July 30, 2004

Peppermint Bucket-o-Chic!

It's Bucket-o-Chic time!


I've been itching to knit this Plassard Grand Large Batik variegated pink into a Bucket-o-Chic since April, and by gum* I've finally started! I used Plassard Grand Large to knit a Bucket-o-Chic last winter, and was really happy with the results. This is my try at a variegated version in the same yarn, and I LIKE IT. The band (shown above), made for some quick but fun knitting before lunch today.

So, knitalongers, how are you coming along? Are you doing the Bottom's Up or Bucket-o-Chic? What yarn are you using? Several people have written to me asking for yarn recommendations, and I think that Plassard Grand Large, Rowan's ASC and Cotton Ease to be good yarns to use for the Bucket-o-Chic. For the Bottom's Up, I like Lily Sugarbabies and Bergere de France's Bergereine. Any other suggestions and/or favorites out there? Please, do share. I'll be able to compile them into a list and post it for others who are looking for yarns to knit their bucket hats.

Knitalong news: You might recall that in addition to the yarn prizes I will give for my favorite bucket hat and photos, there will also be a "Reader's Favorite" photo with prizes generously donated by sponsors. Well, we've got sponsors! Wendy is generously donating a some Himalaya Silk and a pattern for a crocheted neck choker with a flower, Kathi is generously donating two beaded ring kits, and Julia (whom we have to thank for the reader's favorite idea) is donating some Cascade 220 for a felted bucket hat. [Please note: Sponsors remain in the running for the Reader's Favorite, and are eligible for the prizes! Yes, even their own. Hee!] If you'd like to sponsor the Reader's Favorite prize, please let me know. Heck, I'll probably end up donating something myself. The more the merrier, I say.

And! We've already got finished bucket hats for the summer portion of the knitalong: Allison is looking classy in her Bottom's Up bucket hat knit using Cotton Ease, Sarah W. knit a Bottom's Up bucket using Rowan Denim "so it'll fade over the summer" [neat!], Heather M. knit a bucket hat for her adorable daughter [look at that smile!] using Cotton Tots, Gloria in Georgia knit her Bottom's Up bucket using Austermann's Jenny [and tells me that it is unblocked in the photo, but it looks just fine to me], Chris knit a bright, beachy bucket hat using Brushstrokes cotton, and Wendy knit a fabulous "Big-Ass Bucket Hat" using a "slubby" cotton/rayon blend called "Tabitha" [wow!], Alison M. knit two [!] Bottom's Up bucket hats: one using GGH Samoa and Filatura di Crosa Giardino, and the other in Rowan Linen Print [I particularly like the red and white hat; it looks like it has flowers on the brim]. What a great start to the summer portion, knitalongers!

*I eagerly await the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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that yarn may just tempt me into knitting a bucket myself. i have your scary doll covered knitting book and other goodies ready for a trip to france...can you email me with mailing instructions?
Everyone's buckets are beautiful! Becky, your variegated yarn is a gorgeous pink! It looks very drapey though. I love the feel of the soft drapey yarn but those buckets were floppy while the stiff, killing my hands yarn made a nice stiff little bucket. Bad tradeoff to have to make. Maybe it works for you because you're doing the bucket-o-chic and not bottom's up?
Becky, I love the variegated yarn!! I am finally at the crown decreases on my Bottoms Up bucket - and I ran out of one color, lol! (I am striping it in the Knit Happens colors, hehe) Now that I picked up some more today, it will hopefully be done by the end of the weekend... *fingers crossed*
I do love those candy-sweet pinks! yummy! I refuse to watch the re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. sorry... :( The original is just too good! :) pearl
Well, I'm in the knit-a-long, but I haven't decided on a yarn yet. Guess I'd better go shopping! I made one a month or so ago with Cotton Classic by tahki. This time however, I'd like some more body.
The varigated yarn looks awesome! I have a finished bucket-o-chic that I have to send a picture of. I can't wait to see how the hat will look finished. And I can't wait to try a bottoms up hat (yes, I got that pattern too). I may have to try some ASC.... Does anyone know how many skiens it takes for 1 hat?
Nice yarn & hat beginnings, and I'll watch anything with Mr. Depp! :-)
What about me? I really have a big - ass hat...still havn't given it to my dad because I want to run it threw the machine to see if it shrinks. Made with Cotton Tots, for the purpose of shade from sun when playing bowls which is why I couldn't experiment with color or pattern. You can see pictures at the blog and I'll try to send some to you from home. (My blog is looking wierd right now and it's not by my doing)
PS. I really like the one Alison M. made with using GGH Samoa and Filatura di Crosa Giardino!
This is a little embarrassing, but I can't remember if I joined up for the summer bucket-along. I think I'm going to use some cotton-tots I have. I have one hank of Artful Yarns Fable in the colorway Goldilocks that I could donate to the prizes. It's enough to make a bucket!
Becky, your stitches are so PERFECT! Love the variegated yarn (especially in PINK. As for me making a BUP, well, my head is too big for such a hat. Big hair, big head...hopefully because it holds my big brain!
I would like to take a big bite out of your pink yarn. Illogical, because I know it does not taste like it looks, but still. Mmmmmm.
Hi Becky, I finally made my BUP! BOC. There's a photo on my blog. It's pretty dark. I may need to send in a brighter one for the contest.
that yarn is lovely. my boyfriend saw the picture and was astonished, "how did she make it stripe like that... that's cooool." he's not easy to impress when it comes to knitting either... anyway, it's looking sweet.
Love the pink of course! :) I need to do another bucket...so much fun! Hey I've got an audrey question?? Does my 2x2 ribbing look like 1x1, cause I am definately doing 2x2. eck!?
I didn't know they were remaking Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! wow -- who is playing Wonka?
Thanks for your reassurance...what size needle did you go to for audrey...I am totally having the gauge issue..I would email you...but couldn't find a link to email you with! I am trying to knit looser! :)
Word is that JOHNNY DEPP is playing Willy Wonka in the remake. I'm a big fan of the first film (just like Pearl), but if Monsieur Depp is coming out in the second one there is no way I'll be disappointed in it. Hee! Evelyn: The yarn appears drapey, but it's identical in composition to Rowan's ASC so it has the same feel and texture. How about a wool/cotton blend for that doubled brim? I used 50/50 wool-cotton for my second Bottom's Up, and just rolled through that brim. Much easier on the hands! Orli: I'm looking forward to seeing your hat. We're still knitting buckets for another month so you have lots of time to send in a photo :-) Marlena: You only need to sign up for the knitalong once. There's no need to sign up for a specific portion. So, if you're name's on the list, you're still knitting along. (If you're knitting another one, I'm looking forward to seeing it!)
I finished my Bottoms Up! Thanks for the kind words you left - they helped me get that second wind to finish the hat on Friday night (at 3am, lol!) There's a pic on my blog - but I'm planning on taking another b/c it's a bit dark, just like Orli's...
Question for all of you experienced BUP Bucketeers out there . . . Do you think the key to a sturdy brim is in the yarn, the technique or the finishing/blocking? I'm in the middle of my first, and I'm shooting for a flop-free brim & welcome any and all suggestions. Many Thanks -debbie
Gorgeous hats! I'm still working on the yarn for my summer hat....going to start very soon!
Thanks, I like my red & white one best too. Besides it looking pretty and flowery, it came out better shaped too!
Please add me to the bucket hat knitalong

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