July 26, 2007

[Taps microphone.] Is this thing on?

I hope so, because I have knitting to talk about!

It's the armhole shaping on my Silk Top. I've stopped knitting in the round, and am now working on one side flat. Thanks to armhole shaping, the rows have gotten shorter and I no longer feel like Tita and her miles long blanket from Como Agua para Chocolate. It's all downhill from here, friends. Let's have a margarita to celebrate.

In Happy Vacation news, I've been hanging with my Captain Destructo. We went to the park yesterday. A few random peeks for you:

That's all for today! I've got another dress in the works so I'm off to do some sewing while I watch Arthur and the Minimoys on DVD.

P.S. Before I head off, let me point you in the direction of my other site: tortillagirl.com. That's where I show finished objects that end up in my online shop (like the Linen Dress I gave you a peek at the other day), and you can subscribe to that site if you'd like to know when I update it. And while we're on the subject, it's almost time for my monthly shop promo for my loyal Skinny Rabbit visitors, so subscribe to skinnyrabbit.com as well if you haven't already as the promos only show up in my site's feed subscriptions, not on my site's main page. [I talked about that here.] And if you're already subscribed to me, I thank you kindly! You rock :-)

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Your knits are fantastic! I've been reading yr blog for about a year now and reviewing all of your creations and your knitted items. Very impressive. I have been very much motivated by them all. Great blog! ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks for commenting with such kind words! I appreciate your reading, especially since my knitting is so pokey lately. I'm looking forward to fall and winter, when I get the urge to knit warm and cozy things :-)
It looks like you had a really fun day! Can't wait to see the finished silk top. I have some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk that I'm looking for a project for. I'm leaning toward Bonne Marie's Nicole right now.
I've taken a siesta from knitting for quite some time, but I'm getting inspired to get back to it. I can see a finished silk top in your near future!
Looks like you had a great day with the Captain! I especially love the car (what is it with boys and their cars?!). The silk top continues to look absolutely drool-worthy.
That looks like a beautiful top and a fun day! I have been keeping up with your tortillagirl website, you have many beautiful designs!
I wish I had your energy! I have photos waiting to be posted and knitted (and crocheted) items still waiting to be photographed. Someone give me a kick in the behind already! I look forward to seeing a whack rabbit dance when that silk tank is done, btw. I can't dance, but I can live vicariously through the people that do...
(Delurking after ages of reading...)I can't wait to see the finished silk top, it looks scrumptious! And it looks like the two of you had great weather for a day at the park.
Hanging out with the kid(s) is always worth it! Looks like you had a great day. And jippeee for your knitting! I so look forward to see this piece finished, the yarn looks like pure heaven.
Looks like you are having a productive summer. I have been so caught up working on my Pi shawl that my other WIP's are getting pretty lonely!
woo hoo! Sleeve shaping rocks.It makes you feel like you are on towards the finish line! Strawberry margarita anyone?
There's nothing wrong with pokey knitting. You have a ton of stuff you do, and it is wonderful seeing all of the things you create whether they are knitting or not.
The silk top is looking lovely Becky! What a beautiful park and a handsome Captain Destructo!!
It totally bums me out to think that the Captain will someday become a teenager and probably think that posing for his mom's blog is completely lame. Can't we just freeze him the way he is and thaw him out for days in the park with his mom and whack dance sequences? Nah, I jest. I'm sure he's going to be an awesome little man at every age and it's fun to catch glimpses of him growing up here. The silk top suspense is building - can't wait for it to be finished!
Looks like you two had a great time at the park! What's that car the Captain is driving? ======================================= Note by Becky: It's a go-kart at the park. I have another photo of him riding one when he was smaller. I have to search it out on the blog and show it again. He looooves those karts!
Looks like fun was had by all.
Funny thing with photos and with children too - I can't tell what age your Captain is. Sometimes I see his picture and think that he's "all grown up" and now I see that he still likes to play and hang with Mama. Aww. ======================================= Note by Becky: Oh, I know. He's my little pal! When I'm drawing he'll pull up a chair and draw with me. Right now I'm at the computer and he's next to me building a Mecano vehicle and singing out loud to Smash Mouth's All Star :-)
It's so nice to be on vacation and getting time to spend with your son. I love the picture of the lake and the birds, such a pretty one.
Just thought I'd stop in and comment so I could start on down the path towards recognition as a Loyal Reader. :) I've been reading your blog for a while, but never commented. I love your commentary and pictures for the projects you make, and I was happy to see you posting regularly again with summer vacation! ====================================== Note by Becky: Welcome, and thanks for commenting :-)
Becky, do you ever get rowing out when you switch from in-the-round to straight knitting? This is a beautiful piece of knitting! And we all can relate to pokey knitting... ======================================= Note by Becky: Nope. Haven't had that problem yet.
Your linen dress is gorgeous, as is your Maria-inspired clutch!

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