June 03, 2006

A Saturday post for all the cool people who visit my site on the weekends.

Remember the shirt I made in design school using fabric sent to me by my pal HEK Jenny? Well, I promised to show a photo of the finished shirt when I got a chance, so here you go:

This is the REAL pose-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Psst...wanna see a back view of the cuff with its ties?]
[What's that? Wanna see the back, too? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

In short: The pattern for this shirt was constructed by draping muslin on the dress form. The pattern was then drafted on paper using a graph ruler and a sloper. THEN I sewed it together. (I know that it may seem like sewing is a big part of my studies, but sewing is far from being the focus; it's just one of the many things we learn how to do so that we can bring our design creations to realization. Some people with whom I study don't enjoy the sewing bit at all, but for me it's a big bonus!)

[Footnote about the fabric: Dear Jenny sent to me as a gift and I must say that I received a lot of compliments on the fabric alone. It's SO snazzy. According to two of my fellow students - who happen to be exchange students from China - the fabric has a poem written on it in Chinese characters. In order to add interest, I deliberately cut half the shirt upside down, and matched up the pattern this way in the front and back. Oh, how fancy!]

And while we're on the subject of fashion school, we had our last open house at school a couple of weeks ago and I finally got a few of my projects back, which were still there "on loan" so that they could be displayed. I'm going to show a portion of one of my projects in fashion design so we can have some fun with it. The topic for this particular project was Uniforme, and we had to get *at least* one uniform - any uniform - and deconstruct it along with secondhand clothes (called fripes in French) in order to create a "whole new look". I got a fireman's jacket from a neighbor (who's a retired fireman), chef's trousers from the Bocuse restaurant and a bleu travail - which looks like a mechanic's overalls - from a friend. I also got a denim skirt from a secondhand clothes shop and a vintage lace slip that once belonged to a friend's great aunt. I ripped out the seams on a lot of these things (hours of work), and draped them on a dress form to create "new" garments, taking pictures of each one. We had to draw inspiration from a certain theme, and I chose "Route 66" as mine because the denim and mechanic's overalls reminded me of the old gas stations I used to see while driving on Route 66. Of all the "new" garments I created from these old clothes, I picked four of the most interesting looks that went with my theme and drew them onto my fashion figures.

This is a scan of a portion of one of my project pages.
Click here to zoom out on my drawings!
Footnote: Pantone markers, color pencils and artist ink pens on Canson paper.

Too add even more craziness, we had to include as accessories PANTYHOSE STOCKINGS that were donated to us by a [not to be named but big maker of pantyhose] company. Hence the wacky striped "armwarmers" on my fashion figures. Hee hee!

This is also a scan of a portion of one of my project pages.
Click here to zoom out on these drawings!

But that's not all. All of this is what I did in fashion design. For my pattern drafting course, I had to actually construct, sew and assemble the uniforms and old clothes together into ONE of the outfits shown on my fashion figures.

NOW it's time for a little fun. Of the four outfits shown on my fashion figures, which one do you think I chose to actually make?

P.S. And I will show pictures of it! :-)

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78 comments to this entry:

