July 28, 2006

The weather gods have taken pity on me...

...and decided to send over some lower temps last night, and I'm enjoying the coolness brought by a light summer rain as I type this. It feels so mah-velous!

Thank yoooooooooooouuuuu, cool breeze.
P.S. If you press your face against Crinkle's eyelets
you can see the Cité Internationale. Go on...do it.

Cooler weather means that I got the desire to watch Coach Carter (yes, it reminds me of Stand and Deliver and YES I cried during the scene* where they all offered to do push ups for Timo Cruz) and knit a few rows on the second sleeve of Crinkle yesterday evening. Yeah! Crinkle progress! But before you scroll down in the hopes of finding photos of even more knitting, you might want to cool your jets there. Playing with my sewing machine and draping things on my mannequin is still my number one fun activity right now while knitting remains at a couple of rows leisurely worked in the evening when I chill with my family, and that's the way I plan to keep it until the end of summer. Maybe longer. So if you're still waiting to see only knitting content, make sure your chair is comfy 'cause as we say in Mexico: "You'd better wait sitting down". It might be a while, amigo.

Speaking of my sewing machine, here's a peek at my current design project for my sewing pals: Inspired by 50s pinup looks, I want to make a bustier-inspired top, hip-length. Reminiscent of a bustier dress, as a matter of fact. I want it to be form-fitting with some ease at the waist and a very slight flare at the hips. I've got a stretch woven in a discreet polka-dot print that I think would work for this design, and there's just enough metrage for a sleeveless top. This is something I'd like to wear with my Crinkle cardi, if I think they look good together. I'm not drafting the pattern flat because I want play around with different seam lines in 3-D, so I'm draping on the dress form.

Before I head off for the evening, I want to show the bag that the very talented Maria from Maria's Cloud sent me as a gift (along with a really creative card she made). It's a large reversible tote that is beautifully crafted and constructed, and I'm so happy to have it. Check it out:

july_mariabag.jpg july_mariabag2.jpg

I am a regular visitor to Maria's blog, where she shares slices of her life and photos of her creations, and I encourage you to go visit her if you'd like a good blog read and creative inspiration.

*I'll have to add that scene to my short list of Scenes from Movies that Make Me Bawl, every single flipping time:

Dead Poets Society where Ethan Hawke courageously climbs onto the desk and cries out in a tear-strangled voice, "Oh Captain, my Captain!"

The Color Purple has a triple whammy: The scene where Celie and Nettie are separated, the scene where Shug and her father are reunited ("See, Daddy? Sinners have soul, too"...SOB!) and the final scene where Celie finally gets to see her sister again and meet her children. Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Rudy: What is it with this movie? It's like one long, drawn out tissue fest for me. I cried at so many scenes in that movie my eyes looked like Rocky Balboa's after a fight with Clubber Lane.

Seabiscuit: The final scene where Tobey Maguire is riding Seabiscuit in the race and losing, and his friend George lags behind so that Seabiscuit can see the other horse in order to give him the push he needs to win...sniff. Pass the tissues, please.

