July 27, 2004

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Beep beep! Someone's now rolling along nicely on her "Jacke Apricot". I finished the back and am moving along on the front pieces now. Here's the back, which I knit while watching "Anne of Green Gables" [love that series!]:

Hello. Please block me.

This yarn is so smooth to knit! GGH deserves a gold star on their forehead for coming up with this one. It's light, airy, and doesn't tire out the hands like some worsted cottons. If someone offered me 5 sweaters' worth of Java in exchange for my donning a pair of lederhosen and dancing around the block while singing out, "I LIKE JAVA", you bet your java I'd do it.

And there's stash enhancement news! A friend just had a baby boy, and I - under the notion that I have no yarn in my stash suitable to make a gift for a baby boy [please allow me to continue to remain under this notion for purposes of justification] - go to the yarn store with the intention of (as I told my husband) "checking out yarn colors". I checked out the yarn colors, and then I walked out with the latest Tendances and Layette pattern books, and some yarn to make the new baby a sweater. Oops! Say it with me now, darlin': Rabbit likes to yarn shop!

Yarn is "Oxygene" and "Brumes".

There's more...here's another stash enhancement I can't help sharing because it's just so fabuloso: Some Cotton Fleece from my pal Theresa, which she sent on over so that I can make Gigi. (Yes, I must think that I have a thousand knitting hands.)

Welcome to the stash, my dears!

I need to get my hands on some 3.25mm dpns, so I can get to Gigi this summer. Then again, I'm on such a cardi kick right now I may end up doing it in fall, instead. In any event, I've got some fun knitting months ahead.