Cool!! I live a stones throw from a large chunk of Route 66! Though I have to say, your designs make it seem much cooler! Looks like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! The shirt is truly beautiful. The fabric compliments the design perfectly!
Your drawings and designs are awesome! What a fun project. I'm not sure which one you made, but I love the one on the left in the top picture. Very cool. Your shirt is lovely as well. That fabric is fun!
Oh, and I think you made the top right one. Though I'd love to see the bottom right one made up as well!
NOW it's time for fun? Your fashion figure drawings are already about as much fun as I can handle... okay, kidding. I can't decide which one so I'm going with the one I'd like to see made, the bottom-right one with the big jackety thing. Your shirt with its pintucks and tied cuffs is absolutely beautiful.
Heh, I'm a cool person for visiting your site today. Your shirt is actually the coolest thing! Great fabric, great design. Did you make up Ms. Bottom Right? Cuz the collar on that sketch is amazing!
Holy MOLEY you are talented! That shirt is absolutely fantastic. I think you made the bottom right one.
TOP LEFT! I love the upside down pants as a cropped jacket!
Great shirt, love the fabric .. but oh the work I'm betting on the bottom right with that really cool jacket.
I'm going with bottom left (the body wrap thing) just because it's my favorite. Love the shirt!
What a really nifty shirt and funky fabric! It really seems like this past year has been an amazing one with all that you've gotten to learn, try and do. Kudos for taking on new challenges and letting your creative spirit soar! I think you sewed up the top right design. The one with the gal wearing brown boots and matching blue and white striped armwarmers. By the way, are the top two skirts ones where you can shorten or lengthen via a horizontally placed zipper?
Wow - fabulous designs! [I just spent an hour trying to sew in a straight line... so... Wow!] Your shirt is fantastic - I love the design with that material. I think you make the top right. Or, the bottome left. Hmmmm... top right is my final guess.
The shirt is beautiful. The picture is too small for me to read the poem ... did your classmates tell you what it is about? Among the four project designs, I like the one with the deep denim blue jacket the most ... would it be the one you actually made? Such an interesting post ... bonus - it made me a cool person! LOL!
Great shirt, and great drawings. You are doing amazing. Now I feel cool since I read on the weekends too.
OK, I genuflect to you Becky. Your shirt is BEE-YOO-TI-FULL. the design, etail, and the way you used that fabric....really great. I think you made the bottom left design...can't wait to see if I'm right!! Also, thanks for making me feel cool! :)
that shirt is fabulous! and your drawings are so cool -- pretty soon i am going to have to ring a doorbell just to access this blog! did you pick the fourth one? the one on the bottom to the right? i'm thinking either that or the top left one, the first. well, they're all funky fresh. :) p.s. - just have to tell you how much pleasure my entire family gets out of that sheep postcard. it's on the refrigerator and we crack up at it at least twice a day.
You sure have fun in your school! Re-cycling clothes is "in" at the moment and the "route 66" collection is superb! I am going for the top left corner. And congratulations on your shirt!
the shirt is gorgeous! i love that you made half the fabric upsidedown. super cool! oh, and I love the cuff details. my guess is top left! bottom right one is pretty awesome too!
wow! your shirt is absolutely beautiful!
The lower left hand ensemble.
I'm betting you made the one on the right hand side of the top picture. Yay for weekend knit blog readers :) Your shirt is just gorgeous by the way. That fabric is really amazing. What a great friend Jenny is!
Hey, well done with the gorgeous shirt! I always have trouble with the collars as they are turn out standing too big or high and as I am a small person with narrow shoulders I have to re-adjust the collar pattern so it looks better on me! As for your designs i think the top right as I am inlove with skirts and boots at moment!
I'm a cool person! ;) Becky, you have such a wonderful talent for fashion design. I'm voting for the design on the top right.
I vote bottom right. The blouse you made is TO DIE FOR!!! I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE it!!! (sorry for shouting!) It is so beautiful, so graceful, so feminine....gorgeous. TRES CHIC!
Ooh, Ooh! Portrait collar shrug, portrait collar shrug. The one with the badge on the breast and the triple layer skirt. Yeah.
ooh! That shirt is FABULOUS! love the details! And my guess is top right. show show show!
The blouse is fabulous especially the cuffs!
I like the two top designs...and I can't decide which one. Gorjuss shirt by the way...wow to wear that would be like wearing something off a runway in Paris!
Becky the shirt is gorgeous! I want it! lol As for the designs I think you chose number 2 to make. My second thought was number 4. Fab drawings!You are sooo talented! Two things both of which I soooooo wish I could do.
I think you made the top left one.
The shirt looks absolutely gorgeous. I am in such awe of people who can sew with such precision. I can embroider beautifully, can quilt by hand, can knit (obviously), and can do a straight line on a sewing machine, but beyond that? Hence my attempts at handmade clothes have always looked so . . . home-made. (A compliment for food, not so much for clothing.) You're such a talented woman!! And, those designs?? Wow. I'll say the top left design, but frankly, I'm curious to see any of them in "real" life!
I love the sleeves on that shirt. And I'm gonna guess the top left one too. It looks like such a fun look. But then again they're all so cool.
You did an amazing job on your shirt. Love the details and the fabric. I'm guessing that you made the bottom right because that's the one I could see you wearing. That collar rocks!
Fabulous shirt, love the cuffs and the fabric! My money's on the left outfit on the top:)
Oooh, how cool! I love all of your designs, but the top right is my favorite (I love the petticoat skirt) and I love the jacket on the lower right (I am a huge fan of the sailor collar!). I can't wait to see your actual versions!
Oops- forgot to mention what a nice shirt you made! The tie cuffs would have never occurred to me- I really like them!
