July 26, 2002


My Rebecca top is finished! It's just a bit damp still, as I decided to wash it because it had been handled so much after seaming and knitting the neckline (in the round, I might add, which has to be one of the most "blah" things on the face of this planet...I found it cumbersome to be turning a whole garment while knitting on teensy 40 cm long circular needles!) that it was a bit stretched out. And it smelled kinda funny. What is it about certain cotton blends that make them reek after excessive handling, despite knitting with clean hands? Ick. Anyway, here's a sneak peek at the damp garment, and as soon as it dries I'll pull it on and parade up and down my neighborhood street with a big, flashing neon that reads, "Hey, people! I knitted this!" Okay, I'm kidding about the neon sign. But I'm looking forward to wearing the top this weekend as the type of weather we're currently having is perfect for it!

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***wow***!! that is gorgeous, becky.
Beautiful, becky! It's like one great big piece of ribbing. I think that smell you are talking about is chemicals - either the smell of the dyes or the bleaching compounds or the stuff they use to make something superwash. Some superwash wools really smell horrible. I have to wash my hands after blocking them.
Wow! I love it! That looks fantastic!
That is one gorgeous rockin' piece of work!! It looks like a greek column that is moving up musically. Have you got any other Rebecca patterns on the menu now that you have mastered this one?
What a fabulous sweater!
Looks Fantastic!!
Ditto what they all said. You deserve the neon.
what a beautiful sweater!! i wish my knitting looked as nice as yours!! all of your projects turn out so nice!!
what a beautiful sweater!! i wish my knitting looked as nice as yours!! all of your projects turn out so nice!!
Thanks for such nice compliments, everyone! Frankly, after so much frogging I did on this project I'm just glad I finished it :-) Michelle, there are definitely other patterns I'd like to do from the Rebecca 23 (the halter, the eyelet sweater, and the wrap halter), but I'm thinking about waiting until early Spring so I can get a few Fall things knitted. Can't wait to see the latest issue in August!
Wowza. Muy impressive.
Ok. Now I really, really have to find out how I can get Rebecca here in Norway. That is SO gorgeous!! :o)
Becky, nice job on the sweater....it is always nice when a project turns out just like you hoped it would!
WOW! Absolutely stunning, Becky!
Architectural Poetry sublime...
dang! that's gorgeous!! brava!!

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