July 20, 2006

Random Rabbit at Work Shot:

Say hello to "Speedy".
It's the machine I used at work, and he's my pally.
Sniff. I'll miss him.
(I was making a bustier dress in the photo.)

Yesterday was the last day of my internship at the design studio. I can't believe it's already over; the time flew when I was there. I'll miss it and the girls with whom I worked, but I am sooooooooooooo ready for some time off. Bring on the vacay, bay-beee!

And bringin' it in is a little bit of Crinkle:

Finish me ALREADY.

Working a bit on my son's Linen Jacket broke the monotony of knitting all those eyelets in black yarn, so I got back to working some rows here and there on Crinkle's sleeve over the past few evenings. I'll probably knit on through until I finish the sleeve, and then I'll work on another piece of the Captain's Linen Jacket. Then, once I finish either Crinkle or the Linen Jacket, I'll have room in my stash for some new yarn purchases. Muwaahaaaaaa!

Welcome to the Skinny Rabbit Sewing Hour.

I've also got my sewing machine and serger out at home, and am making a linen pant for me. Nothing fancy, just long full trousers with darts and a side zip...something I can wear casually with little halters or sleeveless t-shirts because people, it is freaking HOT over here and I don't even want to look at another pair of jeans until fall rolls around. This pant is straightforward, so I quickly drafted the pattern using my basic pant construction. (In case you're wondering what my basic pant construction - which we call a "rhodoid", because we draft it on rhodoid plastic in indelible ink - looks like, here's a peek at it.)

While we're on the subject of sewing for myself, I kinda went whack-greedy at the fabric store summer sale and bought a load of basic fabric in solid neutrals, mostly cotton and linen. I'll probably stash most of this fabric for school projects but I do want to make a couple of mini dresses (I like to wear these layered over lightweight pants in the city), and maybe a feminine frou-frou white shirt. I particularly like some of the pieces Chloé featured in her Spring 2006 RTW collection, and am really inspired by those. Here are a few of my favorites:

spring2006_chloe1_thumb.jpg spring2006_chloe1_thumb.jpg
spring2006_chloe1_thumb.jpg spring2006_chloe1_thumb.jpg

[Click each thumbnail for a full view.]

Some call to me for their volume, others for specific design elements. I admire how she takes a simple piece and makes it fabulous with a beautiful fabric and a good cut. I curtsy to the fabulousness of Chloé.

