June 02, 2002

The finished garment!

Alas, my stripey sweater in all its blazing pink glory! I'm pleased with the way the sweater came out, although was a bit concerned about the length when I finished piecing it together. It looked really tiny and I immediately regretted not having knitted a few extra rows into the body of the sweater. The biggest surprise of all, my husband (Mr. Conservative) loves it! And he digs the screaming pink stripes. Who would have known? So I'll be experimenting with more bright colors in the future. It's fun!

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Very Cute!! it looks fantastic.
Marvelous sweater! My step kids call the peppermint candy my Mom sent from the US "drops", by the way. :O)
very rockin'! pink isn't really a color that floats my boat either, but it turned out quite nice :)
Maintenant vous pouvez dire avec l'autorité complète : "Martha Stewart, mangent ma poussière." Absolument enchanteur!
Looks great! And you did it so fast. I'm really impressed.
It's very, very, very, very beautiful! Just the right length, in my opinion! I have to admit, I was thinking at first "Why doesn't she make the sleeves white?", but it looks lovely with pink ribbing and sleeves.
becky, it's gorgeous! you said you did it without a pattern? [or did i hallucinate that?] if so, how did you work out the decreases for the body and sleeves so they'd mesh? i adore this sweater and it really looks great on you, even if you have no head. :-)
The sweater looks fantastic on you!
The sweater looks fantastic on you!
Thanks for such nice compliments! (Bonne, I am impressed with your French...wow!) Patricia, you can't tell from the photos, but there are a number of pink rows that match the sleeves and ribbing throughout the sweater. White never occurred to me, although I do think that would make a very nice variation. Squib, the owner of the shop where I buy my yarn helped me figure out where to put the decreases. It was really easy. I just knit the sleeves, front and back until they were 3/4 of the length I wanted (multiplying the number of centimeters by the number of rows per centimeter in my gauge), and then I bound off stitches every two rows. I shaped the very tips of the sleeves (where the neck ribbing is sewn on) and the neckline according to a similar pattern in a Phildar catalog. (P.S. I have no legs either. Did you notice? ;-)
oh my! i love it, too!! It looks great, and I'm envious. -_^ I didn't used to be into bright colors, either, but lately (and especially since i started learning to knit) they've been really appealing to me. nice work!
Just gorgeous. I'm so in love with the colors.
Wow! I really like your sweater! It turned out really well. (And man are you slender! I sure wish I had a body like that again. Just don't want to work for it anymore though.)

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