July 24, 2004

More postcards from La Loire.

Back piece, take two.
[Zoom in, zoom out.]

This is the back piece AFTER I had reached the armhole shaping and ripped back [only about, oh...50 rows!] to where the waist shaping began because I discovered that I had done the increases over an incorrect number of rows. I surely wasn't going to leave it the way it was because doing so would have required omitting an increase, and you just know that I'm not going to do that. Maybe I'll get in the car and head back to the Loire for another vacation, because the return home appears to have broken my knitting concentration. (Okay, I'm kidding.) Speaking of which, I present you with:

More postcards from the Loire!

The Captain, playing in the gardens at Chenonceau.
Click the thumbnails below for lots more pictures!

loire_thumb loire_thumb.jpg loire_thumb.jpg

I thought I'd throw in some more vacation photos for the cool people who visit my site on the weekends. Now, it's time for me to settle in for a quiet Saturday evening with the husband and some Cremant de Loire, which the good man bought during our trip. Maybe I'll knit some more rows on this cardi, which (in spite of my having to rip out once and wee bit of grumbling) really is a quick and enjoyable knit. GGH Java just rolls on the needles!

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Thank you for the new postcards! You take the best pictures. I MISS Europe. Time to go home! I'm glad to hear that the cardi flies of the needles as I can do with a quick project. I've swatched for it, but have to finish some other things first! Have an enjoyable weekend back home.
What fabulous pictures! Thanks so much for posting them. They make me miss living in Europe, too. Germany has some great castles and cathedrals. Maybe I can get my sisters to go back and visit with me. I know the 10 years away has them missing "home" (we're army brats, but spent the bulk of our childhood in Berlin and Bad Kreuznach).
Great pictures!! Canīt wait to see Provence in September even thought I will be too tired from cycling to enjoy any view :)
Sniffle....sniffle. I want to go to europe.... Your vacation looks awesome! Glad the captain got his sword and shield. Now he and HBomb can duel... En Guarde!
Those photos are just amazing. Did you buy me a castle? I want one of those. Thank you for sharing that. And Lucy looks SO MUCH like Ty in that photo. Except, she's clean!
Ohhh! Apricot cardi looks yummy so far. Do you think the crochet edging and buttonholes would be hard for someone who has never crocheted? Love the pics!
The pictures are fantastic as always, I love to visit cathedrals and castles, so these have to go on our "places we have to visit" list! Thanks for the inspiration.
Well you sure love ribbing...fantastic work and photos as ever.
sigh... Your photos are making me want to re-read Sandra Gulland's "The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B." (Historical fiction... it's the story of Napoleon's wife, and is written like a diary). The photos also making me want to tag along when my husband's band goes to the UK and Europe in the fall. Double sigh. Dare to dream...
Wow, flashback time! During my first trip ever to France (at 12) we rented an apartment in a tiny, ten person town in the Loire Valley and spent a month chateau-hopping. I can still remember my mother translating the son-et-lumiere at one chateau in a whisper while bats swooped around in the night sky. Ah... Oh, and, yes. The "Jacke" is very chic and I admire your fortitude in taking on more ribbing (although the yarn can make all the difference there, as we know). Are you going to have to shorten the sleeves? Patterns like that (with below-elbow detail and shaping) always scare me from the perspective of sleeve-shortening.
Beautiful photos! I love the cardi and can't wait to see the finished product.
Thank you so much for sharing your incredible pictures of your vacation! I can't wait until my trip to France next Spring! As always your knitting looks fabulous!! "The Kid" looks like he had a great time!! So cute!
Thank-you for sharing your lovely photographs - it looks like you had a great holiday. I like the look of the 'Jacke', very beautiful knitting.
Wow. Your knitting photos inspire me to knit more, and your photos of France simply inspire! I have got to get there one day!
Beautiful job on the cardi. Clara over at seeds-of-reverie.blogspot.com is knitting it too! It will be fun to see how they both turn out. Thanks for more beautiful pics of your vacation.
Those pics are unbelievable! That staircase is beautiful. And the light show....I know it was even more breathtaking in person! Thanks for sharing all your pics!! Was that tiger really that close to you? *shudder*.
Clearly you go on vacation with a serious mission for grabbing stylin' blog-pix-fodder. Nice angles & composition. What is that funny animal-thing sitting so primly on the rock???
I've been to Chenonceau! It's beautiful. I want to go back to France so badly. Your Jacke is looking great. Sorry you had to rip so much!
Cardi looks scrumptious. I see there is already a "Jackie" here, so I will become French, in honor of your blog, and be "Jacqueline". Looked at the lovely pictures...le sigh...
Yay, you're back! Yay, more knitting! It's all so lovely. And I am just salivating over the pictures you took.
Becky!! Frogging means you get to do what you love the most again! Love the vaca photos!
The photos are wonderful! It must have been a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Just recently came across your blog - WOW!!! Beautiful knitting in beautiful places - what could be better.... I enjoyed reading all your past posts and am now all caught up and anxious for more! I do love the pink sweater you are working on now - I've got a similar pattern I'm about to start that is ribbed all over. What kind of cast-on did you use?
The Apricot cardi is such a pretty color! Thanks for the wonderful pictures of your vacation. I especially love the night time shots of the castle. Definitely makes me want to get away SOON!
That Jacke is on my list of things I'd love to so. Not sure I'm ready for it, but I'm so glad I get to watch you make one. It should be very instructive. :o) Lovely holiday pics too, thanks for sharing!
Becky, those photos are just remarkable! They are just beautiful and you just can't beat them with the captions to boot. Between your blog and the coverage of le Tour that I have been watching at every possible moment, I know I must somehow get to France for a vacation. Just amazing! I was taping le Tour as I was watching it just so I could review it again and marvel of the countryside and beauty of the country. And your Apricot cardi is looking so well. I have definitely learned from your blogging that frogging only puts you that much closer more beautiful knits. I am trying to decide which color of java to order. The more I see apricot, the more I love it. And how cute is your little captain? Just adorable!
aah...vive la France! In 2006, when I am in France, we have to have a knitting date!;) I have to look at the specs for that ggh java...it looks great. Your digi camera takes excellent pictures...I am upgrading soon, any special bells and whistles with yours?
Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I must admit: I do love the architecture here. I miss it whenever I'm away. Carrie: Hee hee...the tiger was that close, but I was behind protective glass. Believe me, if I hadn't been behind that glass I wouldn't have been taking pictures, I would have been a-runnin'! Diane: Thank you for the kind words, and welcome! For this particular project I decided to use a two-tail (or slingshot) cast-on. Froggy: As soon as I saw the Apricot Jacket, I knew that I wanted it in that pink. It is so pretty in person, the photos don't do it justice. I hope you decide to knit it, too! Heather: I use a Nikon Coolpix 3100. It's so easy to use. Just point and shoot, and I never retouch my pictures. Just resize and upload.
I know this sentiment isn't exactly original, but thank you for posting your vacation pictures! They are amazing, and feed my desire to get to Europe (& especially France) to see these things for myself! In the meantime, though, I'll definitely be content paging through your snapshots!
My fave picture of ALL of those is your boy walking on the lawn of the castle, leaned over, looking for four-leaf clovers..... Totally wonderful.

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