Bottom Right. Did the fellow students tell you what the poem said.
This shirt is awesome! Mmmm... And I'm guessing the bottom left. Just because I love the diagonal zipper. :)
The shirt you made is beautiful. I think that you made the top left pattern. My personal favorites are the top left and bottom left.
Oh wow, you are so talented girl! I would so wear that shirt you made! I really love the way you did the sleeves and the fabric is beautiful. Your drawings are wonderful!
Your shirt is absolutely gorgeous! And your drawings are very cool. YOu remain a massive inspiration to everyone who reads your blog. Thanks for sharing your creations with us! Mia
Wow. I love that shirt, you did an amazing job. The drawings are adorable, I vote for top left, the 1st one. Nice work!
Becky, that is a gorgeous blouse. I love the fabric, design and the cuffs. Can't wait to buy designs from your boutique, so when are you opening a design shop??! Ok, I vote for the bottom right because I cannot see the fireman's uniform in the other drawings and I think you used it. Also, awesome collar on that baby. Your drawings are soooooo impressive!
I like the skirt on model 1 and the dark blue jacket on model 4. With the jacket, i feel, you took the old clothing and turned it into something new. I am so jealous...
The bottom right one ... and the shirt is fabUlous!!!
Very nice shirt! And you can draw! I guess you can't be in fashion school if you can't convey your vision, eh?
where do the skills stop? i'm probably the only one that didn't know you were in fashion design school. the top is beautiful.
your blouse is gorgeous - great fabric and wonderful detail in the construction. plus those ties - oooh! and for the drawings...my guess is the top left.
The shirt turned out SO WELL! And I'm glad the Chinese actually says something... Those uniform designs are so crazy and fun!!! Hmmm. I think you made the bottom right, with the jacket!
Becky, that shirt would sell for over $500.00 on Nantucket! It's gorgeous.
I'm hoping it's the fireman's jacket one, because it's my favourite!
I like numbers 2 and 4, I can't decide which is cuter. Super chick!
Though the bottom right is chic, to go with the theme...top left (it's so deminy, if that's a word).
Oooh, the shirt came out beautifully. A real stunner. As for the guessing which garment you made, I think the top right one.
I vote the top right design - it looks like the most fluffa of them all.
Is there anything you can't do? I love the sketches, and I'm guessing bottom left, mostly because of the jacket. (although the top right is interesting in its own right...) However, my dear you have OUTDONE yourself on that shirt. It is beautiful! The cuff detail, the pintucks -- perfection. And I love that you enjoy the sewing as much as the designing.
The shirt is fabulous! The cuffs are really smart. And I vote for top left.
WOW you can draw also. I really enjoyed this post. I think you will make to top right one.
That shirt is stunning! I'd snap it up in a boutique any day.
The shirt is fantastic. What a job! Hard to choose between the Route 66 outfits but... OK, I'll go for the top left one. (Hard to choose between that one and the bottom right). Your school seems to be a great, but demanding, place!
Your blouse is lovely! I'm going to go with the bottom right design. I love the collar that you designed for the jacket!
I love the shirt...so so cute...you'll have to model it! tres haute couture! I dunno...I kinda like the first one...It's punk. I'm such an 80s freak that I'm diggin the hose on the arms...with some of those black rubber bracelets and some silver bangles and a bandana? sweet.
The blouse makes me want to go shopping, except I haven't seen anything that fun in stores for some time! The cuffs are glorious. All of the drawings are fascinating, but I vote for top-left.
I've no idea which of your designs you chose, but the shirt you made is absolutely amazing! I'm currently working on a (relatively) simple princess seam blouse and yours is inspirational! Sorry - that was a bit gushing, wasn't it?! :)
Yay, sewing content ;-) ;-) ;-) I'd love to see the bottom left one sewed up!
Whoa! I am impressed!! The shirt is gorgeous - I love the ties at the cuffs. Could you get any more talented?? And sheesh - you can draw too. Which one did you choose to make? I couldn't guess...
Wow. You're amazing. I think they're all wonderful. Hmmm... I think the top right one.
great shirt, it's my idea of the ideal when it comes to tops. and the cuffs are so cool! are we going to see it on? the drawings are wonderful. i'm picking upper right. very feminine despite the heavy clothing.
Thanks for dropping by my blog - I'm inspired by your dressmaking - I'm gonna be in a sweat trying to sew a very simple skirt.
Um, I'm going to guess the last one - lower right-hand. I was tempted to say the top right one, but contrast of the wide jacket neck with the slim waistline won out. They look great - I admire your talent!
I vote for the top left one with the little vest. I love the bottom right though. That collar is to die for! Gorgeous shirt and shear talent in all the designs!
I don't know, but I hope it's the top right. Or the bottom right. I love the waist of those trousers hanging out upside down.
Bottom right - surely. But they're all fantastic. I gotta tell you, I'm LOVING this fashion-school designer thing you're sharing with us. I used to come here for the knitting... now there's so much more and I'm finding myself waiting like an addict for the latest fashion-school offering. You can never put too much of that in your blog for me. And the shirt is FABULOUS. I have never before met someone (even virtually like here) so born to be a fashion designer. Your creativity is inspiring, daunting, entertaining and FUN. Thank you so much for sharing all that you're learning with us, while still knitting great clothes for you and your family that inspire my own knitting... and telling us whack anecdotes to boot. Hear, hear for Fluffa.
Tu vas faire le dernier modèle ?! (en bas à droite) C'est mon préféré ! :) Ta chemise est magnifique ! Quel travail !... (J'apprécie d'autant plus que je me lance dans la couture en "autodidacte"...et je m'arrache les cheveux!!)
I would guess the top left picture. Your drawings are really awesome!
I'm going witht he lower right outfit, because I'm digging that collar - nice!
Beautiful shirt - you have definitely found your calling. Lawyer Schmawyer, I say. My pic is the bottom right one...
I love your cuffs!!!

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