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Temperature here has returned to its normal summer self too! I always prefer the natural cool freshness to air-conditioning. The reversible bag is cute! Lucky you! :)
I too got misty during Coach Carter--though it's supposed to be set in Richmond, CA and yet it's clearly LA. Rent Friday Night Lights for more sports movie fun--that's actually a really good movie. Draping a bustier! Damn girl, that's fun. Tricky sewing though with all the negative ease, boning and the like. Well at least that's what I'd need to keep the darn thing up. Can't wait to see that progressing!
I'm not much of a movie cry-er, but I was just about sobbing during Crash when... wait, maybe you haven't seen that movie. Usually, it's great violence (great as in large-scale) that gets me going... like Saving Private Ryan. I cried a few times in that movie, but the beginning killed me! Oh, and anything that has to do with dads. Like in A League of Their Own, when the farm girl has to leave her dad behind... I have to stop. I'm going to weep at work! I love how the bustier is draping so far. I love to see both sewing and knitting, and I really love that your blog has both!
I cry really easily at movies too. Those three scenes in the Color Purple do me in everytime. Dead Poets Society gets me too. The worse though is Forrest Gump I sob through the whole thing.
How about Cinema Paradiso (have you seen it?) at the end, where Toto ... I am not finishing this comment in case you have not seen it. Go get it!
I've seen Cinema Paradiso - I remember that I was in N.Y.C. when it came out and that's the first time I saw it - and while I really like that movie, it's never given me the urge to cry. Saving Private Ryan, A League of Their Own and Forrest Gump are other movies I really like (I have Forrest Gump on DVD) but they've never made me cry, either. P.S. Bit of movie trivia: The actor who came out in that movie also starred in Como Agua Para Chocolate. He later had an off-screen relationship with the actress who played Tita.
yay for the cool breezes that keep you knitting! I almost died from crying from these 2 movies... Shadowlands. The Notebook. Seriously. I needed the next day to recover from The Notebook. *sniff*
I haven't seen those two! I'll need to check and see if they're at my local DVD rental...
Cried like crazy at all those scenes too. I also cry at the scene in The Joy Luck Club when Ming-Na's character goes back to China to meet her sisters. Bawl city.
A big cheer for Crinkle progress! I do love the view from your place.
The movies that make cry the most: The bridges of Madison County Dancer in the Dark (I need a BIG sheet for this one!)
Oooh...thanks for putting Ms. Crinkle up to the sun....I love the eyelet pattern!
Great lookin' bag. I am so into bags right now. I'm with Heather--The Notebook is a serious, bawlin' into the pillowcase flick. Whew! I tear up remembering it. Grab the tissues before you watch that flick.
cambric tea blouse
I *heart* all of your sewing content! It's insiring me to take up sewiing, crappy sewing that I am :P. Have you seen The Notebook? There are some real tearjerking scenes in that one, too! That moving had me crying for days after I saw it..
My Hubster loves Rudy! He always wanted to go to ND.
How about Terms of Endearment? If I'm channel-surfing, I have to watch. It's like a car wreck: can't look away, cry for the rest of the day.
I love going to design school vicariously. Thanks for the link to Maria's Cloud as well - very cool blog. xox, J
Hey girl, I'm with you. We're just starting our first serious summer heat wave (the others were just warm-ups to the main event, yuk yuk), and I know the knitting is going to suffer. Silk, cotton, linen, it doesn't matter. Even with air-conditioning, knitting takes a back seat! Fortunately I have plenty of Great Books piled on the nightstand...
Sometimes it's hard to concentrate on just knitting when there are so many other fun and creative things to do too. I have that problem more and more since I started spinning. And this heat doesn't help matters any. Have a great weekend Becky!
Another few great tear-jerkers (or even just great movies) for ya would be Life is Beautiful (I prefer it in the original Italian, but it's also available dubbed in English), Cinema Paradiso (Italian), and a few great French films like Jean de Floret and its sequel Manon des Sources, or Camille Claudel (brilliant!). A great Danish film is Babette's Feast. You may have better luck finding them where you are over the pond than one does here. But they're not great knitting movies anyway - at least not for the knitting I do. Maybe I need to start a log cabin garter stitch blanket!
Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog the other day :) It's been a rough few weeks, but I'm amazed at how supportive everyone has been- especially everyone in the knitblog world! Stop by Fondle My Sweaters again, I stop by Fluffa! often :) (by the way, even though I can't sew a stitch to save my life, I love hearing about your sewing news... it certainly makes me wish I knew my way around a sewing machine!)
I cry all the way through The Color Purple. I am totally welling up right now! AH! I agree with Joy Luck Club...I cry through that movie too. Maybe it's because I'm 1/2 black and 1/2 Chinese... :)
Another thing I like about your blog is that when reading the comments I realize just how old I am!!!! Though not a contemporary of the movie (if I was I would be way old!), I cry at the thought of watching 'Best Years of Our Lives'. When Fredrice March comes home from the war and sees Myrna Loy...'''those are my tears, I'm crying already. I wish the temp would break in New Jersey. It's hot to knit but not to hot to eat.
City Lights has a great tearjerking scene.
What about Steel Magnolias? When Sally Field as M'Lynn cries, "I'm fine! I'm fine! I could walk to Texas and back, but my Shelby can't!" Oh, it makes me weep every time.
J'ai hâte de voir ce que va donner ce bustier de pin up...! C'est interessant de voir ton travail sur le mannequin. C'est sûrement beaucoup plus pratique que les patrons... et mieux ajusté, bien sûr !
I am SO glad you like it. You have no idea how nervous I was sending it to you, knowing what a perfectionist you are. Hope you get a lot of use out of it. Cheers Maria
It's cooler here today too and I might be able to convince myself to touch some wool. Crinkle is looking marvelous and I love the idea of the bustier. Happy sewing.
What is it about Rudy? My DH says it's the french horn music - and I agree! We watch it OFTEN - there is something so very wonderful about it all. I'm a crier - whenever I tear up, sure enough - the french horn is swelling!

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