July 24, 2006

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

Hey! Remember that Go-Go's Vacation video where they're wearing tutus and "dancing" on water-skis? People, I am so enjoying my time off that I would totally wear a tutu and tiara while water-skiing. Point me to the nearest lake, Cap'n Slappy. [I do know how to water-ski. Never done it while wearing a tutu, though.]

Let me show you what I got this Monday afternoon:

Ahhh...the Sleeve Cap in a sunbathing moment.
(And it is very hot and sunny over here, lemmetellya.)
P.S. Now I'm craving a coco loco.

It's all about Sleeve Cap City! Which means that I finished the first sleeve of my Crinkle cardi. Frankly, I wish I had a second sleeve progress photo to show as well, but I haven't even cast on for the second sleeve because I am being depleted of my desire to knit by a little thing called Too Freaking Hot Weather-itis over here.

Therefore, I sew. I finished the linen pants I mentioned the other day (photos as soon as my photographer, a.k.a. Monsieur Le Hubby is available for a photo shoot) and I'm now working on a summer top of my own design. Here's a preview of it:

Don't mind me.
I'm just hangin' on the hanger and waiting to get hemmed, ALREADY.

It's a scoop-neck sleeveless top based upon a design croquis I made in early June. This one is a toned-down version of my initial design but the basic elements are there. This weekend I sorted through my fabric stash and decided on a thin cotton print I got from the design studio, then I drafted the pattern. [Click here for a sneaky peek at it.] Yesterday afternoon was spent sewing the top, and all I need to do now is press the armholes and lining (the fabric is really thin, so I lined the bodice), and - you guessed it - press and stitch the hem. (HEMS. Oh, how I love pressing and stitching them...NOT.)

Up next on my sewing plate: Lemme see...I want to design a bustier and a halter; I was inspired by starlets of the 50s and I already made some sketches with stash fabric in mind. And I'd like to try these clever "Built by You" Simplicity patterns that Silvia - she of the mad design and sewing skills - sent me. I really want to sew that cute little jacket shown in plaid...I've been wanting to make something like that for myself ever since I saw the brilliant rounded coats that Nicolas Ghesquière designed for Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2006/2007 collection. I'd be able to use the Built by You pattern for it which means that half the work is already done. Woot, woot! [Revs sewing machine pedal.]

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So much inspiration. Too much heat! Come on the thunder storms.
It's like this every year at this time: STIFLING. (I wouldn't mind it so much if I had a beach two steps away in which I could plunge myself every five minutes.)
It's hot here too! Best weather for sewing and not knitting.
Could you get any more talented? (Wait... don't answer.) That plaid rounded jacket will be perfect on you - love it! I do remember those tutus! I loved the GoGos! Only I now have the opening bars of "Head Over Heels" - remember that synthesized keyboard? - playing over and over in my head...
Merci, my dear :-) And look what I searched out for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJqzOI8JmDg It's the Go-Go's Vacation video :-)
It was so very hot in NYC too - we had a massive thunderstorm and the heat finally broke on Sunday. I feel like I've been hearing the Go-Go's a lot recently in stores and such. I remember listening to the Vacation album with my girlfriends, in the basement of someone's house. We thought we were too cool!
We have a thunderstorm approaching right now, and that is not so funny either. But hey, nice to see your sewing projects! You have me thinking about digging out my own machines, and I have no time for sewing. You heard me machines, no time. Shut up, don't scream "I want out and sew", I don't even know where you are. You are not coming out. These are my final words. No.
Wow...always busy creating something! Love those jackets...
Looking forward to seeing all those lovely sewing projects... It is hot here too (quite unusual, unlike where you live) but the beach is only round the corner... No I don't want to make you jealous...
My post got rejected earlier, but I think we should have an immediate hem-along since I've got a sundress without a hem ready to go and it's 100 degrees outside again.
My Mom still has all her patterns from that era - and a few dresses, too. It's fun to look through them, and thanks to you I'll put it on my list to do next time I'm home :) Bonne vacances! You're doing lots of good work, even if it's hot. Amazing :)
I am glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation. I haven't been very motivated with my knitting in this heat either. Everything is so sticky! The summer-top-to-be looks cool and airy.
You know what you need? A hemming foot. You can get them for different sizes of hems; mine is 1/4" wide. You feed the fabric into the curved metal bit which flips the fabric under and then it gets sewn. I'm always making huge dresses with even huger skirts, so it saves my life.
Those jackets are fabulous, and I cannot wait to see the Rabbit version!
I need to make a little linen blouse with cap sleeves for the hot Midwestern summer. Today I bought a swing skirt from Ralph Lauren for $4 and ripped it apart this evening whilst watching the telly. Now I have three lovely yards of tea-rose pink linen to make something with!
I find sewing to actually be sweatier than knitting. Plus I have to worry about dripping sweat on my project 'cause I lean over my work(probably because I am concentrating so hard since I suck at sewing)
Adorable top -- it'd go really well with the skirt I bought yesterday, in hopes of taking in the waist slightly and then copying it! BUT, it's too darn hot to sew or knit or anything (over 100F inside the house is. NOT. fun.) And my vacation is rapidly slipping away...
I figured you and the little family would have went to the beach for this summer. You know you want to go.LOL I bet you wear this top often! I know I would! It's so lovely.
Hey Becky..put a few more holes in that lil' black number just for the air flow. Stay hydrated and keep cool...when possible!
hi becky, i've been secretly admiring all of your sewings, especially the pants! i made a pair not too long ago it didn't go as well as i had hoped. oh well. hope you're enjoying the vacation so far!
You take "vacations" like I do--sew when you want, knit when you want, read when you want . . . Who wants to sit? I have projects to last me a lifetime, not just the three weeks I'm on vacation! In fact, I lose sleep on vacations because I become engrossed in whatever I am doing . . .when I want. :)
Hope you're staying cool in all the heat. Your vacation sounds like one I'd like to take...oh wait, I am taking it.(:
now I've got that song stuck in my head! heh. nice caps...and can't wait to see the final result!
I love the simple design of your tank. That is just what I need for my vacation! I am envious of your sewing skills and design ability to make such clothing. I don't have enough patience. Goodness I haven't even had the patience to shop for my wardrobe lately!
oh, how I would love to see a picture of The Rabbit in a tutu on waterskis! hee hee! I am right there with you on the too-hot-to-knit-itis. ugh.
Oooh I like the third of those coats a lot. But then I can't imagine wearing one in the current sweltering heat! I like the look of that top you're designing - it looks very cool.
Your site is so inspiring. I love seeing what you will create next. Maybe a Go-Gos tutu skirt, adapted for modern wear? We have their songs on the iPod for just such an occasion as this (hot weather, upcoming week off). Hope you stay cool, and get all the things made that you want to!
heh -- i'm trying to cheat on the hem of a skirt by cutting it from the bottom of a dress...that top looks so floaty, and i'm dying to see the pants!
Oooh, those rounded coats are interesting! I'm not sure if I like them, but I like their difference.

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