsome!
I must've been following your blog for almost two years now, and man does that picture of Captain Destructo make me feel old! I still remember his baby face!
Well, you got me to post for the first time! I've only been lurking for a few days and have enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for your wonderful inspiration! ====================================== Note by Becky: Yay! Welcome :-)
Oh my, he sure have grown!! Cute kid.
Oh, my, he is growing so much. He looks so cute with his longer hairstyle. Such a heartbreaker!
Lurker here - guess I'll have to start commenting more. He is growing like a weed. And I like the hair too.
Yay! The silk top will come along - if only slowly and surely. I think mine may be on the way to the frog pond, sadly. I subbed cotton and think I may prefer to make it in silk some day, but right now I don't have the right stuff in my stash and cannot buy another skein of yarn!!! I'll have to live vicariously!
I had no idea that you had an Etsy site, silly old me. Such fun. I'm knitting for my three kids from the Phildar childrens catalogue, this Winter, having seen the Captain's jumpers. Boy those French knitters love small needles.
A lovely treat to see a post from you after ages:) Have fun on your vacation and hope you get loads of car knitting done - slide show, slide show:) The captain is lookin' so snazzy!!
I totally gasped when I saw the Captain! It doesn't seem like it's been that long since you last posted a photo, but he looks like a grown kid! And I like his hair. Very Theodore K. Logan. I am also plowing through a black top with a lace panel (Rusted Root), though mine is cotton. And doesn't have any pie crust. (Wait, does this one have pie crust? I can't remember!)
Even though the silk top is going slowly, it has that delicious silkiness to keep your hands coming back....mmmmm, silk!
Thanks for giving us an update. I always love to hear what you are doing, even if doesn't involve much knitting. Also, I am glad to read your explanation about blog subscriptions. I figured if you checked a blog regularly on your own, there wasn't much need to subscribe. I stand corrected. (I am a little slow when it comes to blogging culture.) Hope your June passes at just the right speed so that you get everything done! ====================================== Note by Becky: Thanks, Lillie. And please don't feel bad about not subscribing. You don't really have to; it's just something you can do if you want to see the [not really knitting-related] entries that I don't publish on the main page of my site.
Wow, I suddenly feel old seeing that pic of Captain Destructo, I've been reading since he was "haut comme trois pommes"! Always the cutie. Such kind words to your readers! A few years ago you responded to an email I sent you about blocking procedures, and I was so impressed! Thanks for keepin' on bloggin' !
im another lurker de-lurking! ive been reading for many months but ive been too shy to post. its wonderful to hear about your knitting adventures and life in france. happy mothers day!
Wow, he looks so much older with long hair! I would not have recognized him at all if you didn't say that was him. I bet you are really looking forward to your vacation. You have been working really hard this year!
yowza! what is it with kids and growing, they just can't give it up. i totally understand why you've been more absent lately (i wig out if i have half the stuff going on that you do) but we miss you! really really looking forward to seeing more knitting during vacation.
OMG! The Captain is getting huge! And I love his hair. My 12 yo has been sportin' the long do, and I just love, love, love it!!
Mr. CD looks so grown up - I can hardly believe it!
Hey! Your Captain is growing up. Cute too! It is really nice to see his photo and it has been a while. Good that I don't have to wait until the completion of the multicoloured hoodie to catch a glimpse of him. Although you do knit rather quickly and do a lot more besides.
I cannot believe that is him! He looks so different! Man they grow up fast - and I really like the hair. Thought of you this weekend as I tried to knit in the car (again) and got naseous. Is it me? Or is it the way my boyfriend drives?
Captain looks more and more like you the older he gets. He looks very fashionable with the longer hair...tres cool! ('tres'...the extent of my French knowlege) Good luck with your end of the school year work. I just know someday you are going to be so totally famous and all us little blog readers will wipe a tear away and fondly remember the old days when we would virtually watch you develop your designs. :-) ======================================= Note by Becky: Hee hee! Your comment made me smile really, really wide. Like this: :-D Christine, you *are* Urban Fabulous!