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Oh, you crack me up. Love your new yarn. But I cannot believe I have been enjoying the very two Phildar books for more than a month now. After all, my next Phildar store is, um, across a very big body of water. I was a drooling whimpering overwhelmed mess for a week after I got it. Oh to be able to skip down the store and get that fabulous yarn and knit it all up in one go!
I must admit, the latest yarns are very drool-worthy in person. I had to restrain myself from picking out some yarn for a project from the Tendances right then and there. Let's see if I can keep that restraint going for at least three more months!
Not to hog the space here, but I KNOW of what you speak. Without having seen the yarn in question, in person. I'm crossing my fingers for your resolve. ;-)
Phildar... I only discovered it recently (apparently I've been clueless) in my lys. Oxygene and Brumes are so squishily soft! And the latest Tendances, there's a jacket in there that looks so much like a Chanel... very chic! I'm starting to crave your stash now!
oh that cardi is fabulous. i have to order my java. just as i was thinking about substituting, you give the java the seal of approval and i must get some. that cotton fleece is just delicious and the colors are great for gigi. and what phildar picks! i have ordered that mag from canada a while back and i still don't think it is due to arrive 'til later this summer (wah!) and for some reason they are not even listing the layette. lucky you. i cruzed that baby mag at the phildar site and i am sure you knit up something wonderful 'cause that book is filled with all things cute! and i love that 'checking out colors'
Hi Becky! I love your "jacke apricot", though it seems to be a "jacke Rose" on my computer... Those phildar baby patterns are so cute: I can well understand you had to go and check out yarn colours...quel bon prétexte! I have some cotton fleece in my stash and I'm really craving for that yarn! Maudits tarifs postaux!
Love the ribbing detail. I'd say it would look very slimming but on you, you may disappear. I wish I wasn't on a yarn diet...
That jacket is going to be SOO cute when it is done. And of course we will all support you in stash enhancement justification... what else are friends for? :) tee hee, checking out the yarn colors....I've got to try that one on my boyfriend.
hi becky! i'm drooling jealously over your cardi! i'm knitting up the same pattern but obviously messed up somewhere when the eyelets & ribbing detail came in. i just have the 2 front pieces to go but now i'm sorry that i hadn't frogged back to fix it : ( i can't wait to see your finished piece!
your Jacke Apricot is fabulous & I can't wait to see it on you. It may warrant another photo op on a local vespa! I will scroll back to see which Rebecca magazine this lovely pattern is in and will hunt it down.
I forgot to say I really like the new look of your website! cudos to you on such great design work.
I love love love Cotton Fleece -- my lys only carries a handful of colors, and not that lovely pinky pinkness. And I believe there's a long tradition of stash enhancement that happens spontaneously just from checking out yarn colors.
Very pink and pretty :) I think I may have to take a trip to France just to check out one of these Phildar boutiques. Whats the luggage limit again? ;)
Ah Becky...admit it. Any excuse to don lederhosen and dance round the block would do, no? The real question is, will the lederhosen be handknit? ;)
YAY Anne of Green Gables! I assume you are talking of the one with Megan Follows? I have an Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea marathon at least once a year. Love to wish I were Anne and drool over Gilbert Blythe. *sigh*
I was once accused of forcing someone to respond a certain way. But I said, "Not true, and I can prove it. If I had that kind of power, I would've forced you to express yourself through the ancient Bavarian art of clogging while wearing lederhosen!" So, it's kind of nice to know that there is someone out there who may actually be willing to do this for me, under the right circumstances... Love the Jacke Apricot! And Cotton Fleece, too -- so nice to knit with.
the jacke cardi is just hummin' along. I can't wait to see the other cardi - the one you were knitting while on vacation! Love the magazines you got - I also saw the Layette on the Phildar site - it was so cute it made me want to have babies! And I'm only 26! can't wait to see the posted cardi. p.s. I think you should post something daily - for the rest of us to live vicariously through you!
~sigh~ it seems impossible to get Phildar in Aus. I am literally green with envy.
I too love the Rebecca cardi. She's looking very loverly. I was thinking about looking for a different yarn also until reading your post on it. Now I'll stick with the GGH Java. :-)
Thanks for the encouragement on my "Jacke", everyone! Laetitia: Your computer shows you the truth; it's a very, very pale rose. Next time we meet up, I'll take it with me so you can see it. Beverlee: I don't think that a lot of LYS carry this particular color. It was special-ordered and took a few weeks to get in. I'm glad I waited for it, because it is a beautiful color in person! Melanie: The very same. I realy like Megan Follows in that role; she plays the character perfectly. Diane: I forgot the clogs! Let's include the clogs with the lederhosen. Which, of course, would be knitted :-) Froggy and Eilene: definitely stick with the Java if you can. I had considered substituting with Plassard Grand Large, which is similar to Rowan's ASC or Lion Brand Cotton Ease, but my row gauge was off and I wasn't entirely happy with the color. I didn't want to tinker with the row gauge because the lacy rib pattern staggers every two rows, so I decided to just go ahead with the original yarn. I was surprised when I saw it in person; it's much lighter than it appears in the mag.
What a beautiful thing the Jacke Apricot is. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete article. If only I had some Lederhosen... I would feel compelled to send them over just to see the blog pictures!!!
Dancing in Lederhosen? We want to see the pictures. Wearing a bucket hat with a feather in it, of course! Cardi looks good, by the way.
The Rebecca jacket is looking great! Some of us in our knitting group had planned to make that one, but got sidetracked with a million other things. Don't we all wish we had a thousand knitting hands!
I would pay to see you in Lederhosen.
Love all the pinks! I've been very interested in pink this season as well! Especially for purchases made at the mall of the shoe persuasion.
So happy to hear you are a kindred spirit with Anne! I loved the books and the series! Great for knitting! I adored working with Cotton Fleece. I made a Chickami out of it...and of course - it's pink so I must drool a bit! If you must wear lederhosen, make sure you have those ultra chic knee socks with the tassles on the side!
Ooh, your Aprikozen Jacke is ganz suss! I also enjoyed making this little number, though I had the pleasure of using the Phildar Aviso that a bitty bunny helped me acquire. Have you thought about the buttons yet? Now let me write that one down..."just to check out the colors..." Somehow I don't think Herr Rabbit was born yesterday...
ooh yor cardi looks lovely. and there's nothing wrong with checking out the new colors at a lys. you can't help it some yarn jumped into your basket when you were fondling the cashmere. anne of green gables if the BEST! "fishing for lake trout" is the best line and who doesn't love gilbert?
I 3rd the praises for the Anne series (books and movies), except for the third movie which I recall seemed pretty silly, and was never part of the original series written by L.M. Montgomery. I think perhaps I'm a purist when it comes to Anne Shirley. I want to buy the DVDs from amazon when I get the chance. p.s. Your sweater looks great!
Your sweater looks marvelous! I have been stash enhancing myself lately. My boyfriend thinks I may have to take over an entire room soon! I bought the pattern for Gigi as soon as it was released! I've not yet bought the yarn, but I love Cotton Fleece and can't wait (I'm thinking perhaps baby blue and black, for mine). Any word anywhere of a Gigi-along?
Wow! Jacke is a beaut! I can't wait to see it all completed. You are a speedy knitter. And I LOVE Anne! I wish I had red hair and freckles! My friend and I talked about going to PEI to visit one day....but I have the PBS series and used to watch it all the time! I've been eyeing the BS Cotton Fleece. There is too much wonderful yarn I want to collect!!!
Oooh, the back is looking great. I'm a fan of pale pink. And Cotton Fleece is good stuff.
Just love that cute little cardi pattern, may just have to find one of my very own, also love Gigi and as soon as I can make up my mind what colour I want I'll be Gigi-alonging.
Dear Becky, this cardi is going to look the cutest! This color is really nice, too. Kind of a powder pink, as we could call it? I never heard/read about that yarn, though, and so I will have to look around, and will get more excuses for stash enhancement ;-) This Brume yarn from Phildar is on my list as well, I wonder if we're planning to knit the same little jumper? With the 2 zippers?
The cardi - fabulous. The stash, wonderful. What will you wear with the cardi when you are done? Hmmmm.
Mmmmmm, Cotton Fleece. That reminds me that I never finished the Bucket o'Chic. Ooooooooooops. Your yarn is lovely, but unfortunately I'm having that problem where I can't see all the pictures on your site! I wish I could figure out why...:(
Em: I'm sorry you're still having that browser issue. Like I said, if you're using javascript-enabled MSIE, you shouldn't have to right click on my links to get the popup windows to open; the left button should allow you to do that.
LOL! you just couldn't help your self now could you. I belive I have some "metal" 3.25 dpn's...at least that's what the Susan Bates gauge check indicated. Thier yours if you want them, just so I could get to see another one of your brilliant works of knitting in the making =) ...am I an enabler?
i feel your - what - compulsion? WHY do i have sooo much yarn? yikes. but then you see more and you just can't stop yourself - oh well. it will find it's purpose one day, right?
Who needs a reason for stash enhancement, eh? But I laughed at your comment about needing more because of the new baby boy. I did the same thing recently because a family member had a girl! Excuses for yarn are always a good thing! Oh, and the 3.25mm dpns - we just got some Crystal Palace bamboo dpns into the shop, let me know if you are still looking!

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