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Well, I think all these fabulous fashion designers are going to have to watch out for the even more fabulous Becky in a year or two! It's interesting, the return of "volume" in fashion after years of "skin-tightness". Everything comes back, but never exactly in the same way... Have a great summer break. And may the temperatures go down... I take no risks, I'm leaving for Sweden on Sunday!
I love the dress in the upper left corner. Almost enough to make me haul out my sewing machine. Note that I said "almost."
Love love love the black dress!
Beautiful dresses! I look forward to see what you produces during your vacation. Please show us what you sew too, not only the knitting projects.
Oooooo. The black one. (I want to have her skinny little ankles, too.) I can't wait to see what you do with Chloe as inspiration. BTW, I've always wondered - what does a serger do?!
I have been enjoying your blog for about a month now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love seeing the beautiful things you are making. It's nice to see such stylish knitting!
Thank you! :-) For Julia and others who are wondering: A serger (or overlock) machine sews the seam and trims and overcasts raw fabric edges at the same time. I use it in combination with my sewing machine to give a professional finished look to my sewing.
I love the first one, so fresh and summery! It'd look great over pants, too. You're making me want to sew. I think it was the pantaloons that pushed me over the edge.
I'm in awe that you can just whip up something you need and make it exactly like you like it. I'm in awe and I'm inspired to learn how to do the same for me. 6' tall and volumptuous means nothing ever fits me very well. And I want wraps for the summer. Those are pretty easy for beginners, right? Dang, I'm going right out to find a jedi master in this.
I can't believe the internship is over! I hope you learned a lot. Now you'll have some time to finish up some projects (and start some new ones!). I'm looking forward to see what the Chloe designs will inspire you to make.
Ah, summer sewing. I've been a little crazy at the fabric stores as well but not with the same ends in mind. I'm going to have to stick with my vintage-inspired dresses and slim tops, no cute dresses-over pants for me. You see, all that 80s loose-billowy-cute fashion makes me look pregnant. Oh well! I sure do admire what you're coming up with though. Congrats on your high ranking at school as well!
Oh, how I love Chloe! Someday, when I'm a wealthy woman, I will have a closet bursting with her clothes and shoes.
Ooo, I like the one on the bottom right. Very pretty! Have a fun and productive summer vacation!
The Chloe is so gorgeous! It must be so exciting to be enveloped in the fashion world : )!
Oh, those are fun inspiration tears! I quite like the white sundress--hmm...
Great stuff - I'm sure you will work magic with your new fabric! Congratulations on finishing 3rd in your class this year by the way - very impressive - go Rabbit!! :-D
Loooooooooove the two Chloe dresses on the bottom, esp. the one on the left; that is awesome! Speaking of fashion, it's time for Project Runway updates! Creepy guy is OUT! Yeah! Oh, and yay for yarn stashing, isn't it great to actually have an excuse to do that? ; )
Time for a holiday, you say? Looks like you have already plenty to do... But it is so nice to make things for yourself and your loved ones and not worry about deadlines... I am looking forward to seeing your holiday work!
I'm glad that working on Capt. Destructo's linen jacket got you all prepared to work on the Crinkle jacket again. You're soon to be finished with it. Glad all went well with the internship. Enjoy the vacay and the downtime!
Nothing better than a gorgeous summer dress, made of breathing natural fibres, with lots of billows to let the air in. Much better than skin tight polyester - eeek! I'm sure yours are going to be fabulous!
Aaah Chloé !! J'adore !! Tout : c'est frais, c'est tendance mais pas trop, c'est féminin, c'est très bien coupé, etc. Bonnes vacances scolaires, et bonne couture !
I love the inspiration dresses. You make me wish I was a better seamstress.
The dress in the upper left hand corner has the prettiest neckline, and I love the print fabric. It looks very cool on a hot day, and feminine without being frou frou. It must be so much fun to have an image in your mind of what you want to wear, and then create it before your eyes. :) Totally off the subject, can I ask if there is Tour de France fever there? This is the first year I have followed the Tour, and we get very little coverage here in the U.S. I am in awe of the cyclists climbing the Alps, and also get in a lot of knitting time when we can watch it. Enjoy your vacation! I can't wait to see your new designs.
You sure have come a very long way on the sewing front in an incredibly short period of time. Way to go!
For the short time (as Claudia mentions) you've been designing/sewing, yes you've done so much and such gorgeous ideas and projects. I see you've got the two sewing machines - but beware of wanting (then getting one)the industrial one. Just heard a sm. local fabric store owner who app. has a neighbor who complains about the hum of her reg. machine - you know the industrials more than hum :) Wow, enjoy your freeeeee sewing time - please let us peek sometime.
oh I love those Chloe pieces! can't wait to see what you decide! I am totally impressed that you can see something that you like and design something for yourself!
Chloé. *sigh* and yay for speedy - like a tank, eh!
You have such a beautiful view and great lighting where you sit to sew! I bet you are so ready for a vacation. I like the dress on the top left best. What I wouldn't give to have a peek into your fabric stash. All those cottons and linens, all my favorites.
Oooo, love the work space. I have thought about taking a picture of my workspace with professional papers/books and then knitting stash, needles, and magazines strewn about it. It says way too much where I live . . . It is a funny combination--basically when people come to visit, I just close the door. Some things are better not to share, especially when you live in two very different worlds, although I have met a few people who share my diverse interests. Now I just need to meet a knitting, scuba diving psychologist.
Oh, more gorgeous loveliness from Becky. Have sent your bag and you should get it some time this week. Cheers Mia
I love Speedy, he looks so cool. I love the industrial machines. I used to work in a costume shop and we had some like that.

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