I cannot wait to see how the silk top turns out. Your knits are always quite beautiful! The Captain is such a big guy now!
Of course we read and comment (or at least read)! We know it is hard to get a spare moment to blog. Happy Mother's Day! ====================================== Note by Becky: I think that you fall more into what you put in parenthesis :-) I know people read, and that makes me happy. But it makes me happier when they read AND take an extra minute to comment. (And those are the ones I'm thanking.)
He looks adorable with long hair! He's got that long silky stuff that girls will be so jealous of :) And looking more and more like you!
I Love Love Love!!!! your blog and website it is so valuble and full of knitting knowlege. As an avid knitter I am very impressed with all of your projects. You are very talented.
My red "happy skull" bag I ordered from your etsy shop was delivered this week--I love it! It's adorable and as professionally finished as I expected, after seeing so many photos of your meticulous finishing on your knits. I'm making Bella Bunny from Lucinda Guy's "And So To Bed"--the bag is the perfect size for carrying the project around. Thanks again! =================================== Note by Becky: Enjoy! I have one in black and I get comments on it all the time.
A different sort of jury, n'est ce pas? Knock 'em dead! ======================================= Note by Becky: I just knew you'd say something about the jury. Hee hee! P.S. Surprise coming for your MS ride very soon.
Captain, my Captain! So cute!
Nice to hear from you. That is one handsome boy you have - just like his mama. Does bloglines count as subscribing to your feed? Because I didn't know about your etsy shop. Clearly, I'm clueless. I'm off to check it out. ====================================== Note by Becky: Yep. Bloglines does count and my hidden entries - which I remove after a while - show up there because I've seen them. Any news reader through which you can read my feed does. Thanks for subscribing, Stephanie :-)
I look forward to your "coming up for air" updates so that I know that you're still knitting, creating, and designing. Captain Destructo's so grown up now -- the longer hair is way cute.
It's so funny, I saw some exchange students from Lyon at a school across from me a few days ago and I thought of the Captain. Now that I see this new pic, I wouldn't have recognized him anyway. He's so big- Does he shave yet? ;) PS: Glad you finally got an etsy shop. It's about time :)
Your Silk Top is coming along wonderfully! I am knitting mine in a cotton mix yarn -- fun pattern.
I am inspired to join in the grand reveal. I've been enjoying your blog since the end of 2004. I love your knits and dances. It is amazing to see how big CD is now. Great hair, too. : ) Thanks for blogging! ===================================== Note by Becky: Welcome, Becky! Great name :-)
The Captain is always a handsome one, but wow! He's such a big boy now! I like his hair too.
I didn't realize there were secret entries!! I don't subscribe to a bloglines thingy, but I guess I should so I don't miss out!! I read every one of your blog entries, and have for a long time. Long enough to realize just how BIG Captain Destructo is now. He's always been a tall kiddo it seems, but that long hair makes him look so grown up. What a cutie! And I love the Etsy shop.
I have been a fan of you blog for two years now and I can see how much you son has grown. I love the hair.
Hi Becky, Like many others I pop in to see if you've finished your semester yet! I'm glad you're able to squeeze in some knitting while in school. I've always been impressed at how much knitting you get done while having a child-I'm a car knitter since the birth of my first son! I look forward to seeing your school projects. Fashion shoot! ==================================== Note by Becky: Viva car knitters! :-)
Oh my goodness, Becky! Captain has gotten so big! My internal picture of him is in his darling little giraffe jacket. I guess time really flies! (And don't worry, we're all still here, waiting to see your beautiful fashion and glorious knits! Even if some of us are bad about commenting.)
Becky! Your son has gone and grown up on me! I haven't been by in a while but wanted to say hi and I hope things are well...looks like life is as good as ever. :) ====================================== Note by Becky: Melissa! It's great to hear from you! I'm glad that you decided to swing by; you've been missed.
