July 24, 2002

He knits! Awwwwwww.....

Early this morning I placed my knitting on my work table and got up to go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee while I left my 22-month-old toddler sitting on his tricycle in the living room. He was engrossed in his little bike so I thought I could leave him alone for ten seconds. I heard him get off his bike and clunk around a bit, then he got eerily quiet. "What are you doing in there?" I called out. He didn't say anything. I stuck my head out of the kitchen and saw him sitting at the table with my knitting all bunched up in his hands. Apparently, he had tried to "knit", and twisted up my circular needles into a pretzel, while sticking the points of the needles into various parts of my work. Frankly, it was too much of an "awwww" moment for me to get upset over the fact that he ruined a few rows of knitting.

Speaking of which, I finished the top! The neckline (despite the damage done to it as mentioned above) came out nicely, save for the fact that I think I bound off the stitches a wee bit too tightly. I can pull the top over my head just fine, but when I try to pull it off it nearly yanks off my eyebrows. I may have to redo that last row a bit more loosely unless I want to walk around looking like I've gone a bit crazy with the tweezers. Also, the armholes look like crap to me. The pattern calls for them to be seamless, and despite neat selvedges they look unfinished. So I'll be crocheting a row of slip stitches around the armholes as soon as I finish blocking the shoulder seams. Yes, I had to block the shoulder seams. This yarn is so thick, the unblocked seams at the shoulders made me look like I was wearing shoulder pads. Just like a football player. Or Joan Crawford. You get the picture.

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Okay, that is an aww moment, but I have to say that I really thought you were going to say that he had spilled your coffee all over the white yarn.... my heart was in my throat until i read the next bit. Boy was I relieved *hehe*
Can't wait to see the finished product!
Whew! Looks like it's time to make Jr his own knit kit LOL. Can't wait to see the final pics either -- I just finished working out how to complete the cable knit sweater for the DH and I'm going to have to work some more on the roll neck. Good thing is he really likes it. Bad thing is it's too warm to wear it hehe.
invite a couple kids over from playgroup, and you've got yourself a little sweatshop in the making! ;)
Did you teach yourself how to crochet, too? I bought two books, a hook, and some yarn and took them all on the plane with me so I could teach myself how to do it--not all airports in the U.S. of A. allow knitting needles through, so I thought I better learn how to crochet. Two five-hour trips later, and I'm still completely baffled. What's the secret? (thanks for the link, btw)
Thankfully, Morgan, he didn't do that. But I did once while working on a pair of blue and white cotton shorts for him last year. The only way to fix that is to unravel everything and wash the yarn. You would think I'd have learned not to knit and slurp coffee at the same time :-) Janet, I learned the very basics of crochet from my Mom. She doesn't knit, but she went through a "crochet" phase when I was about eight (in the seventies...remember how everyone wanted to wear granny squares?), and bought me hooks and stuff so I could try it, too. I caught on to it quickly, and remember crocheting a clumsy little sweater for my toy monkey. Although I've forgotten a lot of what I learned back then, I do remember the very basics. I think it's easy - much more so than knitting.

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