OH! Your captain is looking so adorable and grown-up. Thanks for the picture! Sarah is such a wonderful person and great knitter. Aren't you just dying to see her design(s) for Shibui? I am.
I feel like I've been reading about your adventures for years. Thanks for sharing the word about the feed and the shop, I had no idea! Can't wait to see what design you unveil in the coming months.
Hi there. I've been dropping in every so often to check in your progress. Silk top is looking gorgeous! My, my - time flies when you see how fast the kids grow! My life is measured by the kids milestones!
Hey! When I was reading that part about people who comment here, I was thinking...is she talking to me? I know you weren't really, but I totally read all the time and NEVER COMMENT! I thought I had commented somewhat recently, but when my personal info isn't even popping up in the comment window, I know it's been a while (BAD READER/PRETTYPOSIES MEMBER!). I do love your designs and also...who is that big kid up there b/c I know that cannot be your son! Is he that kid in Neverending Story? So cute! Anyway, just know that I will try to comment more. Not to get in on any special deals or anything (I'm trying to lay off the shopping...but you are making it hard!), just to let you know you are missed!
I have to share the 'oh my he's growing up' line too. Do boys ever grow out of cars? Its been really fun watching your growth from being a very chic knitter to a 'designer extrordinaire'. So I'll keep lurking to find out what wonders you produce next :)
Oh, wow, look at your gorgeous son. Those long locks are so "now"! My daughter is roughly the same age as the Captain...just finishing U.S. kindergarten this week.....how time flies. It is bittersweet, you know? :)
woot, woot, I wish my readers would get that. only a few comment. Captain Destructo is such a handsom young man and he has grown. I don't think they ever grow out of cars, they just move to bigger ones.
I can't believe how much the captain has grown! Good luck with the end of the term and I look forward to getting a view of the collection.
I love your silk top and the panel in the center. Beautiful. I'm still thinking about designing the little caplette (I sent you the pic last year). Although I may wait for Vogue Knitting coming out at the end of July. It's the anniversary issue with a new editor and perhaps they will show something similar. I find that the things I like on the catwalk one year show up in the knitting mags the next year. Looking forward to seeing the silk top completed.
I can't believe I overlooked your feed all this time (must be advancing age, yep - I blame it on that). I love your son's haircut, very "Beatles". It's amazing to see how quickly he's grown, or maybe not - I swear my two darlings grew into young women overnight. They seem to do it when we aren't looking! And, I suppose if I'd been paying attention and found your blog feed earlier I'd have also known about your shop, so I'm glad you mentioned it (I have it bookmarked and subscribed to now). It'll be vacation time before you know it, and I think you deserve one after all you've accomplished this past year. Have a great summer, Becky!
Dudes! You all rock my universe with your kind comments. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and a big welcome to first-time commenters. Keep it up, people. Talk back to me! It makes my day :-)
Oh. My. Gosh! look how he's grown. it goes so fast. Can't wait to see your finished line.
I am in awe of the beautiful work you do and your creativity. I didn't realize there was an email list, I would've signed up ages ago...although I'm not sure it will break my habit of hoping against hope and checking for more on the site! I'm looking forward to your vacation! And maybe some news from this year's school projects? ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks for such a nice comment. I look forward to my vacation, when I get to update this blog more often. I even plan on having a week where I post every single day in order to celebrate all the free time. (I've done that before and it's fun :-)
hey!!! i cannot believe how big your son is getting. time is going so fast, enjoy every moment you can - hope you are all doing well! xoxo
Captain Destructo is looking very handsome indeed Becky! I'm luvin your Silk Top.
He looks really good with his long hair don't cut it. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks! I don't plan on cutting it, and I don't think he'd let me. He loves having it like this. P.S. I think he's started a bit of a fad. All of the boys in his class had that little buzz cut type thing going on, and he was the first to just grow it out. On Sat when I saw his class pageant I noticed that three other boys in his class have started to let their hair grow, too. Awwwwwwww! :-)
man, captain destructo is growing like a weed!! wow!! when did that happen??? :oD

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